Little Rad finds her way home

little rad

“When women unwind our veils, our winding sheets, our attention is at first fixed upon the unwinding. The task which next becomes visible, before us and around us, is the taks of seeing/sensing/Self-moving in the directions which our discovering senses open out to us. This Self-conscious, Self-directed movement is springing free. As we do this we enspirit our Selves, freeing the life force that has been frozen, reified, fetishized.”

— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

when i first began actively searching for feminist consciousness on the internet roughly 2 years ago, i was confronted with a seeming multitude of “feminisms.” liberal feminism, postmodern feminism, sex-positive feminism, trans feminism, socialist/marxist feminism, radical feminism etc.. it sounded like a variation of one general idea (that oppression is bad) with a different flavour for every taste, with radical feminism maybe being the “most edgy” one, but generally on a plane with the other “feminisms”. Each of these “feminisms” seemed to focus on different issues. This theme surfaced in various guises, like “there are diverse currents in feminism,” “not all feminists believe the same things”. this was all very confusing and didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

nevertheless, i started reading liberal feminist blogs, i joined a feminist organization dedicated to lobbying for legal change, excited by the discovery that there are feminist blogs at all, feminist organizations at all. relieved that feminism really was a thing at all, that i wasn’t the only one thinking that women get a shitty deal in this world, and that this needs to change.

feminism, according to the women i met/read in these places, is about activism, about petitioning various institutions, about getting women elected into various offices where they then supposedly can make legal changes that will result in “equal rights and participation” for women. the goal seemed to be to reform the society we live in so that women will have equal status among men. this was to be achieved by identifying and concentrating on various “issues,” like equal pay, equal representation, fighting prostitution, fighting sexism in advertizing, getting men to stop harassing women in the workplace and on the streets. so i tried activism, i wrote and signed petitions, i went to “feminist events” to get women to sign said petitions, i went to demonstrations “against capitalism and patriarchy,” in which women shouted anarchist slogans slightly altered to make them somehow about feminism, which felt hollow and wrong, i sat in boring meetings to get funding for the feminist organization i was a member of, i talked to representatives of the male media, i did all kinds of tedious shit. something about it didn’t feel right. And then i discovered Mary Daly’s and Sonia Johnson’s writings and it started to dawn on me why.

the problem was this: the picture these women who were working for reform painted of the state of the world was incomplete – it was wrong. dare i say, women who think feminism is primarily about activism, lobbying and changing laws and numbers of females in various patriarchal institutions do not understand the seriousness of the problem we are facing.

feminism is not about “issues,” it is not even about reforming this system to make it “more just,” feminism is about nothing less than changing the very reality we live in. everything males have created, and i mean everything we consider to be “real” in this world, is tainted by their necrophilia. all their institutions are at the core destructive of life, all of them, including politics, economics, education, health care, media, food production, etc. all of these institutions have been created to ensure that human males have never ending access to women’s gynergy, our life-energy. why? because patriarchy runs on it.

“It is because women are known to be energy sources that patriarchal males seek to possess and consume us. This is done less dramatically in day-by-day draining of energy, in the slow and steady extinguishing of women’s fire. Sparking, like Spooking, is a form of Gyn/Ecology. Sparking is Speaking with tongues of fire. Sparking is igniting the divine Spark in women. Light and warmth, which are necessary for creating and moving, are results of Sparking. Sparking is creating a room of one’s own, a moving time/spaceship of one’s own, in which the Self can expand, in which the Self can join with other Self-centering Selves.”

— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

i have since come to realize that “reality” or what i used to believe was reality is really a giant hoax. a perverted mirror image of what is actually real in this life. Mary Daly calls it the foreground. it is an artificial world that is at its core, dead. the only reason it seems to be alive and, however flawed, “working,” is because men have built into their system and all its subsystems instruments that allow them to divert and siphon off the life-energy that women and all other Elemental creatures generate and emit. patriarchy is like an artifically inflated giant ghost phallus with vampire teeth which is latched onto women, animals, plants with the sole purpose of sucking us dry in order to uphold its bad imitation of life. basically its very easy: men cannot generate original life-energy, but they need/want it/cannot live without it, so they steal it from us. this is true on an individual (micro) level as well as on a macro level (global society and its institutions). think about it: how does capitalism work? mostly white men with a lot of social and economic influence own corporations and banks which they use to convert living matter (animals, plants, humans) into dead matter (money). who is the most exploited human group in this game? women. women who do most of the work, paid and unpaid, women who are used to produce supplies of workers to be used as fodder for “the economy,” women who give their lives to care for the men who run these things by cooking for them, “making a home” for them, cleaning up their shit for them etc. so that these males can use their time to play their sick IRL monopoly game. women who only own a fraction of the land and monetary wealth on this planet. that’s the macro level.

on an individual level, that is in one-on-one relationships with men, women also do all the work, we cook, we clean, we have the babies, we nurture and raise the children, we emotionally take care of men, we function as social lubricant between men (by keeping conversations going at social events, by being traded as sex objects between men, by giving credibility to men (“oh he has such a nice wife, he must be trust-worthy”)), we dedicate our whole fucking lives to men. if women wouldn’t give (weren’t forced to/tricked into giving) men all this precious energy, none of their institutions would function. None. think about it, just remember how many times in your life you have exerted energy to prop up a man, make a man feel comfortable around you, make a man like you/let you stay with him, make a man feel sexually capable at your own expense. and it’s always at our own expense. now try and imagine this mechanism on a global scale. yeah, it’s creepy right? do you think this is all a misunderstanding, a mistake ? do you really think men, as a group, do not know what they are doing? do you really think this has just developed historically without men wanting it to develop like this?

now, do you still believe asking men to change their institutions, their laws, their “traditions,” their “culture,” negotiating with men in any way will make them change their ways? will even make them want to change their ways? didn’t think so.
we are dealing with the most evil collective consciousness that you can even imagine right now. patriarchy is evil. evil.

and that brings me back to why the notion that radical feminism (i don’t anymore think there are any other feminisms, they are all fauxminisms) has anything to do with “educating the public” (as long as the public includes men), activating for legal change, getting men to stop harassing us, getting women elected into any of patriarchy’s institutions is, at best, naive, and at worst, willful deception. because the only thing that will free women and this planet is for patriarchy to stop. the only way for it stop is if it doesn’t have access, if males don’t have access to our gynergy anymore. now don’t misunderstand me, i’m not saying its women’s fault for giving men our energy or that we should “simply” stop doing it. i understand very well that women are enslaved and made in various ways to give our energy away. i’m not blaming women. when i say that patriarchy will cease to exist without our energy this is merely a factual statement, not an exhortation for women to do anything right this moment (other than to keep reading).

it is, however, crucial for us to understand this, in order to see what is wrong with activism like lobbying for legal change, demonstrations etc. because what all of these things boil down to is talking to men, negotiating with men, believing in men’s authoritah to decide over us, believing in their reality, the foreground. it’s fundamentally reactive. it is giving men and their system our energy by resisting it. what we resist persists because it means using our life force to prop it up.

in one of her speeches Sonia Johnson describes patriarchy as a castle and women as outside the walls trying to get in. we use all our strength to ram their door in. they strengthen the walls. by reacting to it, we give it credibility. what we should do instead is turn on our heels and walk into the forest. let the men rot in their stinking castle. this is their biggest fear. that we will stop obeying or rebelling against their rules. as long as we are fixated upon their stupid castle we aren’t looking around at the beautiful trees, we aren’t aware of the sweet air on our skin. we aren’t listening to the Inner Voice. which is of course the purpose of letting us “participate” in “politics” at all. if it didn’t serve men’s purpose to let us vote, demonstrate, petition, educate men and boys, in other words, play their game from whatever disadvantaged position, they wouldn’t do it. It’s their game. they invented it, they invented the rules, the board and the figurines too. as long as we are busy trying to ascend in their hierarchy, or getting them to change the rules of the game, as long as we think we have a stake in playing their game, as long as we are invested in it we will not walk away. which is of course exactly what we need to do. and this is what radical Elemental feminism is really about.

radical Elemental feminism is about re-gaining consciousness, it is about finding our Selves again. it is about realizing that we are magical Elemental creatures who can generate so much gynergy together that we don’t need the menz at all. what we do need is to be away from them, because they are parasites,  un-dead energy vampires (ever wonder about their obvious obsession with vampires, zombies and robots? it’s them. also, the y-chromosome).

ok, you will say, but won’t they come after us? yes they will. they are coming after each one of us who dares venture from the prescribed path (think little red riding hood and the wolf). often they don’t even have to come themselves. instead, they send their handmaidens and fembots after us. who will disguise themselves as token feminists and tell us that “feminism is about activism,” “you are letting your sisters down if you don’t lobby for legal change,” “there are different kinds of feminism,” “the gender binary oppresses women and men alike,” “feminism is about choices,” “this is what a feminist looks like,” etc. etc. ad nauseam. it’s all sand in our eyes to keep us from seeing the actual plot. it’s nothing but lies and smoke screens. understand that this is the men coming after us. sure, if women were to walk out in significant numbers, they might come after us more violently. but aren’t they already doing that too? throwing acid, corrective rape, porn, female genital mutilation. what, you mean because you personally are not affected by that this means it’s not happening? think again. understand that you are not separate from other women. what they do to any woman on this planet, past and present, they would do to you should they catch you. in fact, they are doing it to you because we have a collective consciousness too and violence done to any of us affects us more directly than you might think. what are you afraid of? nothing can be worse than this lobotomized half-life they want us to “live” in their State of Paralysis, the original patrix.

“Since the feigned future which is used to make women faint-hearted, faint-minded, fixed in a permanent faint is a shadow-world, a world of deceptive lights and shadows, it is useless to strike at it directly. Instead of shadow-boxing, the gynaesthetic traveler learns to detect the deceptive light-projector, the shadow-caster. She detects the the pattern that is behind his deceptive patterns; she dis-covers the necrophiliac nature of the fear in which he is fixated, which is also the fear he projects upon/injects into his snow white victims. This is not the fear of dying but the fear of living. As Valerie Solanas lucidly points out: “The male likes death – it excites him sexually and, already dead inside, he wants to die.” This statement would seem to to be adequately substantiated/documented by the state of this male-controlled planet. If patriarchal males loved life, the planet would be different.
Most precisely, the wicked drag queens’ fear is fear of Female Living, of female-identified biophilic energy. For the release of this energy will mean the end of their blissful State of Sleeping Death. They therefore are compelled to use every means at hand to perpetuate the State of Paralysis.”
— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

it is exactly this fear of the future that keeps us transfixed in their delusional present. but sisters, the time for fear is over. “civilization” is on the verge of collapse, the global climate is about to change in ways that will likely make the planet uninhabitable for humans very soon, we are already staring into the abyss. we truly have nothing to lose now. we only have everything to win.

“so what are we supposed to do now?” i hear you wail. nothing. be still, learn to feel your bodies again. understand that men’s domination of women is not just physical, it’s mental, spiritual too, in other words totalist. feel where you are being physically, mentally, spiritually depleted by males and their extensions/institutions. feel which of their latches you can remove. do it, remove them. expel the males from your heads, your bodies, your houses, your lives, as much as you can. give all of that freed-up energy to your Selves and other women. trust the Goddess. there is more than just the material plane to this world. get into (Dianic) witchcraft. read Mary Daly. above all, learn to identify your Inner Voice, trust your consciousness to know what to do next. look for the Background, where woman-identified women and all Other Elemental creatures live. then go there as much and as often as you can. you will be surprised at what you can do. no, not alone. because you are not ever alone. we are all here with you.

“True to our Memory of Archespheres, Be-Witching women continue to originate, mutate, metamutate. Armed with impassioned Virtues acquired in the Realm of Fire, Wild Weird women Spiral further through the Metamorphospheres. This is our Knowing Time, Growing Time. It is No-ing Time to compromise.

Erratically, Wanderwomen move through this Realm, keeping in Touch with the Natural Graces. Yearning to live the richness of be-ing in rainbow-radiant diversity, we Race with the Grace of Be-Longing. Decoding the myths and unsnapping the traps that have kept us from bonding, we weave with the Grace of Be-Friending.

Aroused by the Touch of our Wonder-filled Woman-Lust, Wonderers fly with the Grace of Be-Witching, unfolding our spiritual powers. Like flowers, like serpents, like dragons, like angels, we Spiral in rhythms of Weirdward creation. Leaping with Wanderlust, Weaving new Wonders, We intend to be Fore-Crones of Gnostic Nag-Nations. As Dreamers we glimpse our sidereal cities that gleam in the heavens like Stars of the Sea. They call us always, now, to Be.”

— Mary Daly, Pure Lust

goddesses travelling the sea

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6 Responses to Little Rad finds her way home

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  2. boomernumber8 says:

    A very good article and I love your point of view. I was forwarded to your blog from the website ‘the wise woman speaks.’ As someone who has only been introduced to mainstream male feminism of jezebel, feministing and the liberals who believe that a pregnant woman should have to do an equal amount of financial assistance and home chores with a man, while being pregnant is just absurd, that is why I initially refused feminism, and saw it as something that harmed women. But when does a man get to carry a baby and suffer the health consequences of such a bodily trauma?
    Because to me these women seemed as dupes who were willing to pay for dates and give men free sex and supposedly call it liberation. To me that’s pure slavery and ignorance. But then I began reading the feminist writingslike de Beauvoir and I kept asking myself why are these mainstream feminists like Valenti/Jezebel/Feministing promote such false views of feminism; celebrity culture, sex culture, mainstream nonsense and inarticulate conversations that lack any intelligence.
    I asked where are the ‘real feminists’? ‘the wise woman speaks’ was probably the most intellectual and a ‘real feminist’ that I had a chance of actually reading, that was not dead like Dworkin. Modern mainstream feminism is a sham that actually panders a lot of the same points that MRA’s love. I am glad I am discovering more like minded sisters.

  3. Hi there!
    Yeah, male-stream feminism is fauxminism. It’s patriarchy in woman-face. Glad your finding your way to the Background.

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  5. DeutschundMusik says:

    This post touched me. I was reminded how precious my current freedom is, and came into remembering suddenly that I was getting drawn back in to an energy sinkhole. Constant vigilance in intuiting that the man you are trying to work with on some “harmelss” need or project, is actually trying to latch like a leech onto you, is needed. It is amazing how they can feel your freedom, your ampleness, your preciousness. They swarm onto you if you are not well hidden or guarded. Please all, look at the men in your life. What are they taking from you? Are you receiving respect and fair dealing in return? If not, you have the power to run, if you live in the western world. If you do not, please find a western association that can help you escape. You can escape even in Afghanistan. You can run and hide, and later, live freely.

  6. Utopia Bold says:

    Wow! Great article! Being drawn back into being an “activist” in an arena owned and controlled by men, reminds me of something Sonia Johnson wrote. Roe vs Wade when women got the legal right to abortion was a tactic used by men to get us back under control of their laws, instead of relying on the Jane movement to privately provide abortion to women in private. We can see how Roe vs Wade is being eroded.

    It’s time for women to TAKE back our reproductive rights!
    (Women’s Personhood)

    Learn and teach MENSTRUAL EXTRACTION

    Please post and share this with at least 3 women and it will go viral!
    In this time of backlash against women’s reproductive rights, it’s necessary for women to reclaim our ability to control our own bodies without having to ask permission in governmental and religious arenas controlled by men!

    Menstrual extraction (ME) is a process by which menstrual blood is gently removed from the uterus using an airtight, hand-operated suction device for low-risk early abortions (up to 7 weeks) without anesthetics and a greatly decreased risk of infection. Menstrual extraction removes the fertilized egg soon after the first missed period and prevents the need for late-term abortions.
    ME is often an outpatient procedure, sometimes performed in the woman’s home by a trained medical professional and a self-help group of the woman’s trusted friends who have been trained to perform ME. Most women said it’s far more comfortable and less painful than standard abortion procedure.

    The most common device used is called a Del-Em which was invented in 1971 by Lorraine Rothman. The cannula is inserted into the uterus through the undilated cervix. A syringe, with a one-way bypass valve prevents air from entering the uterus, which can be fatal. It creates the suction necessary to evacuate the interior of the uterus. The woman operates the hand pump. The material collects in an airtight glass jar. In a very few cases, a second extraction process must be performed if the abortion was not completed the first time.

    ME should never be attempted alone.

    Materials used to construct a Del-Em device are easily obtainable through a laboratory or chemistry scientific catalogue or are common items (a jar, aquarium tubing, etc)

    Resources Sister Zeus’ site is a HUGE resource for women’s reproductive rights and health issues. To find a self-help group of women trained to safely do ME, Sister Zeus suggests checking with midwives, feminist health centers, fertility counselors and local feminists. Finding a self-help group is difficult since ME is barely legal since ME can be used when not pregnant. Groups may be found by word of mouth
    Sister Zeus will help you find women in your area to start a self-help group and learn safe ME.
    Email: All information kept confidential.

    •A woman’s Book of Choices, Abortion, Menstrual Extraction RU-486 by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer. “There is power in these pages, more power than any law can give us,” said Barbara Ehrenreich. It includes a list of books about abortion herbs (Misuse of herbs can be dangerous so always consult a sympathetic midwife-herbalist), how to safely perform ME, (safe up to 7 weeks into pregnancy) and how to make a Del-Em device from cheap common items.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! There are three mistakes (on pages 116, 142 and 241) that say “TWO way bypass valve” As can be seen on the diagram on p 143, it’s a ONE way bypass valve)!

    •A New View of a Woman’s Body by the Federation of Feminist Women’s health Centers. It’s difficult to find but full of high-quality information to help you understand your body. Contains information Sister Zeus found nowhere else. •A Difficult Decision-A compassionate Book About Abortion by Joy Gardener

    • Planned Parenthood Ph: 1-800-230-PLAN
    Birth control can stabilize the human population on our overburdened planet and help save Nature from being overrun by humanity.• The population increased more since 1950 than during the previous four million years. Decreasing food supplies indicate Earth’s ability to feed humanity began diminishing in 1994. (WorldWatch Institute). • Ninety million babies are born each year. The UN Population Foundation found that 80 million births are either ill timed or unintended.

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