Enough with this shit, let’s hex those fuckers!

“If you can’t hex, you can’t bless!”

Tomorrow, wednesday, may 14th, the full moon will be conjunct saturn in scorpio. this means that the crone aspect of the Goddess will be felt very strongly during this full moon. saturn is linked to Mother Holle, the setter of limits and boundaries, while pluto is linked to Medusa, the goddess of transformation, the Queen of the Underworld. Medusa, incidentally, is Athena’s shadow image. Athena, best known as the twice-born patriarchal handmaiden, is actually the Goddess of Justice.

this planetary alignment is the perfect cosmic setting for working some witchcraft to help the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram several weeks ago. It’s time to hex those rapist assholes. enough is enough.

So I am hereby calling on all feminist witches out there to join me and my sisterwitches tomorrow, on the full moon, for a spell to specifically help those girls, and indeed all women and girls currently held hostage by men, to help each other, get help by other women, and escape their torturers! may the powers of nature, the elements and animals, the spirits and circumstance all work for and with them to help them escape!

At the same time, we are going to hex the Boko Haram men, and indeed all men who are hurting women or have hurt women in the past. May their strength dwindle,  may their rape tools stop working, may they be out of luck, may they catch themselves up and lose their power to hurt and control women and girls now and forever!

I know hexing is seen as black magic by some. however, desperate times call for desperate measures. we all live as captives, slaves and hostages of men, and we get abused, raped and exploited without there being any protection and very rarely, justice. i see hexing as self-defense. and in the case of the rapist scum that kidnapped several hundred girls (probably not for the first time) to sell them into prostitution or “marriage”, in other words, into sexual slavery, i think a hex is very much called for.

This is what Ava, one of the witches of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One has to say about  hex spells (source):

“Self-defense must be energetic as well as physical, and true protection must be held concomitantly in the Unseen World, as well as the Seen. How long will we tolerate the intolerable crimes against women? We women speak “peace and love,” yet the crimes continue. We must speak “peace and love” AND hold magical energetic knowing and protections. Maintaining healthy boundaries, saying ‘Stop … now!’ is not unspiritual; to the contrary, we are of the Goddess, we are surely Her precious Priestesses — and holding ourselves as valuable enough to do this is one of the most spiritually mature actions we women can take — must take. There is great power in grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters coming together to claim this for women everywhere.”

if you want some inspiration, here is an article by Z Budapest in which she describes a hex spell she did on some rapist mutants who tortured a lesbian woman in San Francisco. and this description of hexing spells is taken from Z’s Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

please make sure to protect yourselves when you work such magic. you should probably not try this if you are completely unexperienced in magic work. make sure to purify (let go of immediate anger), ground, draw a circle and work a protection spell for yourself and your sisterwitches before you start with the hex spell.

I have decided to invoke the following Goddesses to work with on this occasion. I am including some images of these Goddesses i found on the internet. you can print them out and put them on your altar. some of these are European Goddesses, but since these girls are in Africa, it is of utmost importance to invoke and honour the appropriate African Goddesses as well. they are local, they can help these girls best. of course, depending on where you are, you can invoke your own Goddesses to help, especially since the magic we are working is intended for all women and girls, to help them escape their torturers. Get creative!

mother holle

Mother Holle/Percht: Nordic Goddess of boundaries and consequences/death, protectress of women and children from violent men



Hecate: Greek Goddess of the earth, sea and sky, Goddess of Fate, Goddess of the witches


V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Kali: Indian Warrior Goddess, destroyer of men



Inna: Nigerian Goddess of protection and justice



Ala: West African Goddess of cleansing and death



Oya: Yoruba Goddess of storms and protectress of women

Let’s bring to fruition what was started between the lunar and the solar eclipse/new moon last month, and join spiritual forces to fight back against Homo Rapiens, the human male, parasite and enslaver of women. let’s call forth Lilith, the wild female, the one who will not stand for her own subjugation and abuse or that of her sisters anymore! enough with the timidness, enough of this forgiveness and turning-the-other-cheek! enough already! it’s strike back time – witches’-style!

so mote it be.

Lilith in stone


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12 Responses to Enough with this shit, let’s hex those fuckers!

  1. wwomenwwarriors says:

    Reblogged this on when women were warriors and commented:
    Join us tomorrow sisters!

    Blessed be!

  2. How can I help? I don’t have any experience but I am very connected to the Earth and her daughters. Can I use this to support you and the others?

  3. Hi!
    Maybe if you just use your connection to Earth to send energy and love to those girls, think about them a lot in the next few days, while our in nature, if you can.

  4. Bitcharella says:

    I’ll be invoking the Goddess in her Crone form, Nocticula Hecate, to bring her avenging *justice* down on these men. I don’t invoke dark magic because it’s not for me to judge…but I will ask Hecate to help bring justice for the victims. Let their abusers suffer 3-fold what they have done. In the name of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone–so mote it be!

  5. Deb says:

    I will be standing in ritual with you! Full Moon, hexing the rapists and kidnappers, all males! Let the hexing begin! Thank you for this post! Blessed be!

  6. druidwinter says:

    Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:

  7. Penthesilea Greenleaf says:

    I’m in!!!

  8. wwomenwwarriors says:

    Done. 😉 Will carry on through the waning moon. ❤ Blessed be sisterwitches around the world.

  9. Reblogged this on The Wise Woman Speaks and commented:
    Tonight’s the night!

    Santa Muerte always delivers. Light a black candle to her, offer her some coffee or tobacco, invoke the spirit, then make your petition.

  10. I’m not a witch anymore but I do have that connection. I will be putting my energy into punishing severely the men who harm women and also healing to the women who are hurt by men.

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