Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace Chapter Two

These are my notes/thoughts on the second chapter. Chapter One is here.

Chapter 2: Beyond Hopelessness: Extra-ordinary Triviality

So following from her analysis of the state of the world and Radical Elemental consciousness as looking rather bleak if looking at it and thinking about it from a foreground perspective, Mary then asks what if we looked at the problem in “Extra-ordinary Background Ways?”
She defines Extra-ordinary as “very ordinary, Super-naturally ordinary, commonplace. Example: Trivia.

Trivia (from lat. trivium) literally means “three ways,” in other words, the crossing of three roads. The Wickedary (1987) defines Trivia as:

Name of the Triple Goddess, who is commonly encountered at crossroads; Name which conveys the commonplace character of meetings with the Goddess; Name which raises Counterclock Whys, countering the classic patriarchal hierarchical reversal, supposition that sacredness and great value imply scarcity and secrecy, i.e. “mystery.”

So if we adopt an Extra-ordinary view on things, in other words, if we develop Goddess consciousness within ourselves, we will realize (Real/eyes, really see) that we can encounter the Goddess in the most trival circumstances, i.e. everywhere. This reminds me of my experience of being on the Land. I felt her there constantly, in how you were always in the right place at the right time, how if you needed somebody or something, the right woman/women showed up in the perfect moment to give it to you, how every single most mundane thing, walking on the path, sitting on the grass, smiling at a woman, felt magical and so full of potential for magical things to happen. There, Goddess was everywhere, just waiting for you to open your channels and let her work through you.
You don’t have to go to church or join some fancy secret club to experience the divine, on the contrary, Goddess is abundance, not scarcity, she is a holistic, all-pervading consciousness, not something secret, hidden for the few worthy or chosen to experience only.

So here we are, at the crossroads of our human existence on this planet. Patriarchy is going down. Unfortunately, men are trying to take all the rest of life on Earth with them. But on the other hand it is exactly this all-pervading destruction they have brought down on all of life that is now taking them and their superstructure(s) out. Which way are we going to go? (And by “we” I mean Amazon Women.) Keep wasting our energy on patriarchal institutions (work, social systems, patriarchal living space), trying to live within patriarchy until it kills us? Resist, fight against it, trying to hold it at bay? Or run off into the fucking woods? It is exactly here, at the crossroads, that we are likely to encounter the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone) because where 3 paths converge different planes of reality, different realities, merge. This is the place of Natural visions and happenings. This is the place where magic is afoot. Fittingly,  the aspect of Goddess that is commonly associated with crossroads is Hecate, Goddess of the Witches.


It is in “trivial” circumstances, when we meet in sacred (radical) women’s space, when we focus on Elemental reality that we are most likely to feel the original importance and significance of our be-ing, our connections, our interactions. And it is in these circumstances that Hope can arise, as Mary calls it “Realizing Hope,” that is, Hope that makes real, brings into existence. And what it is that can brought from potentiality to actuality here? It is our Real Presence, that is, “Female Elemental participation in Powers of Be-ing, which implies Realizing as Present our past and future Selves.” This relates again to the web of unseen connectedness that she mentions in the first chapter. We are not separated by time and space, we can actually interact and communicate with our past and future Selves (and other past and future Selves). Sounds nutty? Let me relate a story that exemplifies this.

Recently (actually on the day of the new moon/solar eclipse two weeks ago) a sisterwitch and I read the tarot to get some clues about the potential this eclipse season holds. Among other cards we both drew a card each for how we can personally use the energies of the ecplipses best. My card was the Two of Wands.

two of wands

This card is described as depicting “a visit from an ancestor-figure who brings a vision or message concerning the way to make fire.” (from Vicky Noble’s Motherpeace. A way to the Goddess through myth, art and tarot, 1983). The suit of Wands in tarot is connected to the element of fire (and to the fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagitarius; the first 3 cards of Wands are connected to Aries; I am an Aries), and corresponds to the life force, spirit, vitality, will, getting what one wants. So this card points to me communicating with my past/future Self and possibly Other past/future Selves (Foresisters of the Archaic Past/Future).

My horoscope last week, when the current Mercury Retrograde started, said that similar themes to those of the last Mercury Rx between January and March 2015 are coming up, so it would be a good idea to revisit what was going on at that time. So I looked up my journal from around that time and did indeed find that I was dealing with similar themes back then as now: Balance of health and work, re-arranging my living space so that it serves my needs, de-cluttering physical space as well as releasing energetic patterns that are no longer useful. And so I was able to learn from my past Self on this. I was able to take my own advice, go on nature walks after work, do restorative yoga etc, all of which I implemented at the beginning of the year but which sort of got lost again in the meantime. I read in my journal that I went to work one day even though it was the second day of my period (which is the day of the strongest blood flow) and nearly had a nervous breakdown at work because I just couldn’t deal with the patriarchal bullshit of it. I wrote, back in February, that I should just stay home when I’m not feeling up to it.
So this time around, I did stay at home.  I haven’t gone to work for 2 days now, instead I focussed on writing, de-cluttering, re-arranging my room again (to make more space for yoga practice) and in general preparing for the full moon/lunar eclipse this weekend.
It really feels like I am growing with the help of my past Self.

Another example of communicating with my past Self is actually this series of posts. If I hadn’t written the summary/notes on each chapter of Amazon Grace back when I first read it, I doubt I would have started writing this series of posts. This is actually a collaboration of me with mySelf (and of course Mary Daly, who is herSelf a Foresister of the Past).

To men and patriarchal women, reading the tarot and basing one’s life decisions on it would obviously look very trivial and nutty, which is exactly Mary’s point. But us Witchy Women know that we aren’t crazy, we are actually interacting with Goddess (“Be-ing”) and thereby shaping/co-creating reality. And it’s not only past/future Selves that we can interact with/intuit as Present, it is Other Past and Future Elemental realities too. What does that mean? Again, let me give you an example.
I live in a really big city, lots of concrete, electro smog, pollution, noise (in other words, a lot of patriarchy). There is a green area (gardens, trees, meadow) close to where I live, it’s about a 5 minutes’ walk to get there. However, in order to get there, I have to cross a major street and then a bridge across the urban motorway. The fact that I have to cross there often actually prevents me from going into the green space (which is one of the intentions behind cutting through nature with highways and such) because I can’t deal with the energetic pollution of it, especially on days when I most need to be out in nature.
Anyway, it has happened to me at times when I consciously tried to be Present (and not in my head) that I suddenly had a vision of the forest that used to be there where the highway and even the tamed landscape of the gardens and the meadows are now. It feels like a ghost forest to me, high trees, the sweet smell of the woods, the sacred atmosphere of untouched healthy nature. And then I realize that the energetic memory of the way the planet wants to be, i.e. covered in trees, is still there, albeit weak. And even if we usually can’t feel it. But it is there. The energy of the forest is there and sometimes I can access it. It’s an energy field that derives its power from the fact that the planet was covered in trees for a much much longer time than men’s roads and concrete. I think this is what Mary means when she speaks of Other Elemental realities that we can fathom when we dare to Hope because the unseen connection between temporally and spacially “separated” realities is real and intact. Obviously, it is very difficult to speak about these things in foreground terms. So instead, we need to Be-Think and Be-Speak, that is, think and speak these Other realities into be-ing.
Be-Thinking, as defined in the Wickedary, means:

Re-membering the Original Self; Re-calling Original Questions; thinking the way ever deeper into the Wilderness, the Background.

Be-Speaking means:

1. Auguring, foretelling, Speaking of what will be 2. bringing about a psychic and/or material change by means of words; speaking into be-ing.

Yes, I remember the Original Self of the Elemental world that surrounds me, even if men have slashed it and changed it’s face almost beyond recognition. And by writing about my experience of this, I am changing (hopefully) my readers’ psychic structure. So that next time you come across a piece of land that is patriarchally altered to make it almost unbearable, maybe you’ll wonder what the Original Self of that area looks like. And maybe you’ll be able to feel it, too.

This experience of Transtemporal/Trans-spatial connectedness is related to mophogenetic fields. These are energy fields that are built up through the accumulated behaviours of species members. For example, if enough species members have learned a certain skill, it then becomes much easier for others to learn that skill. Maybe you have heard of the 100th monkey theory, which says the same thing if I remember correctly.
Obviously, the accumulated behaviours (and thoughts and energy projections of all kinds) of men in the past 6000 or so years have built a pretty strong morphogenetic field of evil which is why men/patriarchy are escalating now. Misogyny is in the air, and “species members” are finding it much easier to learn how to degrade and hate women and all life on Earth. However, this goes in both directions, and let’s not forget that biophilic life forms of past, present and future are the majority and have built a much stronger force field than men. Morphogenetic (lit. form-creating) fields contain a cumulative memory of similar energy, which by way of morphic resonance, can pass through time and space.

I think the Land has such a morphogenetic field, which is why the Land brought out the best in all of us; it was easy to be woman-loving there, open-hearted and sisterly because of the strong energetic memory of such behaviours, thoughts and other energy projections that women have built up there over the past 40 years! I felt the energy of all the women who had ever walked the paths, chanted in the healing circles, loved one another there and it allowed me to easily learn how to be Amazon there. It was as if certain knowledge and skills were just downloaded into my consciousness. I wonder if others had a similar experience?

After explaining about morphogenetic fields, Mary closes the chapter by arguing that we can Laugh at the backlash (in addition to justifiably Weeping, Raging, and Acting against it) because of our Hope that arises when we get together in trivial circumstances and bring into actuality the potential of our co-creating Universal Harmony. We are not alone in this because we have a strong morphogenetic field, built up since the times of our Archaic (matriarchal) Past and especially since the 1970s. This field is Here with us Now and when we combine our individual and collective Gynergy with its energy then we can all learn skills like writing, organizing, making music, and even Creative Courage very easily. We can access the forms in the field, in other words, all the forms of women’s creative powers that have accumulated in there. And since the system in which these fields exist, the Universe, is so much larger than peeny patriarchy, it can even use oppressive situations to our advantage and to help us develop the X-factor, our Wild inner spirit of life-force.

Even though men cannot understand any of this, they try to prevent us from accessing our collective power-from-within through these morphogenetic fields, which is the real reason why they are forcing us to close our bookstores, our women’s spaces, why the men in dress-brigade are so bent on invading every last corner of women’s space. They want to block our access to our power, sensing that this is how they keep us from becoming too powerful. They need to because they are ontologically impotent, that is, they cannot create out of themselves, they can only usurp, compromise, manipulale our creations. They cannot generate Gynergy, they can only steal and re-direct ours.

And this really is why we can laugh at them and just combine our Gynergy with the Archaic Forms/Ideas in the morphogenetic field in different ways. I envision this process somewhat like a flock of birds in formation. When a bird of prey attacks the flock they just change formation, letting the hunter grasp thin air, and then recombine in a different formation again, and again.

How do we do this? By Be-Laughing, which is

expression of Elemental humour, carrying Lusty Laughters into the Background: ontological Laughing; be-ing Silly together; Laughing that cracks man-made pseudy-reality; Laughing that breaks the Terrible Taboo, Touching the spirits of women, enlivening auras, awakening Hope.

By be-ing Silly together we acknowledge to each Other than we, too, can See, Know, Sense the unseen connections behind the scenes of foreground pseudo-reality. This kind of laughter is like an eruption in our Amazon consciousness, a breaking through to the Other side. As Mary phrases it:

Be-Laughing Women Crack Up as we crack the limitations and boundaries of the foreground world. Instead of feeling like isolated particles lost in the loneliness of space, Spinsters and Weavers find ourSelves Spiraling in vibrating Space that is filled with cosmic connections that are crying out to us to Realize them Now.

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7 Responses to Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace Chapter Two

  1. An example of Be-Laughing from my own experience happened a few days ago actually. Both me and my roomie are currently sick. A few days ago I was cooking something and she comes in and says: “As far as I can smell though my congested ears, this is really good.”
    We both cracked up so much because of the thought of her smelling through her ears. At the time I didn’t even understand what was so funny, it just was, we couldn’t stop laughing. But now i think it’s because naturally/super-naturally women have the ability to experience reality synaesthetically, i.e. smell with our ears, see sounds, feel what we see, etc. And somehow for a moment we cracked men’s pseudo-reality in which one can only smell with their nose, and hear with the ears. It was a thoroughly enlivening experience.

  2. Another thought: how different women’s Be-Laughing is from men’s laughter. Everytime I see/hear boys or men in small groups or even just in twos laughing it gives me the creeps. I always think they are looking at porn or other degrading stuff and laughing about it. Men laugh at someone else’s expense. Women laugh into be-ing.

  3. nuclearnight says:

    I often find myself imagining what the concrete jungles I find myself in would have looked like if left alone by men. When this happens I can feel myself step into the spaces, sometimes even hearing the sounds they make. These experiences are a reason for hope that the natural grid can be so easily accessed and still longs to make its presence felt upon the earth.

  4. This is very inspiring, thank you. I have been neglecting nature lately, I think I’m ready to really be with her again.

  5. Terhi says:

    “Everytime I see/hear boys or men in small groups or even just in twos laughing it gives me the creeps. I always think they are looking at porn or other degrading stuff and laughing about it.”

    Given a recent report in a local newspaper that men and boys jack off to more porn today than ever before — this now even applying to very young prepubescent boys, we learn therein — your intuition may be more accurate than one might even suppose on a first glance.

  6. Orlando says:

    (Here’s the comment I tried to leave on 15 Nov.)
    Wow… I am just beginning to read my first Mary Daly book now (Gyn/Ecology) and I am eager to read the rest of her books, based on what you’ve posted, as it sounds like she gets into real depth with the realm of thought I’ve been lead to by the Divine: the evolution of language to create a new reality.

    It’s definitely been my experience, too, that “trivial” things contain loads of useful meanings that we are all trained by patriarchy to ignore. I’ve been trying out the I Ching over the past few months as a way of allowing the Divine to speak to me in words, and found it to be shockingly accurate to the tune of giving me the hexagram explicitly linked to October, in October, among other happenings. A more negative instance of “triviality” was when I was in an antique store recently and happened to pick up a leather belt. I immediately got an “impression” of terror and misery and the strong notion that children had been beaten with that belt. It was the first time such a thing had happened to me and it was very disturbing. But I think you explained it with the idea of morphogenetic fields – I was picking up on the strong (negative) energy that had once been associated with the object.

    I really wish I hadn’t missed out on MichFest. Your description of everyone being ‘in flow’ is really wonderful. I’ve never been in a place where so many in-tune womyn were gathered all together and I can only imagine how powerfully the Source would be able to work in such a context, softly guiding each womon to just where she needs to be in any given moment. I hope there will be some form of replacement for MichFest.

    The whole past and future selves thing is something I’ve been pondering a lot lately, too. How can we begin to break down the artificial space/time barrier to allow Spacetime to flourish? Linear time (space/time) is only an illusion, but I’m not sure if we’re evolved enough to handle real Spacetime just yet, in which “past”, present, and “future” interact directly.

    As for this:
    “Which way are we going to go? (And by “we” I mean Amazon Women.) Keep wasting our energy on patriarchal institutions (work, social systems, patriarchal living space), trying to live within patriarchy until it kills us? Resist, fight against it, trying to hold it at bay? Or run off into the fucking woods?”
    I’m leaning towards running off into the woods!

    Anyway… long enough essay. I just love reading your writing. Signing out for now.

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