Invoking Nemesis

Writing about Nemesis yesterday brought thoughts back to the forefront of my mind that I have had for a while regarding what New-Agers call the “divine feminine” and the “divine masculine.” A lot of spirituality that het women are involved in these days proclaims that what is needed to “heal the planet” is to balance the “divine feminine and masculine.”

Needless to say, as a Dianic i.e. radical feminist witch, I vehemently disagree with this notion. In fact, I think that what they are proclaiming has nothing to do with Goddess, and everything to do with patriarchy. As far as I understand, according to this line of thought, humanity and by extension the whole planet is in the horrific condition we are in due to a disbalance between “masculine” and “feminine” energies. More precisely, there is too much “masculine” energy, it’s too dominant, and so we need more “feminine” energy to counter balance, and then, ying/yang style, the whole will be in equilibrium again.

Another version of the same line of thought is that humanity is suffering from “toxic masculinity,” and what is needed is to re-awaken the “divine masculine”, so that the “divine feminine” and “divine masculine” can unite in their “sacred marriage” and bring everything back into balance.

I have several issues with these views, so many in fact that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I hate the terms “femininity” and “masculinity.” While female and male refer to the biological reality of having either female or male reproductive organs, femininity and masculinity denote the sex roles, sex role expectations, i.e. the behaviours, attitudes, traits and abilities that patriarchy associates with being female or male, with “masculine” characteristics being superior to “feminine” characteristics (strong vs. weak, rational vs. emotional, active vs. passive etc.). Now, patriarchy wants us to believe that women are naturally feminine, that femininity follows naturally from femaleness. In other words, that gender and sex are the same. On this point, conservative patriarchs and queer men actually agree (though they don’t recognize this). But while appollonian patriarchy (conservative men) want to pretend gender doesn’t exist (“women are naturally weaker than men, submissive, childish, vain, i.e. feminine”), dionysian men (“progressives”/queers) want to pretend that biological sex, i.e. femaleness doesn’t exist while femininity is real and inherent (so-called “gender identity”). In any case, both groups of men try to convince us that women are naturally feminine. Of course, this is bullshit. Femaleness has nothing to do with femininity. Women and girls are not naturally heterosexual, weak, submissive, irrational, or have the urge to spend vast amounts of time and money in order to appear as if we had no body hair, plastering our faces with make-up or having long luscious hair. We do not naturally prefer to wear painful high heeled shoes or clothes we cannot comfortably move in and /or which exposes our bodies. Rather:

Women are required to practice femininity in order to create sexual difference / deference. But the difference is one of power, and femininity is the behaviour required of the subordinate class of women, in order to show their deference to the ruling class of men (Sheila Jeffreys, Beauty and Misogyny).

Femininity are the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of subordination. Masculinity are the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of domination.

Now, there is some disagreement between radical feminists as to whether or not masculinity is as unnatural to men as femininity is unnatural to women. Some argue that both femininity and masculinity are completely socially “constructed,” i.e. invented and then enforced. Artificial. A different viewpoint is that only women have a “gender.” In other words, only femininity is artificially/socially constructed/invented and then enforced on women, while men’s behaviour is just men’s natural behaviour. Personally, I find the latter view point much more convincing because only women are the subordinate sex caste. It makes sense to me that men as a group force us to behave in a certain way to appease them (and we learn this very early on); but as a group nobody forces men to behave in any way they don’t want to because they rule everything. Nobody forces them to behave in this awful, dominating, violent, necrophilic way other than they themselves. Of course, men police each other and socialize each other into the behaviours of domination by bullying “Beta-males” and calling them female (“pussy,” “fag,” “girl”); in fact, boys typically learn how to be “real men” from their fathers or some other older male; and of course through porn. But: Men invented porn, men invented patriarchy, men invented domination and rape and have handed it down through generations in order to keep men as a group in control for the last 6000+ years.

My point is that this behaviour came out of men themselves, while women’s behaviours of subordination did not originate in us but rather are reactions/survival strategies that we are forced to engage in because we live under male supremacy.

Obviously then, “divine femininity” makes no sense whatsoever.


She has nothing to do with behaviours of submission and deference. Femininity is the outcome of the suppression of our inherent divinity, i.e. it is the opposite of divine. It is entirely man-made (men invented femininity, which is why men are so much better at it than women; a fact that transgender males keep boasting about as if it proved that they are really women or “more of a woman” than us, the actual women). Femininity is entirely patriarchal!

The Goddess has many aspects, she is fierce, gentle, responsive, creative, stern, nurturing, protective, aggressive, detached, playful, joyful, ecstatic, humourous, overwhelming and many other things, none of which are “feminine,” all of which are female.

Women who use the term “divine feminine” either mean “divine female” and are simply not entirely firm on the difference between feminine and female (it can be confusing at first) or they have not woken up from patriarchal mind-bindings and thus have internalized men’s lies about Goddess. Men obviously do not want us to access aspects of Goddess in ourselves that don’t benefit them, so men’s image of Goddess is always one of a young, slim yet voluptious, conventionally attractive, smiling, heterosexual woman who seems thrilled to open her legs to the “enlightened” man (think Venus, Aphrodite). The only Goddess image men want us to have is a heterosexual, feminine goddess of “love.” Divinely feminine, entirely for them. *puke* I mean, seriously, just google “Goddess” and see what comes up.

Now, about the so-called “sacred union” between the “divine feminine” and the “divine masculine,” again, I don’t even know where to start, there is so much wrong with this.

There is nothing divine about masculinity, as, like femininity, it is a tool of patriarchy. There is nothing divine about behaviours of domination, violation, necrophilia and rape. Therefore, the “divine masculine” is an oxymoron. In the same way that “toxic masculinity” is a tautology or however you call it when two things are really the same fucking thing. Masculinity is inherently toxic, there is no non-toxic masculinity because hierarchy, domination etc. are inherently toxic and patriarchal. There is no way to re-claim masculinity or femininity for our project to free Goddess and bring her back to life, because masculinity and femininity are utterly patriarchal and as such as anti-Goddess as you can get! I know I’m repeating myself but I feel it cannot be said often enough.

As to the idea that we need more femininity to balance out the excess of masculinity…it should have become clear by now that femininity and masculinity are really two sides of the same patriarchal coin and do not offer a way out of the demonic patriarchal possession our planet finds herself in. More of the same will not save us, sisters! I mean just imagine this: so we need more submission to balance out men’s domination? Sounds like appeasement to me and we know that that has never worked. Trying to keep men happy will not suddenly make them less oppressive. On the contrary. Being more submissive and giving them even more of our precious Gynergy only means giving our power away to them even more. And we have been doing this for far too long already!!!

What we all need to understand fast is that men’s apparent power is largely the result of them stealing our power. Men cannot generate Gynergy themselves. Gynergy/ female life-force is the essence of everything that sustains life on this planet. Remember how in the Matrix movie (such a reversal, should have been called patrix) humans are stored in containers and their life force is siphoned out of them by the machines while their consciousness is living in a fake reality? This is actually a very apt metaphor for how men suck the life force/Gynergy/shakti out of women, individually and collectively, while keeping us in a state of delusion and denial. Men, individually and collectively, in fact, all of patriarchy, is propped up and kept running by female energy. Think about this for a moment. So, being more feminine, more submissive, more open, more unconditionally loving, more forgiving towards them does not balance out anything! Instead, it amounts to consenting to them taking even more of our precious divinity and using it for their necrophiliac, narcissistic, nihilistic purposes. Don’t fucking do it!!

Which brings me the concept of the “sacred union” between “divine feminine” and “divine masculine.” This, to me, is nothing other than rape. Remember that when men started taking over women-centered and women-led societies the very first thing they did was rape us. Marriage itself is based on men abducting women and raping them, keeping them captives and forcibly impregnating them again and again and again, thereby ensuring their own genetic material gets cloned. In some cultures, for example in Turkey, this act is still performed at least symbolically (and maybe literally), when the husband-to-be shows up with a large group of men at the bride-to-be’s house, demands entry and takes her away, hidden under a veil (so she can’t see where she is being taken) while his buddies make a lot of noise and basically celebrate their friend’s successful aquisition of a fuckslave and breeder. Women who don’t bleed on their wedding night the first time their new owner rapes them and thus can’t prove they haven’t been used and soiled before (men know what intercourse does to women) can be sent back to their families the next morning, and are considered to be shameful and defiled and are then often killed by their families in order to restore their families father’s “honor.”

So, again, “sacred marriage” or “sacred union” is an oxymoron. The fundamental purpose of marriage is to endow a male with his own personal life-force generator to use as he sees fit. The fact that married men report being the happiest, followed by unmarried women while unmarried men report being the least happy, followed by married women, is evidence of this. Or the fact that old men often die very quickly after their wives have died, while old women often blossom after their husbands die is more evidence. Marriage was invented for the benefit of men, at the cost of women. This is intentional. Men need women’s energy and creative force, not only for making sure their y-chromo gets cloned, but also just to stay alive! This is not true in the reverse. Women do not need men. Like, at all. Unless we want to reproduce, and then we only need them for 3 seconds.

As for the idea of the “sacred union” between men and women.. we have already established that there is nothing sacred about the union between femininity and masculinity, since the combination of masculinity and femininity results in patriarchy.

As to men and women; personally, I see basically all intercourse as rape. I know many women, even feminists, even radical feminists, react with resistance to this statement. Maybe it helps to clarify that I have a different definition of rape than how men define rape, i.e. only as forcible or non-consensual sex. Rather, what I mean by rape is the direct stealing of Gynergy/shakti/life-force through sexual intercourse. Another radical feminist definition of rape (first read on FCM’s blog femonade) is “the (violent) enforcement of women’s role as fuckhole and breeder.” I agree with that definition also. But the point I want to make is that the intent and effect of this enforcement of women’s role as fuckhole and breeder is the robbery of female energy. This happens very directly through intercourse, i.e. the penetration and rhythmic prodding of women’s first two chakras, through which life-force enters the body. Which is why men generally feel great after intercourse, while women often feel depleted, exhausted and empty.


Keep in mind also that the word “rape” has the same root as the German word “Raub” or the English word “robbery.” Rape literally means “to rob.” Women were robbed from their tribe by abduction and rape. And women are also robbed of our life-force through rape/intercourse. So, when het/male-identified women and especially when men speak of the “sacred union” it again amounts to women opening their legs to men so that these parasites can suck the Shakti out of us! There is nothing divine or sacred about that! Men would like us to believe that by (enthusiastically) “consenting” to them fucking us we can save the planet and bring humanity back into balance, but of course they would. This is what all of Neo-Tantrism is about. Basically it amounts to the same thing as “empowering the divine feminine”, i.e. giving our power away to men = giving even more power to the machines patriarchy. Don’t fall for that shit!

And lastly, the idea that there needs to be an equal balance between “the feminine and masculine” or men and women, ying/yang, Shiva/Shakti assumes that men and women are naturally equal or equally important for the wholeness of human society and the planet. This is bullshit. The male is a modification of the female. Female is the human default. All fetuses develop as females for the first few weeks in the womb. Only if the fetus has a y-chromo it then produces androgens which change its development from the default (female). This is why men have nipples and why their ballsacks have this seam down the middle; it’s where their labia fused.

Males are a genetic variation of females, not on equal foot with females. So this image of ying/yang with ying being female and yang being male is utter fiction. The female brings forth males as well as herself. The female is whole in herself. She is the creatrix; the male is the created. Goddess is whole in herself, She is All. The male is supposed to be an assistant, a helper that she created. To even imagine them on the same level is ludicrous.

So, real balance between men and women would mean a drastic reduction of males on this planet. Rather than 50:50, a balanced ratio would be 80:20 or even 90:10. To balance out the crass disbalance between men’s and women’s power in this world at this point would mean removing men from all positions of control and so-called authority and restoring the natural spiritual authority of women. There needs to be a lot less human maleness and the complete abolition of male supremacy in order to have even a chance of getting this mess men have put us into cleaned up.

What we need is the resurrection of Goddess in her aspect as Nemesis, Kali, Durga. Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, who comes after those who have violated her cosmic laws. She who sees through men’s distorted version of “justice” and burns through everything that does not serve life. She who re-connects the webs of Gynergy which make up the cosmos and which men have disconnected. She who disrupts the patriarchal balance of terror, this system that self-referentially keeps its skewed version of equilibrium where women and all of life always end up on the bottom and men and their supremacist system always come out on top.

Nemesis, whose name not surprisingly has come to be synonymous with “arch-enemy;” indeed, She is the Arch-enemy of the necrophiliac State of demonic Possession men have created and upheld for thousands of years.

Fierce, Furious, Protective One who out of love for all that is female, all that is life-loving in this world burns down the shackles and prison walls that keep us from connecting with the Gynergy within ourSelves, each Other, the Elements and all that is Her. Come to us now. You are only scary to those who have committed sins against you. Nemesis, Righteous One, connect us to our fury, our grief, our love for life, and work through us as we rise up, roaring and trample down all that wants to keep us suppressed. Come to us, we are calling you!

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.





So mote it be. Blessed be.

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We see what you’re doing. Now fuck off.

Goood morning.. So, I’m on a posts just bursting out of me. This is good.

Something else I have been wanting to write about but haven’t. So this thing drives me fucking nuts. I’m talking about the way queers/transgender advocates etc. are misusing language. We know this, they now want to reframe “female” so that it includes males. They are saying that biological sex doesn’t exist and that only gender identity exists and that, therefore, “female” means whatever men want it to mean, as in: “My gender identity is female, therefore I am female.”

These fucking idiots. We all know this but I’m going to re-iterate nonetheless: “Female” and “male” refer to the reproductive organs you have, your chromosomes etc. “Gender identity” which doesn’t exist cannot be “male” or “female,” for fuck’s sake.

But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about is their use of the verb “to identify.”

Queerists/transgenderists will often say things like: “I identify as female/male/trans/a unicorn.” Let me explain something to you. This is grammatically wrong.

The verb “to identify” can be correctly used in several ways; in a transitive way, i.e. with a direct object or with a direct and an indirect object with a preposition:
Ex.: “She identified the man.” “She identified the man as the perpetrator.”

In this case, synonyms are “to recognize,” “to label.”

The second way this verb can be correctly used is with the preposition “with” and an object:
Ex.: “She identified with the main character of the movie.”

Here, it means something like “to sympathize,” “to put oneself in the place of another.”

There is a third grammatically correct use of that verb, reflexively, i.e. with a reflexive pronoun:
Ex.: “He identified himself to the police.”

Here, it means something like “to reveal.”

These are the three grammatically correct ways of using the verb “to identify.”

In other words, the way queerists use the verb is grammatically wrong and plainly nonsensical.

What they are saying with stupid shit like “I identify as a woman” is “I put myself in the place of a woman by labeling myself a woman.”

And now the plot becomes much clearer, doesn’t it? What they are trying to do is create reality out of thin air! Another translation of this could be “I say I am a woman, therefore I am one.” No d00d, you’re not. Nobody can change sex, especially not through a simple speech act. This is not how language works, this is not how reality works.

Those fucking pomos with their ideas that nothing is real, everything is performance, and since speech acts are also performances, therefore you can create reality by performing speech acts, have lost their fucking minds. Seriously. But it is interesting to take a close look at the tactics they’re using to dupe us and make us lose the plot, isn’t it?

“I put myself in the place of a woman by labeling myself a woman.”

Indeed, this is exactly what they’re doing, these impostors. By calling themselves women they are indeed replacing actual women left right and center. Laverne Cocks and Brucelin Jenner as Glamour’s Woman of the Year, male transgenders in women’s athletics taking first place, getting scholarships “as women,” etc.etc.

We see you, creeps. We know what you’re doing, trying to erase and replace us. But you know what? Reality actually doesn’t care about your attempts at manipulation.

You will never be female. You will never have our powers of creation. You will never not be the mutant parasites you are. Sorry about your dicks, d00ds. Not.

Now fuck off.

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Realizing The Courage to Hear, Name and Create Nemesis – Amazon Grace Chapter 4


Hello sisters, my sisters! I’m back after a long pause..lots of life-changing things happened in the meantime..resulting in almost completely changed life-situations for me…and all for the better! Personally that is; not so much for the world..So, Drumpf is to be the next POTUS. A lot of us are still in shock I think.. not that I’m much surprised. I have been suspecting he would win for a while. Just because he is the perfect figure-head for patriarchy in all it’s evilness. Narcissistic, sociopathic, misogynist, racist and all the rest of it. Even his name.. If this was a dystopian movie and someone had to invent him, this is what he would look like, what his character would be like and what he would be called. Seriously. And since I view foreground reality as a manifestation of the consequences of men’s collective nihilism and evil, as soon as he appeared on the election stage something clicked for me. He is the embodied consciousness of capitalist patriarchy right now and so, according to universal law/ Law of attraction…you know the rest.
Anyway, with the last few days’ events, so many thoughts are bubbling up in my consciousness that I’m feeling galvanized to carry on with my ongoing project of writings on Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace. Not sure exactly why I’m feeling compelled to write about her book. But to let you in on a hunch of mine: I think the book is basically a handbook on how to navigate the dying days of patriarchy and get out of it, jumping into the Background. So in distilling the messages from each chapter, I’m hoping to decode her final message to us before she died (the book was published in 2006, she died in 2010).

So, here goes. My thoughts on the previous chapters herehere and here.

Chapter 4 is called “Realizing The Courage to Hear, Name and Create Nemesis.”

She starts of by talking about women’s spiritual powers of Hearing and Naming which have been stolen from us. Anyone who knows about transgenderism and the attempts of transactivists to redefine language in a way to make “female” include males and what happens when women refuse this reframing of femaleness knows what it means to have the power of naming stolen from us. But in order to be able to Name our reality we need other women to Hear us, i.e. to listen in a way that opens and holds space for us to go deep and let our spirits speak. When we do this for and with each other, we can “Hear Forth a New Semantic Field – a context in which the bullies’ Biggest Lies are cracked open – and Everything Changes.”

Anyone who followed the campaigns leading up to the presidential election has heard these Biggest Lies. The way words are used, words like “make America great again” or “stronger together” where you just know that these words are just empty shells. Like when Ronald the Donald spoke of “healing America’s wounds” or something in his first speech after he was elected. You just KNOW you’re being lied to, that the way these words (strong, together, great, heal) are used have nothing to do with how you would use these words..anyway, I think you get the picture.

At this point in the chapter, Mary is visited by the ghost of Matilda Jocelyn Gage who reads a few passages from her book Women, Church and State and also points to a poster on Mary’s wall that reads Nemesis. When she disappears, Mary is certain that her message is this: “It’s Time for women to become en-Gaged!”

Yes, it’s time to get engaged, involved, but in what way?

At the very core of Elemental Feminist Genius is power to transform the imposed state of isolation and fragmentation into Magnetic Expanding Presence. Each dispersed participator in such Genius can Magnetize Others, who, of course, are Magnetizing her.

This is the Power most feared by phallocrats, whose aim it is to destroy Elemental life. For this reason they perpectually lie. They try to erase, convert, maim, dismember, and assimilate all women and especially all who are bearers of Radical Elemental consciousness. When women Realize our own Genius, the necrophiliac sir nothings will shrivel into the nothingness which is their self-made identity.

So, in other words, we need community in order to “Hear each Other Deeply,” so that the patriarchal babble loses it’s grip on us and instead we are able to “exercise our Truly Transformative Powers of Naming Background Reality.” And through these communal acts we energize ourselves and each other with Gynergy which in turn allows us to Leap with Amazon Grace.

This is the epitome of patriarchy, the peak of prickery, beyong and outside of which Lusty Leaping can really happen. Indeed, it appears that the only way Out Now is by taking such Leaps.

I don’t know about you but I want OUT. According to Mary, one way to break through men’s pseudoreality is to Laugh about it. Laughing about it in a way that shows that we see, we understand what’s going on, and we reject it, is an expression of Deep Knowing and the Naming of reality – a manifestation of “the Weird Wisdom of Wild Women.”

The thrusting throng of thugs/patriarchs lunge and push ahead with their project – the penetration, mangling, and murder of the planet and all life; this entails shoving women and all ecosystems off balance. WE MUST ACQUIRE THE COURAGE TO SEE THIS AND TO LIVE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.

That’s right, she wrote this in caps. And yes, shoving women and ecoystems off balance? All you need to do is look at what’s happening at Standing Rock to see this currently played out in real life.

So, she asks, what is holding us back? Denial and reversal are such mechanisms that keep us locked in a state of paralysis. For example preventing us from Hearing and Naming the reality of climate change with it’s accompanying phenomena of draughts, floodings, storms, etc. Most importantly, we are prevented from connecting the dots between such phenomena. This in turn prevents us from understanding our own feelings of depression, despair, horror etc and we subsequently suppress them, instead shopping obsessively or whatever. But how do we keep from losing hope in the face of all this?

Still there is the continued Reality of Realizing Hope. Hopeful Wild Women Relaize Our Real Presence. This is our Presence to Our Selves and to each Other. It is Female Elemental participation in Powers of Be-ing. When we Realize this we are Weaving and Re-Weaving the fabric of unseen connectedness.

Steadily – as well as by Leaps and Bounds – we can continue to build up morphogenetic fields, making possible Quantum Leaps over the walls of the prisons which are patriarchy’s religions, professions, ideologies, sciences, technologies, politics, great art, nightly news, etc.

I don’t exactly know where that would lead us, I mean, where is there to go, right? But just reading these words, something starts resonating deep inside me. I know she is on to something, I just can’t picture yet, where we would Leap to?
In any case though, since the title of the chapter references Nemesis, here is how Nemesis is defined in the Wickedary:

1: Virtue beyond justice, acquired by Inspired Acts of Righteous Fury: Virtue enabling Seers to unblindfold captive Justice 2: participation in the powers of the Goddess Nemesis; Elemental disruption of the patriarchal balance of terror; Passionate Spinning/Spiraling of Archaic theads of Gynergy

So let’s get furious, let’s get furious together, let’s Hear each other and Name reality, let’s disrupt patriarchy’s terrible checks and balances, let’s couragiously see what is wrong and how, in Our World, it should be righted. And if it feels like we lack the courage to do so, let’s invoke Nemesis, the arch-enemy of patriarchy, to guide us.

So mote it be! Blessed be.


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Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace Chapter 3 – The First and Final Cause: She Who Attracts

seven of cups

The posts on Chapters One and Two are here and here.

So, it’s been a while since i’ve had time to write. It felt like i first needed to experience certain things that made me grasp Mary’s meaning on a gut level before i could write about the third chapter which is about change and Goddess consciousness.

A few days ago i went to a workshop by a coaching institute called Creative Consciousness. It was founded by some guy (Marc Stenberg) whose philosophy in coaching is “based on the ancient credo that all external changes begin internally in the human being (…).” This workshop which was called “Create your Life” finally gave me the concrete experiences to tie to my reading of Amazon Grace’s chapter three. More on the workshop later. First, let’s delve into the chapter.

In order to contrast men’s view on change with a radical Elemental feminist view she first explains how falafelosophers since Aristotle have explained how change comes about. Understanding how to facilitate change is important to Wild Women more than ever now because men’s atrocities and violence are escalating which will be apparent to anyone who has read the male-stream media recently: the refugee crisis, the IS’s terror attacks in Beirut, Paris and Kenya over the last few days complete with closing of borders, the rise of fascist ideology as socially acceptable, as well as the ongoing (but not reported on) pollution of the Pacific Ocean in the wake of Fukushima, as well as the horrific toxic waste spill in Brasil that happened a few days ago, just to name a few. Even in feminist, women-loving online spaces we can witness women lashing out at each other, being divided over the trans cult, the sisterly and compassionate ways of relating to one another we have fostered since Michfest being eroded… So how do we know what to do in the face of all these horrors? The global situation seems too hopeless and horrible; it is easy to feel paralyzed, crippled and numbed by feelings of fear and despair.

Under the gruesome rule of patriarchy A-mazing Amazons are made to feel that we have lost our senses. We struggle to regain our Sense of Direction.

But here Mary gives us hope:

In the face of devastation already wrought and being planned in this century, Trivial Women can consciously participate in the ongoing weaving of webs of connectedness in the Universe. We do this by diligently following our deep Purpose, that is, our Final Cause.

Back to Aristotle and his theory on causality and change. According to Aristotle, there are four causes which lead to change. These are the “material cause” which refers to that out of which something is made (for example, the wood out of which a table is made); the “formal cause” is the shape of the wood which makes it a table and not a chair, for example; then the “efficient cause” which refers to the agent who brings about the change (makes the wood into a table); and lastly, the “final cause” which is the purpose (having something to put books or plates on), the goal of the whole action. It is therefore the “first cause” because it moves the agent to start the whole process of making the table to begin with.

In this view of creating something, the purpose already exists in the mind of the agent before he (i’m sure Aristotle did not envision women to bring about change) started to actualize the intended effect into reality. As Mary concludes, this is an ultimately static view of change or creating because nothing really new can come into existence in this way. Only limited change in an ultimately changeless world. Only things that are already in men’s minds can be man-ifested in this way.

For Wild, Wicked Women, Realizing the Final Cause is something utterly Other than this.

Being faced as we are now with the horrific destruction of Earth by men we are feeling horrified. Yes, male violence and destruction has always been an integral part of patriarchy, but the recent escalation of it is something else. Who else is feeling abject horror at the thought that the Wild might be completely destroyed soon (can you watch that video about Brazil’s Rio Doce without feeling sick!?) or that we might have to live on an utterly zombified planet soon? Male-stream media coverage and “analysis” of current events typically mix information and disinformation, leaving us with the sense that all resistance is hopeless, that there is nothing Other than going round and round in closed circuits of violence and destruction. This is intentional. We are supposed to conclude that there is no alternative to patriarchy, and that our safest bet is to just keep going as usual and invest our energies in some male-led group over another.

There is, however, an Other way, if we follow the Final Cause. Mary characterizes the Final Cause as

the indwelling, always unfolding goal or purpose, perceived as Good and attracting one to Act, to Realize her own participation in Be-ing; the beginning, not the end of becoming; the First Cause and Cause of causes, which gives an agent the motivation to Act; Radical Feminism, the Cause of causes.

The ultimate Final Cause is She Who Attracts; She is Be-ing; She is Goddess.

In patriarchy, she is of course conceiled, for two reasons: because we are forced to live in the foreground, the “deadly state of reversal.”

Reversal is the

fundamental mechanism employed in the world-construction and world-maintenance of patriarchy; basic method employed in the making of patriarchal myths, ideologies, institutions, policies and strategies; mad, master-minded maneuver characteristic of mirrordom: INVERSION — turning everything inside out and upside down. Examples a: the absurd story of Eve’s birth from Adam b: the belief that man is superior to animals (and women! Alexis F. Daimon) c: the worship of male divinity d: the belief that the Radical Feminist world view is “narrow” and/or “dated.”

The second reason why Goddess is invisible is her inherent nature: as Verb, as Be-ing, She is always unfolding. Following Her, we know and don’t know where we are going at the same time. This is because we are participating in Her Creation (bold mine).

The Final Cause is an invitation and a challenge to keep on Weaving and Moving. Defying gravity, we fly in the face of the spreading evil. Moving on, we find new Sisters/Resisters. We Dis-cover and Realize deeper and wider connections in the Universe and Spin in Other Directions.

Of course it is easy to get confused and thrown off balance in this world of heightened reversals and lies. But when we try and sort through these lies and reversals we can actually know when we are on the right track. This is because when we are, we become “Luckier, better connected, so to speak, and more aware of Syn- Crone-icities.” I find this to be true. It does feel like being better connected, things happen that are in line, aligned with my deep Purpose. I feel less lost, i feel my life makes more sense the more aligned i become with Goddess. Things that happen make more sense, everything that happens to me is meaningful and has the potential to guide me along. Life becomes more and more coherent. Which is a good marker for how aligned one is, i think. Having experienced how it feels to be utterly lost, to feel fragmented and as if my life is incoherent and meaningless i recognize the difference. Not that i know what is going to happen in the future, but i feel like i am feeling my way forward in the dark, trying to find my tent, guided by the ferns stroking my feet at night in the Michigan woods. And it is not a coincidence that my life completely changed when i found Radical Feminism, the Cause of causes. It was like i was given an infusion of life and joy.

Entering this New Time/Space, Be-Witching Hags/Harpies Happen upon Lost and Found Continent.

Mary then gives an personal example of an experience of Losing and Finding:

After publishing Gyn/Ecology she received a letter by Audre Lorde in which the latter voiced some objections to the book, for example that it didn’t name Black Goddesses. Daly and Lorde met a few months later in person and had a discussion about the book and Lorde’s response to it. After that meeting Audre Lorde published and re-published her famous “Open Letter” (which had not been an open letter at all, but a personal one, initially) in slightly altered versions of the original personal letter in various anthologies. It is still more often assigned as required reading in Women’s Studies classes than Gyn/Ecology itself, and i remember actually having had Lorde’s letter thrown at me in order to prove Daly’s “racism.” I’m pretty sure these women had not ever read a single page of Daly’s work.

Anyway, briefly before Daly and Lorde met, the former wrote a reply to Lorde. Lorde denied ever receiving this letter and kept denying it while re-publishing her own “Open Letter.” Only 24 years later Mary Daly received a letter from Audre Lorde’s biographer Alexis De Veaux, informing her that she had actually found Daly’s letter in Lorde’s personal papers and asking for permission to quote from it.

Mary cites this experience as example of “manifestation of Trans-spatial/Transtemporal and Intergalactic consciousness.” There is a benevolent consciousness in the universe providing us with these “coincidences” (i’m sure my sisters who are into Law of Attraction know what i’m talking about).

Of course, making/letting these things happen/manifest is not always easy. Patriarchy does everything it can to make it so. We are faced with many obstacles and blocks, external as well and internal. Internal blocks that i have personally experienced are depression, anxiety, loneliness, addiction, sickness, exhaustion, poverty…i’m sure each of us could add her own volumes of this “stuff” (as the trainer in the “Creative Consciousness” workshop called it).

However, when we focus on our Final Cause/deep Purpose (which is really Goddess speaking to us through our intuition, our desire, our inner calling) we increasingly trust the presence of the web of interconnections of the whole of which we are a part. Quantum physics, systems theory and even biologists now ackowledge that relationships and cooperation between parts of the whole system are actually what drives evolution. It is more accurate to speak of co-evolution/co-creation.

Mary cites Fritjof Capra in his analysis of evolution:

Driven by the creativity inherent in all living systems, expressed through three distinct avenues — mutations, the trading of genes, and symbiosis — and honed by natural selection, the planet’s living patina expanded and intensified in forms of ever-increasing diversity.

However, he then goes on to say that “there is no evidence of any plan, goal, or purpose in the global evolutionary process and thus no evidence for progress.” Mary points out that he seems to conflate final causality  with “plan, goal, purpose” and since he cannot see empirical evidence for an intented end-point of evolution, he dismisses the thought that evolution could be anything else than “coincidental.” Pfft, men.

Another example for this kind of reductionist thinking cited in the chapter is the never-ending “debate” between “Creationism” and”Evolution,” presenting the issue – typically patriarchy – as an either/or situation, while in fact both are right and wrong at the same time. Evolution is a manifestation of Goddess, the Verb (= Be-ing).

She creates through us if we are open to hearing her call within ourSelves. We all know what that feels like, all of us who have been to the Land. That yearning in our hearts to manifest/many-fest many spaces where we can feel like we did at Fest? Lisa Vogel giving us acorns to plant “out there.” This is Her, speaking to us, speaking through us. Or the fact that i’m feeling pulled to sit here, day after day for a few hours after work, typing this… i know that’s Her feeling through me, creating through me.

What kind of “evidence” is there for the calling of the Final Cause, which is the Realization of Creativity? The answer lies in the realm where philosophy and mysticism meet. I can know that the process is happening, and this gives me intimations of the Creativity of the Universe. It is my own experience of the Cause of causes that opens the way to my conscious participation in the Creation of the Universe, and consequently to my real communication with other beings. It opens the way to expansion of Joy.

This process of consciously participating in the Attractive Power of  the Final Cause demands Lusty Leaps of Courage to Create. And this brings us Leaping around further to deeply Hearing and Naming Goddess the Verb. She is the Goddess of many Names. Perhaps Now especially we are called to Hear her Fiercest Name, which is Nemesis.

Nemesis, indeed. Goddess of divine retribution and revenge against those who succumb to hubris against natural law, i.e. patriarchy, the State of Hubris. Nemesis is also connected to Isis/Ma’at, who is the Goddess in her aspect as upholder of natural law, justice, wisdom. Goddess Isis becomes Nemesis when natural law is violated. Interestingly, Isis is also connected to Venus. I find this especially intriguing in the light of “ISIS'” recent attacks on Paris, city of love (i.e. Venus). Researching this connection, i found that Paris has long been associated with Isis. I’ll go more into depth about this in one of the next posts.

Anyway, to come back to that workshop by “Creative Consciousness International” that i attended. Wary as i am of patriarchal institutions, companies and settings in general, my patriarchal bullshit (= reversal) radar is always on when i venture out into mixed (=patriarchal) spaces such as this one, even though especially when they claim to present “awakened” thinking. During the workshop and in the workbook they gave us we were presented with a lot of talk about consciousness and it’s role in creating, such as Marc Steinberg’s (founder of Creative Consciousness International) mission statement:

Contributing to a global awakening in consciousness through facilitating awareness and consciousness development programs combined with 1st class coach training powered by the internationally accredited Consciousness Coaching methodology”

From an article by Adrian D. Nelson printed in the workbook:

Quantum mechanics suggests that the entire physical universe is potentially interconnected at a deep level of nature. So is the total informational content of the universe integrated in some deep sense? Is it in a mysterious way conscious of itself?

As spiritual traditions throughout the ages have long asserted, instead of isolated and separate experiencing beings, we may experience on behalf of the greater evolving system in which we find ourselves.

This does sound a lot like the real thing. Also, during the workshop i realized that what the trainer (herself a patriarchal witch, feminized and all) basically told us was witchcraft. Here are the 5 elements of creation from the workbook (my translation into witchy terms in brackets):

  1. Making happen and letting happen (i.e. setting an intention, sealing it and then letting law of attraction/natural law run it’s course)
  2. Integrity (being firmly rooted in self-love)
  3. The power of your WORD (i.e. spellcraft)
  4. Authenticity, being aligned with one’s true/deep/higher Self (i.e. goddess consciousness)
  5. Energy (being aware of energy leaks; being connected to Source)

Of course, it takes a witch to recognize witchcraft, so i don’t think any of the other participants (men and mostly feminized women) knew what they were really being told. Witchcraft and goddess consciousness were not named of course. Not that any of this is wrong, but throughout the workshop i couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing, that there was a reversal going on somewhere because i KNOW that the whole truth cannot and will not ever be named in patriarchy. i think it was when the trainer talked about the obstacles that usually keep us from reaching our goals and dreams: she called it “stuff.” “Stuff” is, for example, past experiences of rejection etc. (i.e. past trauma). She asked us questions like “Who would you be without your fear of rejection? Who would you be without your negative stories, your “bad” past? Who would you be without your stories of victimization?” She told us that any “stuff” is always delayed projections that manifest as reality. Tell that to Malala, i thought. So Malala manifested the Taliban shooting her in the head herself then? Pshah. I find this kind of talk despicable and i don’t think it was a coincidence that the only people present at the workshop were white middleclass people who have probably never had extreme male violence inflicted on them. Only people like that can believe that *all* obstacles they encounter have an internal source.

And then it hit me. Yes, this was about witchcraft BUT a truncated and de-contextualized, de-politicized version of it. It had to be because the real thing is revolutionary and threatening to patriarchy. And that is why actual external obstacles that ALWAYS arise from male violence or are products, symptoms and consequences of formalized, institutionalized and legalized male violence (i.e. patriarchy) are denied, why internal blocks like depression, anxiety, fears, PTSD, disease etc. are cut off from their source, i.e. experiences of MALE VIOLENCE, are never named as such but presented as “delayed projections of internal stories of victimization!” As if we *make* ourselves victims by the stories we just (without reason!!) make up about ourselves. As if we could be free if we just stopped seeing ourselves as victims. As if the *feeling* of having been victimized is what cripples us, and not the actual trauma of men hurting us! What a giant mind-fuck! In reality, not being able to *name* the source of our trauma and blocks (MEN, male violence or acted out violence on the part of women, the source of which is also always male violence) is what keeps us crippled because it makes us feel as if any obstacles we encounter in our lives that result from having broken psyches are our fault. We have broken psyches because we have broken psyches; we have been victimized because we manifested that ourselves because of our stories of victimization.

It’s not that what the trainer told us at the workshop is 100% wrong. A lot of it is true. But it left out the important part: PATRIARCHY. MALE VIOLENCE.

At one point she even said that “our society” doesn’t encourage or support us from developing our true Self.” Not shit! That has to be the biggest understatement of the year. In fact, patriarchy brutally socializes us (and one tool is jendah) not to ever find our deep Self, our Wild Self, does everything it can to vilify and break that connection as early as possible. And why? Because “our society” is patriarchy, an evil, necrophiliac collective consciousness that, like all self-referential systems, is centrally interested in maintaining itself. And since it maintains itself by annililating/reversing Life Force/Goddess, we cannot ever be allowed to connect to said Life Force/Goddess/Wildness in ourSelves.

But of course the trainer never mentioned any of that. And so a very different picture was conveyed: we humans are not encouraged to develop our true Self by society (what is the essential character of that society?? Why??), and so we easily feel victimized by all kinds of not really victimizing things (we are just so weak and stupid) and then we just hold on to these stories and that stuff in our minds and are thus stuck in a repetitive cycle of manifesting these same stories again and again, keeping ourselves victimized and therefore never reaching “full-fillment” (how I hate that word.) Btw. here is what the Wickedary has to say about full-fillment:

  1. the saddest of the plastic passions: therapeutized perversion of the passion of joy 2: condition of women as vessels/vassals, as containers/carriers of plastic passions, ideas, self-images, and other waste products of junkocracy 3: the ultimate fulfillment of all necrophilic christian desire: the annihilation of all life.

According to the trainer and “Creative Consciousness International” the only way to step out of that cycle of victimization is to recognize it is all just in your head, remove the blocks in your head by stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. In reality though, if you do not name the source of your trauma, you cannot resolve it, you cannot forgive yourself. Your personal consciousness might insist on saying, “but i HAVE been victimized, this is not just in my head.”

Not to worry tho, “CCI” has the solution to that problem (without ever naming  male violence and necrophilia as the sources, of course)! From the workbook (bolds are mine):

If we see the ego as part of the framework in which we think and feel then it’s obvious that this framework, this context which Marc refers to as consciousness, has to be transformed as well. In fact, consciousness has to be made to fit to operate on a more powerful, efficient level.

The Consciousness Coach has to initiate that the client ‘spins around himself so fast that he starts seeing himself from the back.’(…) However, the difference to conventional motivational methods is that the motivation wasn’t dumped on the delegate’s consciousness but in Consciousness Coaching the delegate’s consciousness manages to liberate itself from all de-motivational factors.

Leaders today need more than just skills – they need awareness and the power to operate consciousness. Without this power leaders will employ force. Power will be accepted, force rejected. Power comes as a by-product of being in charge of one’s thoughts and emotions, and for this to be achieved one needs to understand, exercise and master consciousness.


Note the controlling, dominating language. So here a view of consciousness is conveyed as something that can be man-ipulated (“operated, exercised and mastered”) by convincing people that they are solely responsible for what they experience because of their negative feelings and thoughts (“stuff”) without naming men’s reality (men’s collective consciousness) as the source of all horrors in the world. In addition to invisibilizing the source of all “de-motivational factors” it also obscures the source of the deep Purpose (the Final Cause – Goddess) because that would lead to the discovery of Nemesis, i.e.

participation in the powers of the Goddess Nemesis, Elemental disruption of the patriarchal balance of terror; Passionate Spinning/Spiraling of Archaic threads of Gynergy.

Instead, it spins the person around until she believes that all obstacles are solely in her head and only her own ego is preventing her from being happy and living a Lusty life! It really is a genius magic trick to make the individual (ego) feel responsible for her own misery. It is major victim-blaming and gaslighting, keeping women in a tailspin.

The workshop ended with a cheesy video of sunsets, sunrises, smiling happy people, waterfalls, skies and a male voice-over instructing us to be “grateful for the gifts of civilization” because “we get to turn on the taps and have warm water every day while most people on this earth don’t even have access to clean water.” No shit. Ever wondered *why* and *how* “civilization” allows us various comforts and *why*and *how* most people don’t have access to clean water?! Could there be a connection there??

The “inspirational” video ended with a view of the Eiffel tower surrounded by fireworks. I kid you not. I should mention that i attended that workshop the day after the terrorist attacks on Paris. The irony was not lost on me. But more on that connection in the next post. I could go on, but this post is already very long. I hope you enjoyed it and am curious about your comments, dear sisters.


orange goddess



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Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace Chapter Two

These are my notes/thoughts on the second chapter. Chapter One is here.

Chapter 2: Beyond Hopelessness: Extra-ordinary Triviality

So following from her analysis of the state of the world and Radical Elemental consciousness as looking rather bleak if looking at it and thinking about it from a foreground perspective, Mary then asks what if we looked at the problem in “Extra-ordinary Background Ways?”
She defines Extra-ordinary as “very ordinary, Super-naturally ordinary, commonplace. Example: Trivia.

Trivia (from lat. trivium) literally means “three ways,” in other words, the crossing of three roads. The Wickedary (1987) defines Trivia as:

Name of the Triple Goddess, who is commonly encountered at crossroads; Name which conveys the commonplace character of meetings with the Goddess; Name which raises Counterclock Whys, countering the classic patriarchal hierarchical reversal, supposition that sacredness and great value imply scarcity and secrecy, i.e. “mystery.”

So if we adopt an Extra-ordinary view on things, in other words, if we develop Goddess consciousness within ourselves, we will realize (Real/eyes, really see) that we can encounter the Goddess in the most trival circumstances, i.e. everywhere. This reminds me of my experience of being on the Land. I felt her there constantly, in how you were always in the right place at the right time, how if you needed somebody or something, the right woman/women showed up in the perfect moment to give it to you, how every single most mundane thing, walking on the path, sitting on the grass, smiling at a woman, felt magical and so full of potential for magical things to happen. There, Goddess was everywhere, just waiting for you to open your channels and let her work through you.
You don’t have to go to church or join some fancy secret club to experience the divine, on the contrary, Goddess is abundance, not scarcity, she is a holistic, all-pervading consciousness, not something secret, hidden for the few worthy or chosen to experience only.

So here we are, at the crossroads of our human existence on this planet. Patriarchy is going down. Unfortunately, men are trying to take all the rest of life on Earth with them. But on the other hand it is exactly this all-pervading destruction they have brought down on all of life that is now taking them and their superstructure(s) out. Which way are we going to go? (And by “we” I mean Amazon Women.) Keep wasting our energy on patriarchal institutions (work, social systems, patriarchal living space), trying to live within patriarchy until it kills us? Resist, fight against it, trying to hold it at bay? Or run off into the fucking woods? It is exactly here, at the crossroads, that we are likely to encounter the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone) because where 3 paths converge different planes of reality, different realities, merge. This is the place of Natural visions and happenings. This is the place where magic is afoot. Fittingly,  the aspect of Goddess that is commonly associated with crossroads is Hecate, Goddess of the Witches.


It is in “trivial” circumstances, when we meet in sacred (radical) women’s space, when we focus on Elemental reality that we are most likely to feel the original importance and significance of our be-ing, our connections, our interactions. And it is in these circumstances that Hope can arise, as Mary calls it “Realizing Hope,” that is, Hope that makes real, brings into existence. And what it is that can brought from potentiality to actuality here? It is our Real Presence, that is, “Female Elemental participation in Powers of Be-ing, which implies Realizing as Present our past and future Selves.” This relates again to the web of unseen connectedness that she mentions in the first chapter. We are not separated by time and space, we can actually interact and communicate with our past and future Selves (and other past and future Selves). Sounds nutty? Let me relate a story that exemplifies this.

Recently (actually on the day of the new moon/solar eclipse two weeks ago) a sisterwitch and I read the tarot to get some clues about the potential this eclipse season holds. Among other cards we both drew a card each for how we can personally use the energies of the ecplipses best. My card was the Two of Wands.

two of wands

This card is described as depicting “a visit from an ancestor-figure who brings a vision or message concerning the way to make fire.” (from Vicky Noble’s Motherpeace. A way to the Goddess through myth, art and tarot, 1983). The suit of Wands in tarot is connected to the element of fire (and to the fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagitarius; the first 3 cards of Wands are connected to Aries; I am an Aries), and corresponds to the life force, spirit, vitality, will, getting what one wants. So this card points to me communicating with my past/future Self and possibly Other past/future Selves (Foresisters of the Archaic Past/Future).

My horoscope last week, when the current Mercury Retrograde started, said that similar themes to those of the last Mercury Rx between January and March 2015 are coming up, so it would be a good idea to revisit what was going on at that time. So I looked up my journal from around that time and did indeed find that I was dealing with similar themes back then as now: Balance of health and work, re-arranging my living space so that it serves my needs, de-cluttering physical space as well as releasing energetic patterns that are no longer useful. And so I was able to learn from my past Self on this. I was able to take my own advice, go on nature walks after work, do restorative yoga etc, all of which I implemented at the beginning of the year but which sort of got lost again in the meantime. I read in my journal that I went to work one day even though it was the second day of my period (which is the day of the strongest blood flow) and nearly had a nervous breakdown at work because I just couldn’t deal with the patriarchal bullshit of it. I wrote, back in February, that I should just stay home when I’m not feeling up to it.
So this time around, I did stay at home.  I haven’t gone to work for 2 days now, instead I focussed on writing, de-cluttering, re-arranging my room again (to make more space for yoga practice) and in general preparing for the full moon/lunar eclipse this weekend.
It really feels like I am growing with the help of my past Self.

Another example of communicating with my past Self is actually this series of posts. If I hadn’t written the summary/notes on each chapter of Amazon Grace back when I first read it, I doubt I would have started writing this series of posts. This is actually a collaboration of me with mySelf (and of course Mary Daly, who is herSelf a Foresister of the Past).

To men and patriarchal women, reading the tarot and basing one’s life decisions on it would obviously look very trivial and nutty, which is exactly Mary’s point. But us Witchy Women know that we aren’t crazy, we are actually interacting with Goddess (“Be-ing”) and thereby shaping/co-creating reality. And it’s not only past/future Selves that we can interact with/intuit as Present, it is Other Past and Future Elemental realities too. What does that mean? Again, let me give you an example.
I live in a really big city, lots of concrete, electro smog, pollution, noise (in other words, a lot of patriarchy). There is a green area (gardens, trees, meadow) close to where I live, it’s about a 5 minutes’ walk to get there. However, in order to get there, I have to cross a major street and then a bridge across the urban motorway. The fact that I have to cross there often actually prevents me from going into the green space (which is one of the intentions behind cutting through nature with highways and such) because I can’t deal with the energetic pollution of it, especially on days when I most need to be out in nature.
Anyway, it has happened to me at times when I consciously tried to be Present (and not in my head) that I suddenly had a vision of the forest that used to be there where the highway and even the tamed landscape of the gardens and the meadows are now. It feels like a ghost forest to me, high trees, the sweet smell of the woods, the sacred atmosphere of untouched healthy nature. And then I realize that the energetic memory of the way the planet wants to be, i.e. covered in trees, is still there, albeit weak. And even if we usually can’t feel it. But it is there. The energy of the forest is there and sometimes I can access it. It’s an energy field that derives its power from the fact that the planet was covered in trees for a much much longer time than men’s roads and concrete. I think this is what Mary means when she speaks of Other Elemental realities that we can fathom when we dare to Hope because the unseen connection between temporally and spacially “separated” realities is real and intact. Obviously, it is very difficult to speak about these things in foreground terms. So instead, we need to Be-Think and Be-Speak, that is, think and speak these Other realities into be-ing.
Be-Thinking, as defined in the Wickedary, means:

Re-membering the Original Self; Re-calling Original Questions; thinking the way ever deeper into the Wilderness, the Background.

Be-Speaking means:

1. Auguring, foretelling, Speaking of what will be 2. bringing about a psychic and/or material change by means of words; speaking into be-ing.

Yes, I remember the Original Self of the Elemental world that surrounds me, even if men have slashed it and changed it’s face almost beyond recognition. And by writing about my experience of this, I am changing (hopefully) my readers’ psychic structure. So that next time you come across a piece of land that is patriarchally altered to make it almost unbearable, maybe you’ll wonder what the Original Self of that area looks like. And maybe you’ll be able to feel it, too.

This experience of Transtemporal/Trans-spatial connectedness is related to mophogenetic fields. These are energy fields that are built up through the accumulated behaviours of species members. For example, if enough species members have learned a certain skill, it then becomes much easier for others to learn that skill. Maybe you have heard of the 100th monkey theory, which says the same thing if I remember correctly.
Obviously, the accumulated behaviours (and thoughts and energy projections of all kinds) of men in the past 6000 or so years have built a pretty strong morphogenetic field of evil which is why men/patriarchy are escalating now. Misogyny is in the air, and “species members” are finding it much easier to learn how to degrade and hate women and all life on Earth. However, this goes in both directions, and let’s not forget that biophilic life forms of past, present and future are the majority and have built a much stronger force field than men. Morphogenetic (lit. form-creating) fields contain a cumulative memory of similar energy, which by way of morphic resonance, can pass through time and space.

I think the Land has such a morphogenetic field, which is why the Land brought out the best in all of us; it was easy to be woman-loving there, open-hearted and sisterly because of the strong energetic memory of such behaviours, thoughts and other energy projections that women have built up there over the past 40 years! I felt the energy of all the women who had ever walked the paths, chanted in the healing circles, loved one another there and it allowed me to easily learn how to be Amazon there. It was as if certain knowledge and skills were just downloaded into my consciousness. I wonder if others had a similar experience?

After explaining about morphogenetic fields, Mary closes the chapter by arguing that we can Laugh at the backlash (in addition to justifiably Weeping, Raging, and Acting against it) because of our Hope that arises when we get together in trivial circumstances and bring into actuality the potential of our co-creating Universal Harmony. We are not alone in this because we have a strong morphogenetic field, built up since the times of our Archaic (matriarchal) Past and especially since the 1970s. This field is Here with us Now and when we combine our individual and collective Gynergy with its energy then we can all learn skills like writing, organizing, making music, and even Creative Courage very easily. We can access the forms in the field, in other words, all the forms of women’s creative powers that have accumulated in there. And since the system in which these fields exist, the Universe, is so much larger than peeny patriarchy, it can even use oppressive situations to our advantage and to help us develop the X-factor, our Wild inner spirit of life-force.

Even though men cannot understand any of this, they try to prevent us from accessing our collective power-from-within through these morphogenetic fields, which is the real reason why they are forcing us to close our bookstores, our women’s spaces, why the men in dress-brigade are so bent on invading every last corner of women’s space. They want to block our access to our power, sensing that this is how they keep us from becoming too powerful. They need to because they are ontologically impotent, that is, they cannot create out of themselves, they can only usurp, compromise, manipulale our creations. They cannot generate Gynergy, they can only steal and re-direct ours.

And this really is why we can laugh at them and just combine our Gynergy with the Archaic Forms/Ideas in the morphogenetic field in different ways. I envision this process somewhat like a flock of birds in formation. When a bird of prey attacks the flock they just change formation, letting the hunter grasp thin air, and then recombine in a different formation again, and again.

How do we do this? By Be-Laughing, which is

expression of Elemental humour, carrying Lusty Laughters into the Background: ontological Laughing; be-ing Silly together; Laughing that cracks man-made pseudy-reality; Laughing that breaks the Terrible Taboo, Touching the spirits of women, enlivening auras, awakening Hope.

By be-ing Silly together we acknowledge to each Other than we, too, can See, Know, Sense the unseen connections behind the scenes of foreground pseudo-reality. This kind of laughter is like an eruption in our Amazon consciousness, a breaking through to the Other side. As Mary phrases it:

Be-Laughing Women Crack Up as we crack the limitations and boundaries of the foreground world. Instead of feeling like isolated particles lost in the loneliness of space, Spinsters and Weavers find ourSelves Spiraling in vibrating Space that is filled with cosmic connections that are crying out to us to Realize them Now.

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Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace

Amazon Grace

I haven’t written in ages. so much stuff going on. i went to Michfest this summer and still haven’t processed the whole experience enough to write about it. I am thinking about writing some short stories about it. The magic of it, on so many levels…

Also, i finished my formal education and have since started “working for real.” Which sucks so much I can’t even tell you. i don’t even work full-time and the stress of it had me close to a burn-out at the beginning of the summer. And then i went to the US and to Michfest and found my tribe and fell in love with a woman finally and had the most amazing 3 weeks and then after that the most horrible heartache for 2 weeks and now I’m sort of ok, trying to integrate my new Self into my life and transform it thereby. It’s hard work, and now the mercury retrograde in the midst of the two eclipses… just too much old clutter and at the same time new stuff rushing in and so today i needed to take a break.
So I talked to a friend today who actually bought Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace for me last year around this time. and that’s actually a whole story in itself. The book took ages to arrive and i ended up having to get it from customs where it was held for reasons i don’t know. And I managed to finally get it out of there the last day before it would have been sent back or something like that. Had to pay extra money too.. It was as if the patriarchy was trying to keep me from ever getting that book.

Anyway, so back then I promised my friend to write a post about the book so she could read it but never got around to actually doing it. I did, however, write a summary of the individual chapters for further reference. Talking to my friend today, I suddenly felt that I wanted to publish my notes as they are and get the information out there even though I hadn’t written a brilliant analysis of them yet. Let’s analyze them together in the comments section, sisters!

It’s also fitting that the book itself is called Amazon Grace. It’s relevant to me because I found my Amazon Self this summer on the Land and I found my tribe, the Amazon women and i think most if not all of us women returned from the Land with the vision of Amazon Cuntree. Our Home. Which might or might not be the same as Lost and Found Continent, as Mary Daly calls the place Weird Women will “accidentally” find and eventually migrate to in 2018.

So, here goes. The first chapter of Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace. Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big (2006):

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Chapter 1: The Desperate Leaping Hope of Radical Elemental Feminism

This chapter is an analysis of the present situation of Radical Elemental Feminism. After the surge of Gynergy in the 1960s – 90s the Movement’s energy seems to have since dissipated. However, MD says that this can be understood as a change of form, an adaptation to the present environment. As a species, women acquired new strengths and skills during those years which will allow Wild Women to now rise again (as I’m writing this I remember dancing to “Amazon Women gonna rise again” at the opening ceremony at Fest and the removable tattoo a lot of the women there had which said “rise”). But how to move towards critical mass in the foreground of the early 21st century? The playing field has changed because men are now escalating. What form(s) does Radical Elemental Feminism need to take to effect large systems change (= assist the downbreak of patriarchy?)

The new forms that will be assumed by re-emerging Radical Feminism must take into account both the extremity of the atrocious conditions under which many women now struggle to live and the global stealth campaign that often keeps the majority of women- even the majority of feminists – in a smog of unawareness and denial. This involved Daring to Know and Name the ways in which our victories are now being used against us (p. 6).

I find this to be true. Atrocities! Just today on facebook i found an article about a man who disemboweled his girlfriend slave during sex rape because she called out her ex-husbands name not his. Also imagine the horros women are enduring in all the “crisis regions” of the world right now and all the women refugees who are currently trying to flee Syria and other regions. Or just think of the trans derail. Women who know female biology are now hateful transphobic (LOL!) bigots and Brucelyn Jenner is all the rage. Ellen calls this elderly surgically altered man with too much make-up “she” and tells him how amazing “she” looks. At the same time boys and men left right and center are using title IX legislation to gain access to women’s private spaces by putting on a wig and claiming to be women. And at the same time the planet all around is deterioration, millions of people are migrating because of large-scale male violence and climate change (and that’s just the beginning!). And we’re supposed to watch Brucelyn Jenner and celebrate “her” bravery or whatever and basically support men in their newest fad whatever that is at any given moment and forget what is really going on. It’s all designed to keep us from being centered in our own perceptions and knowing. So what do we do?

Mary Daly says that even change in small places is important because it allows us to work with the flow of that system and since everything is connected (“an unseen connectedness”) as an unbroken whole this will have an impact elsewhere. So even though the patriarchs are taking away our women’s spaces (like Michfest!), women can adapt because we feel impelled to find new ways of connecting.

In Other words, we are challenged to Realize our participation in Be-ing in the Widest, Wildest Sense. This happens when we confront and transform the specific circumstances in which we find ourSelves (p. 7).

And i can already see this happening actually. Now that Michfest is over a lot of women are planning together. And not just another Fest. No, we are manifesting/many Fest-ing. Like seeds from a fruit there is a multitude of projects, gatherings, fests springing into being right now. There will be an incubation phase of some sort, so maybe it’ll take a few years to come back in full force. But we are coming back. Starting with a whole caravan of Lesbians rolling through the United States next summer. I’ll be there!

Goddess is always Here in the Background and secretly and mysteriously creates opportunities for Leaping off the boundaries of the foreground pseudo-reality and thereby connecting with the Universe in a deeper way (getting into touch with the actual Elemental multi-dimensional Reality). This is because Reality is larger and deeper than patriarchal foreground “reality” and can transform even oppressive situations and use them to Re-awaken our X-factor :

the Spring of be-ing; the unpredictable, unpossessable Nature of the Wild, which forever escapes the technocrats, medical and scientific re-searchers, `developers,´ and other demonic destroyers of living creatures.

And this X-factor/faculty inspires us to keep creating our Archaic Future (Post-patriarchy) which is rooted in our Archaic Past (matriarchy) and overcome this stagnant state of stagnation. How do we do that? By a succession of Original Acts/Actions. By not doing things as patriarchy says they must be done but by following our inner voices which are really the voice of the Goddess. Who do you think told me to leave work early today and instead of wasting my energy on a patriarchal institution write this blog post? 😉

MD then goes on to say that the cause of women and the cause of ecology are obviously connected, because like the Earth women are Life-Givers. She comes right out and says that we are close to global ecological collapse. Men are escalating their hideous war on all Life through their necrophiliac technologies (“sciene and technology” in malespeak).

3 examples of men’s escalating war against Life herself (the unholy trinity of nectech) are:

  1. Genetics

She quotes one nectech scientist who argues that in the future, society will be divided into genetic classes – the GenRich 10% or the population – and the other 90%, the “naturals.” Seriously, have you read Huxley’s Brave New World? He was a mediocre writer but the world he envisioned is still scary, soulless utterly disconnected people who are artifically hatched and during “gestation phase” tempered with intentionally to stunt their development according to caste. The result is a world of completely programmed, possessed “human beings” who have lost all soul, zombies. I think Huxley got it wrong though, the necrophiliac engineers aren’t going to temper with fetuses to impair them – they don’t need to. The y-chromo is deteriorating so males’ genetic material is becoming worse and worse plus the toxification of the whole planet is taking care of that alright. Instead, the rich are going to try to artificially improve their own genetic material and because this modified genetic material becomes part of the gene-pool, class divisions are permanently inscribed.

2. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology attempts to go even further than genetics to the atomic structures of all things. They want to “improve” nature (the hubris, really!) by isolating and recombining atoms and molecules into new “products” (I swear, the “markets” are the new patriarchal gods). The idiotic ologists “foresee a time when self-replicating nanomachines will take over the world.”

3. Robotic science

The idiotic robotic scientists are “moving toward a ‘post-biological’ future” in which humans will be able to download the contents of our brains into mobile, autonomous, self-replicating robots. All so that “humans” (men) will be able to evolve independently of human (read: female) biology and its limitations (like the fact that wombs tend to be attached to female persons), “passing instead directly from generation to generation of ever more intelligent machinery.” Which will no doubt be fashioned after men. So men want to download their “consciousness” into a robot and then go around fucking “female” sex robots. I wonder if in their perverted fantasy they imagine these female sex robots to be inhabited by the consciousness of actual women. Knowing what I know about men I bet that’s actually a big part of the turn-on for them. They’ll be able to mentally and spiritually torment females even better without the restrictions of actual human flesh. Anyway, these gruesome masturbation fantasies have actually been made into movies. I dimly recall having to watch one such movie with an ex. Oh and he of course proceeded to fuck me while we were watching the movie. I think it’s called Gamer.

All of these horrors are almost too much to even imagine. What men are trying to do is to irreversibly alter all life on earth. But most people are not aware of that because of denial. When we try to speak about these things we run into the walls of denial all around.
So, is the situation hopeless? MD says that if we think and speak in foreground ways, the situation may appear so. But is it really? What do you think, my sisters?


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Emma trifft Nagel auf den Kopf, Männer heulen rum

Es gibt so Tage da wache ich auf, und könnte schon durchdrehen. Heute war so einer. Ist es nicht wundervoll, schon morgens von dem Wutgebrüll eines vernachlässigten Kleinkinds aufzuwachen? Jede Tag darf ich diese beglückende Erfahrung machen, wenn die Kinder der zwei Familien mit insgesamt 4 Kindern, die zusammen schräg über mir in einer 60qum Wohnung wohnen, ihren Tag mit Gebrüll beginnen. Aber ich schweife ab.

Eigentlich wollte ich über den Amokflug der Germanwings schreiben. Beim Betreten des Internets kam mir nämlich schon ein Artikel entgegen, der sich über den „irritierenden“ Kommentar von Luise Pusch auf der Emma-Seite auslies, die „den tragischen Unglücksflug“ für die „Forderung nach der Frauen-Quote in Cockpits instrumentalisieren“ würde. So, und da fällt mir nur eins zu ein:

Nämlich, warum die Schwanzträger von der Presse sich darüber aufregen, dass die Emma völlig berechtigt darauf hinweist, dass Amokläufe Männersache sind, aber das Arschloch Lubitz in der Presse behandelt wird, als ob er ein tragischer Held ist. „Warum vertraute er sich niemandem an?“, „Auf der Flucht vor seiner kranken Seele.“ Entschuldigt mich während ich kotze.


Jeden Tag lesen wir in den Nachrichten von irgendso einem Mutanten, der seine Expartnerin/Partnerin und ihre Kinder etc umbringt, weil er sich in seinem Ego angegriffen fühlt. Jeden. Tag. Mal im Ernst, welcher Frau fiele so eine lebensverachtende Idee ein wie 150 Menschen umzubringen, nur weil sie selbst nicht mehr leben will? Aber Männer? Erinnert sich noch jemand an Elliot Rodger? Und jeden anderen pathetischen Wichser, der meinte es „allen zeigen“ zu müssen, weil niemand seinen Schwanz lutschen wollte?

Und ich wette, es wird sich rausstellen, dass Andreas Lubitz irgendwo auf seinem Computer ein Manifest hat, in dem er erklärt, wieviel Unrecht die ganze Welt und Frauen insbesondere ihm angetan haben und dass er deswegen, um es allen nochmal so richtig zu zeigen, diese widerliche Tat begangen hat. Von langer Hand geplant.
Einer meiner Exfreunde, seinerseits ein depressiver Narzisst wie Lubitz, war auch mal Pilot bei der Lufthansa. Bis er wegen seiner Psychoprobleme ausgeschieden wurde. Und der hat mir schon vor Jahren erzählt, wie oft ihm dieses Szenario beim Fliegen durch den Kopf geht. Einfach das Flugzeug mit allen Passagieren vor den Berg zu fliegen. Ich will nicht wissen, wie viele Piloten es gibt, die nur auf die Gelegenheit warten, dass sie mal allein in der Schwanzgrube sitzen.
Aber die Emma ist geschmacklos, wenn sie die naheliegende Forderung stellt, mehr Frauen (die sich ihrer Verantwortung für das Leben anderer im Gegensatz zu Männern bewusst sind) ins Cockpit zu holen. Ist klar.

Wisst ihr, wie Männer normalerweise reagieren, wenn sie Schiss kriegen, dass wir kurz davor sind, die Wahrheit zu sehen? Ihr letzter verbaler Kniff, sozusagen? Sie sagen das, vor dem sie Angst haben, dass wir es sagen könnten und fragen drohend, ob wir etwa das damit sagen wollen. Das soll uns Angst einjagen und uns dazu bringen, schnell zurück zu rudern. Jede, die schonmal in einer Beziehung mit einem Narzissten war, weiß wovon ich rede. Und so endet der „Spiegel“ seinen „Kommentar“ mit folgendem Satz, in der Hoffnung uns daran zu hindern, in diese Richtung auch nur weiter zu denken:

„Wenn Männer als Piloten tatsächlich solch eine immense Gefahr darstellen, müsste man sie dann nicht komplett aus dem Cockpit verbannen?“

Ganz genau. Männer gehören aus allen Autoritätspositionen entfernt. Offensichtlich sind Männer nicht in der Lage, verantwortungsbewusst mit dem Leben anderer umzugehen.
Ja ich hör schon wieder die Mutanten und ihre Handmaidens schreien „waaaah, dann könnte die Gesellschaft wie wir sie kennen aber nicht genauso weiter funktionieren wie jetzt, wenn alle Männer aus allen Autoritätspositionen wegfielen“, als ob das ein Gegenargument wäre.
Genau, that’s the point.

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How blatant does it have to be?

ok now that i got the post about piv out of the way, here is the promised post about what Elliot Rodger (who killed several people about 2 months ago in Isla Vista) has exposed about men. let’s start off with a quote from this deranged asshole’s manifesto, in case you haven’t read it (source):

“In fully realizing these truths about the world, I have created the ultimate and perfect ideology of how a fair and pure world would work. In an ideal world, sexuality would not exist. It must be outlawed. In a world without sex, humanity will be pure and civilized. Men will grow up healthily, without having to worry about such a barbaric act. All men will grow up fair and equal, because no man will be able to experience the pleasures of sex while others are denied it. The human race will evolve to an entirely new level of civilization, completely deviod of all the impurity and degeneracy that exists today.
In order to completely abolish sex, women themselves would have to be abolished. All women must be quarantined like the plague they are, so that they can be used in a manner that actually benefits a civilized society. In order to carry this out, there must exist a new and powerful type of government, under the control of one divine ruler, such as myself. The ruler that establishes that new order would have would have complete control over every aspect of society, in order to direct it towards a good and pure place. At the disposal of this government, there needs to be a highly trained army of fanatically loyal troops, in order to enforce such revolutionary laws.

The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. That would be an efficient and fitting way to kill them all off. I would take great pleasure and satisfaction in condemning every single woman on earth to starve to death. I would have an enormous tower built just for myself, where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die. If I can’t have them, no one will, I’d imagine thinking to myself as I oversee this. Women represent everything that is unfair with this world, and in order to make the world a fair place, they must all be eradicated.

A few women would be spared, however, for the sake of reproduction. These women would be kept and bred in secret labs. There, they will be artifically inseminated with sperm samples in order to produce offspring. Their depraved nature will slowly be bred out of them in time.

Future generations of men would be oblivious to these remaining women’s existence, and that is for the best. If a man grows up without knowing about the existence of women, there will be no desire for sex. Sexuality will completely cease to exist. Love will cease to exist. There will no longer be any imprint of such concepts on the human psyche. It is the only way to purify the world.”

have you ever wondered how patriarchy works for men? it’s like this: inside class:men there is a very strict hierarchy. only the top men get what all men want: unlimited access to any and all resources they want, especially, but not limited to: women’s bodies to fuck and to breed with. men compete with one another for the higher ranks, or for any rank, really, that is not the bottom (remember: bottom = woman). this is how patriarchy works for men. men oppress other men economically, racially, but it only works because the more powerful men promise the less powerful men access to one thing: access to at least one woman, or, in the west, access to many women to fuck (watch this video and see how men promise other men unlimited fuckholes if they obey the rules of islam).

when this system doesn’t work so well anymore, because women have gained more rights and freedom, men get pissed. what about their promised prize? their personal fuckhole and breeder girlfriend and wife?!

of course, men don’t blame other men for setting up this disgusting and inhumane system, noooo. it’s women’s fault. women and their rights, aka feminism. men like asshole Rodger are pissed because patriarchy promises each of them access to women’s bodies to use  as they please, but then somehow fails to deliver. in a perverted way men like ER are actually right, feminism is “to blame” for patriarchy’s failure to deliver, because women in the west have more rights now that we used to have for the longest time in patriarchy, which is of course an achievement of the women’s movement. obviously, his whole logic only makes sense if you don’t see women as human beings with a right to autonomy, but then men like him don’t. everything men do, expecially everything they do collectively, is geared towards ensuring access of class:men to women’s bodies. in the west they started the so-called “sexual revolution” in order to convince women to let them fuck us, because with women’s growing economic independence since the 197os, women didn’t have to marry anymore in order to survive, marriage having been the institution that enabled men to keep their own personal battery/fuckhole/breeder/nurse since the dawn of HIStory. so they had to convince/pressure/shame women into letting them fuck us without getting married first.

fast forward 40 years. women today are systematically groomed for fuckability and then become “promiscuous” which has another benefit for men: not only can they easily fuck us, but if we dare notice that we have been raped they can blame us for it, because promiscuous women, aka whores rank lowest among all women and are therefore perfect scapegoats. however, inexplicably, sometimes this almost foolproof system doesn’t work, and some men cannot get access to women. as happened in the case of Elliot whineyass Rodger. however, extreme narcissist that he was, he didn’t just want to fuck women. he could have done that, since he was quite wealthy. he could have paid a prostituted woman to rape her. but noooo, he wanted to be god, with hundreds of (blond, not blackeyed) virgins begging him to fuck them. he wanted “consensual” rape from women, because having to overtly coerce a woman would have humiliated him, since he saw himself as a god. gods don’t have to coerce women in order to rape them, women fall over their heels for the godly phallus. he wanted the perfect fuck slave who would beg him to fuck her. He wanted to be god, just as the muslim man in the video above promises men that they will become gods who black-eyed virgins will beg to be fucked by (yes, their idea of divinity is pretty fucked up. but I digress).

the point is that when men get angry at patriarchy, women lose. let’s look at the last paragraph of the above quote again, shall we?

“Future generations of men would be oblivious to these remaining women’s existence, and that is for the best. If a man grows up without knowing about the existence of women, there will be no desire for sex. Sexuality will completely cease to exist. Love will cease to exist. There will no longer be any imprint of such concepts on the human psyche. It is the only way to purify the world.”

note how in his perfect world there would be no more “sex,” i.e. fucking and that in his mind that would lead to a perfectly fair world (for men, since women are not human anyway). what does he mean by that?

men know, most of them only subliminally, that they need to fuck us in order to recharge their batteries. just look at their idea of paradise (if you haven’t watched the video linked above, you should really do it now; it’s very educational). men are dependent on gaining access to our bodies in order to stock up on life force. when they can’t do that regularly, because they don’t have a wife/girlfriend fuckhole/breeder they personally own, and/or cannot afford to pay a prostituted woman to rape her or date rape a woman etc., they feel the humiliation of their own degeneracy. they can usually keep that realization at bay by fucking us, but when they can’t, they become acutely aware of their need. this shakes them up profusely, because it contradicts their artificially constructed identity that they are gods. gods shouldn’t need to stick their dicks into other beings in order to energize, and all. this unleashes in them a narcissistic rage. they were promised they were gods/princes, and now they are feeling their degeneracy, so not fair. anyway, obviously, women are to blame for that, because next to women (the true goddesses) men who can’t grim-level enough women by (preferably) fucking them are forced to feel their own being, and it’s not a good feeling. ergo, it must be women’s fault (this is called projection and is a time-honoured move by men). so, naturally, if there were no more women, men wouldn’t have to feel their degeneracy (he is wrong, but thats hiss reasoning). men would even forget that they crave fucking women, or so he thinks (they would not).

particularly chilling in this context are the last three sentences of that quote:

“Love will cease to exist. There will no longer be any imprint of such concepts on the human psyche. It is the only way to purify the world.”

this is the epitome of nihilism, because what he is essentially hoping for is for men to stop having to feel their Selves, their demonic essence. they’d have to kill themselves to achieve that but men being men, they won’t kill themselves (which would be doing the planet a favour), no, consistent with their narcissism they want all that is life-giving (love=life force) to disappear from view, so that nothing can remind them of what they really are: the antithesis of love/life: degenerated mutants.this is the scope of their necrophilia. they feel so humiliated by their own essence in contrast to what they are not and can never be (female), that they would rather destroy everything that has genuine life-force in it (unlike them) than face their own Selves.

this is more than aggrieved entitlement, this is evil. it’s the antithesis of life, and it’s not death, because death is actually part of life. it’s something far more sinister: it’s nothingness. murderous nihilism. a craving for complete and irreversible disintegration.

and don’t kid yourselves. all men are like that to some degree. even the nice ones. even the enlightened ones. give them enough time and opportunity (for example, refuse them) and they will show their true natures. because that drive to disintegration is inscribed in their genes. they are a mutation, like cancer, and mutations like that are not sustainable. they will usurp and exploit as many resources of any kind as they can. and then they will explode, trying to destroy as much as they can when they go.

how blatant does it have to get for women to uncover our anger? for women to fight back?

how obvious do men have to make their entitlement to women as objects, as prizes before we realize that men do not see women as human?

class: men see women as resource, and have class:women more than half convinced its true. while in fact this is the father of all reversals: they aren’t human, not us. we are the goddesses, not them. we are sources of life force, they are black holes.

open your eyes, sisters, and really, really look at men. can you see the demons yet?

steve21/hdc/people/69/0192 assad is evil benjamin_netanjahu is evil brabeck is evil elliot rodger is evil koch-brothers are evil Vladimir Putin the pope is evil

abubakar is evil


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when they fuck us

i was gonna write a different post, one about Elliot Rodger and what he exposed about men. but i feel that first i need to get another one out of the way. one about piv, and why it’s rape. this is a post i have been wanting to write for a while, but always postpone it, but then i get involved in yet another frustrationg discussion about piv with a self-proclaimed feminist who doesn’t get it or i read a post about piv by another femininst who gets it a bit more, but still not really… both of these things happened in the past several weeks, then Rodger killed a bunch of people because he didn’t get any “consensual piv” from the women he wanted to get “it” from and so here i am, finally writing that post.

ok so here we go. piv/intercourse/fucking is rape. i am not the first woman to write this (fcm’s intercourse series, witchwind’s piv-post), but i feel that this cannot be repeated often enough, because women have such a hard time getting this.

when they fuck us, they rape us. fucking us is about raping us. fucking is the same as rape,  not because it is intercourse that is forced on us, i.e. not the forcing of fucking is what makes fucking rape, but the fucking itself is the rape.

fucking is rape not because of the way it is done to us (violently, against our will) but because of what it does to us. when they fuck us, they use us as masturbation device and sperm bucket. they even call us that: cum bucket. when they fuck us, they use us, to stimulate the penis mechanically by rubbing it between the muscle tissue that is our vagina until they ejaculate, placing their sperm inside our reproductive organs. which, unless we take measures to avoid it, will very often lead to pregnancy. the vast majority of times when men stick their penisses into our reproductive organs in order to stimulate their penisses with the help of the insides of our bodies, thats not what they -or we – want to happen. pregnancy. however, since it feels so good for men to stimulate their penisses by rubbing them against our internal organs, they do not care about this. and neither are we allowed to care about this or think about this. not enough to result in men not being able to stick their dicks into our abdomens, anyway.

to repeat: when men fuck us they instrumentalize our internal muscle tissues in order to maturbate themselves to ejaculation. not in order to truly interact with us (they could do that another way), not to bring us to orgasm (they could do that another way), not to make us feel good and loved (they could do that another way), nor, most of the time, because we want to become pregnant.

there are two reasons why men fuck us:

  1. it makes them feel a perverse kind of pleasure, one that derives from being sexually stimulated and breaking a taboo at the same time. The taboo is crossing physical boundaries and utilizing someone else’s body for your own means, that is, not respecting the right to life of another living being.
  2. they want to use our reproductive organs/capacities directly, without having to go through us, in other words, impregnate us against our wills, in other words, clone their genetic material (and they only really care about their y-chro) through us.

in both cases they objectify us, which is dehumanizing. when you dehumanize someone, you kill a part of them. you kill some of the connections that hold this person together. by using someone as if they were not alive and whole, you make them less alive and whole. when men fuck us, they turn us from whole to hole, they make us into a thing, they kill us. is it any wonder so many women out there are walking around shell-shocked, out of their own bodies, self-objectifyingly turning themselves into walking fuck dolls? thats what men do to us when they fuck us and that is why they fuck us. They want us absent from our own bodies, so that they can use our bodies without having to deal with us.

naturally, men don’t want us to notice. which is why we can never frame simple fucking itself as rape. noooo, rape is this thing where a stranger jumps a woman and against her screaming and struggling, biting and scratching, violently sticks his dick into her internal organs and violently and forcibly uses her internal muscle tissue to stimulate himself to orgasm. that’s rape, or so men want us to believe. this is why if there is any talk about rape at all, it is always about the way that he fucked her. with how much force?

or if she wanted it. because we all know violence is not really violence when it is done to women because women like being treated violently and if someone likes it when you violate them you didn’t really violate them. or so the logic goes. so if we can get her to consent its not rape either. very clever. the language of consent is actually patriarchy’s reaction to women’s awakening consciousness to themselves as human beings, who should not be used by men to stimulate their penisses until they spit out sperm.

so in order to derail from the act of fucking, lest women notice that the act itself is dehumanizing, they invent the concept of consent, so that again violence can be made invisible, and so they can go on fucking us. the language of consent implies that someone else (the man) makes a suggestion (he wants to fuck, he is the agent) and that she then agrees. the consenting party is by definition not the one who came up with the idea in the frst place. also, the language of consent implies that women’s bodies are some kind of land, or territory, which the man wants to enter and thus needs the woman’s consent to enter her. what are we, landladies of our own internal organs? and rape is like, what, trespassing? stealing?

can you not see, sisters, that this whole concept implies that we are not whole human beings? or that our bodies are somehow separate from us, which is why we can consent to someone else using our bodies as if that didn’t mean that they were using us? our bodies are us, we are our bodies!

even when women realize that the concept of consent is flawed because women are brainwashed and groomed to consent, and therefore consent is meaningless,  it still works as a derail, because then often some women will argue until they’re blue in the face that there might be a woman liberated enough somewhere (!!) to freely consent to fucking and that then fucking might not be rape.

see what they are doing there? by making the conversation about whether or not consent can be meaningful, men derail it in case women get too close to realizing what is really wrong with fucking, when the point is this: fucking is whats wrong with fucking. the act itself, the usage of another’s living body (a woman’s vagina, a woman’s anus, a woman’s mouth, a child’s vagina, anus or mouth, the mouth of a fish, the anus of a dog etc. etc.) to stimulate the penis until it ejaculates, in other words, fucking, is an act by which men make a living being into a dead thing.

now, if you’ve ever been in a discussion about fucking with men or brainwashed women you will know that no discussion about fucking is complete without someone hashing out the old “but what about procreation of the species” line.

(disclaimer: to my radfem sisters, i am not advocating sex with men or reproducing with men here. all i want to do is show how even if we wanted to reproduce with them, penetration would still be the wrong way to do it.)

imagine if you will a world without patriarchy. one in which women have full control over our own bodies. now, firstly, we all know that sperm can travel inside the vagina, because it lives for several hours/days. We all have been warned that sperm, if deposited close to the vaginal opening, can still result in pregnancy and therefore penisses should always be wrapped in plastic when at all in the vicinity of our vaginal opening. therefore, the penis does not need to be inserted into our internal organs at all in order to conceive. it would be perfectly sufficient if men just deposited their sperm on our front steps, so to speak, and left us alone do proceed with it as we damn well please!

secondly, considering that the clit is the only human organ with the sole purpose of causing pleasure, but cannot be directly stimulated via intercourse; however, given the shape and size of the average penis, stimulation of the clit can very easily achieved by rubbing the penis between the labia and over the clit, wouldn’t it make more sense if this was how we did “sex” (for purposes of pregnancy?). if women were free and had a strong sense of physical integrity, wouldn’t it make sense for us to never ever insert men at all?

i saw a “documentary” about “sex” a few years ago and one bit of information stuck to the back of my mind: when a woman orgasms, the muscle contractions of the vaginal muscles make her cervix “dip” down towards the vaginal opening, sucking anything in the vagina upwards. so if we wanted to have sex with men (for purposes of pregnancy) at all in a world in which we are free, we could just have the d00d deposit the genetic material we need at a place from which we can haul it in ourselves, so to speak, which is at the vaginal opening (between the labia) for which no penetration is needed at all, and which can be completely pleasurable for the woman. but of course d00ds can never just be useful without being overly demanding in return. they don’t want to accept that they are mere carriers of genetic material for us, that we are the creatrixes and they are (supposed to be) the helpers. nooooooo. men have to be the center of everything and control everything, otherwise their fragile egos shatter.

they don’t want to leave the package by the front door, no, they want to come in, vandalize the space and throw their shit around without any regard for the fact that they are in our sanctuary! rapist assholes. they want to use our sanctuary without respecting the natural authority of the place, they envy its power (its their “holy grail”/white whale, the fountain/source of life itself), they want to own it and instrumentalize it for their own necrophiliac purposes.

and this is how intercourse is men’s reproductive strategy at our cost. intercourse allows men to make use of our reproductive powers. they are not supposed to have control over reproduction, otherwise they would be the reproducing sex and not just the carriers of  dna. they are supposed to assist. notice also how in this scenario woman’s clit actually has a reproductive function: woman rubs clit aganst penis, penis ejaculates and deposits sperm close to vaginal opening, woman orgasms sucking in sperm into vagina. this way, woman’s orgasm is an evolutionary advantage, because it increases the chances of conception. note how in this scenario woman’s physical integrity is not destroyed. and now visualize fucking. can you see how here woman’s orgasm/pleasure/Presence is entirely redundant? by inserting their penisses into us men circumvent having to truly connect with the woman they are being “intimate” with. engaging her soul is not necessary for conception at all if you just push the penis inside and deposit the sperm directly onto the cervix.

and this is basically what men don’t want us to know: men have invented fucking to make use of the goddess’s creative powers, to steal our powers from us. by fucking us, men artificially inflate their power. fucking us is the fundament on which their supremacy rests. fucking is their way to protest against evolution, trying to control natural (woman directed) selection by making sure their y-chromo gets replicated. and look where this strategy has led. the most violent men have spread their y-chromos all over the world! this is what Bryan Sykes, geneticist, has to say about this (source):

“However, if you trace the Y chromosome’s fingerprints back through human history, you see that it reports some very unpleasant behavior. Take Genghis Khan’s Y chromosome, which is now found in 16 million men in Central Asia. It started as a single copy from the man himself in the 12th century. What drove this? Well, when he conquered a territory, he killed the men and systematically inseminated the most attractive women. A thousand years later, his Y chromosome has survived and proliferated, which is sexual selection on a very grand scale.”

(note that he says “sexual selection” but of course he means artificial selection, aka rape, aka fucking.)

you really think men’s increasing sociopathy and overall violence has nothing to do with this??

if you still do not believe, sister, that fucking is war, that the point of fucking is to control evolution, consider this image which has been circulated among Israelis since the start of Israel’s latest attempt to annihiliate Palestinians and “ethnically cleanse” “their” land from what they consider inferior y-chroms:

Darling, come inside this time.  Civilians for invasion.
(caption: darling, come inside this time.
civilians for invasion.)

ask yourself, would anyone understand the message of this image if they didn’t subliminally know that fucking = war?

when men fuck us, they damage us, they destroy our wholeness/integrity: physically, psychologically, spiritually. fucking = war. yes, all fucking. that’s the whole point!

this, sisters, is the root of patriarchy. let’s rip it out. #stopfucking!


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Enough with this shit, let’s hex those fuckers!

“If you can’t hex, you can’t bless!”

Tomorrow, wednesday, may 14th, the full moon will be conjunct saturn in scorpio. this means that the crone aspect of the Goddess will be felt very strongly during this full moon. saturn is linked to Mother Holle, the setter of limits and boundaries, while pluto is linked to Medusa, the goddess of transformation, the Queen of the Underworld. Medusa, incidentally, is Athena’s shadow image. Athena, best known as the twice-born patriarchal handmaiden, is actually the Goddess of Justice.

this planetary alignment is the perfect cosmic setting for working some witchcraft to help the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram several weeks ago. It’s time to hex those rapist assholes. enough is enough.

So I am hereby calling on all feminist witches out there to join me and my sisterwitches tomorrow, on the full moon, for a spell to specifically help those girls, and indeed all women and girls currently held hostage by men, to help each other, get help by other women, and escape their torturers! may the powers of nature, the elements and animals, the spirits and circumstance all work for and with them to help them escape!

At the same time, we are going to hex the Boko Haram men, and indeed all men who are hurting women or have hurt women in the past. May their strength dwindle,  may their rape tools stop working, may they be out of luck, may they catch themselves up and lose their power to hurt and control women and girls now and forever!

I know hexing is seen as black magic by some. however, desperate times call for desperate measures. we all live as captives, slaves and hostages of men, and we get abused, raped and exploited without there being any protection and very rarely, justice. i see hexing as self-defense. and in the case of the rapist scum that kidnapped several hundred girls (probably not for the first time) to sell them into prostitution or “marriage”, in other words, into sexual slavery, i think a hex is very much called for.

This is what Ava, one of the witches of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One has to say about  hex spells (source):

“Self-defense must be energetic as well as physical, and true protection must be held concomitantly in the Unseen World, as well as the Seen. How long will we tolerate the intolerable crimes against women? We women speak “peace and love,” yet the crimes continue. We must speak “peace and love” AND hold magical energetic knowing and protections. Maintaining healthy boundaries, saying ‘Stop … now!’ is not unspiritual; to the contrary, we are of the Goddess, we are surely Her precious Priestesses — and holding ourselves as valuable enough to do this is one of the most spiritually mature actions we women can take — must take. There is great power in grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters coming together to claim this for women everywhere.”

if you want some inspiration, here is an article by Z Budapest in which she describes a hex spell she did on some rapist mutants who tortured a lesbian woman in San Francisco. and this description of hexing spells is taken from Z’s Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

please make sure to protect yourselves when you work such magic. you should probably not try this if you are completely unexperienced in magic work. make sure to purify (let go of immediate anger), ground, draw a circle and work a protection spell for yourself and your sisterwitches before you start with the hex spell.

I have decided to invoke the following Goddesses to work with on this occasion. I am including some images of these Goddesses i found on the internet. you can print them out and put them on your altar. some of these are European Goddesses, but since these girls are in Africa, it is of utmost importance to invoke and honour the appropriate African Goddesses as well. they are local, they can help these girls best. of course, depending on where you are, you can invoke your own Goddesses to help, especially since the magic we are working is intended for all women and girls, to help them escape their torturers. Get creative!

mother holle

Mother Holle/Percht: Nordic Goddess of boundaries and consequences/death, protectress of women and children from violent men



Hecate: Greek Goddess of the earth, sea and sky, Goddess of Fate, Goddess of the witches


V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Kali: Indian Warrior Goddess, destroyer of men



Inna: Nigerian Goddess of protection and justice



Ala: West African Goddess of cleansing and death



Oya: Yoruba Goddess of storms and protectress of women

Let’s bring to fruition what was started between the lunar and the solar eclipse/new moon last month, and join spiritual forces to fight back against Homo Rapiens, the human male, parasite and enslaver of women. let’s call forth Lilith, the wild female, the one who will not stand for her own subjugation and abuse or that of her sisters anymore! enough with the timidness, enough of this forgiveness and turning-the-other-cheek! enough already! it’s strike back time – witches’-style!

so mote it be.

Lilith in stone


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