Realizing The Courage to Hear, Name and Create Nemesis – Amazon Grace Chapter 4


Hello sisters, my sisters! I’m back after a long pause..lots of life-changing things happened in the meantime..resulting in almost completely changed life-situations for me…and all for the better! Personally that is; not so much for the world..So, Drumpf is to be the next POTUS. A lot of us are still in shock I think.. not that I’m much surprised. I have been suspecting he would win for a while. Just because he is the perfect figure-head for patriarchy in all it’s evilness. Narcissistic, sociopathic, misogynist, racist and all the rest of it. Even his name.. If this was a dystopian movie and someone had to invent him, this is what he would look like, what his character would be like and what he would be called. Seriously. And since I view foreground reality as a manifestation of the consequences of men’s collective nihilism and evil, as soon as he appeared on the election stage something clicked for me. He is the embodied consciousness of capitalist patriarchy right now and so, according to universal law/ Law of attraction…you know the rest.
Anyway, with the last few days’ events, so many thoughts are bubbling up in my consciousness that I’m feeling galvanized to carry on with my ongoing project of writings on Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace. Not sure exactly why I’m feeling compelled to write about her book. But to let you in on a hunch of mine: I think the book is basically a handbook on how to navigate the dying days of patriarchy and get out of it, jumping into the Background. So in distilling the messages from each chapter, I’m hoping to decode her final message to us before she died (the book was published in 2006, she died in 2010).

So, here goes. My thoughts on the previous chapters herehere and here.

Chapter 4 is called “Realizing The Courage to Hear, Name and Create Nemesis.”

She starts of by talking about women’s spiritual powers of Hearing and Naming which have been stolen from us. Anyone who knows about transgenderism and the attempts of transactivists to redefine language in a way to make “female” include males and what happens when women refuse this reframing of femaleness knows what it means to have the power of naming stolen from us. But in order to be able to Name our reality we need other women to Hear us, i.e. to listen in a way that opens and holds space for us to go deep and let our spirits speak. When we do this for and with each other, we can “Hear Forth a New Semantic Field – a context in which the bullies’ Biggest Lies are cracked open – and Everything Changes.”

Anyone who followed the campaigns leading up to the presidential election has heard these Biggest Lies. The way words are used, words like “make America great again” or “stronger together” where you just know that these words are just empty shells. Like when Ronald the Donald spoke of “healing America’s wounds” or something in his first speech after he was elected. You just KNOW you’re being lied to, that the way these words (strong, together, great, heal) are used have nothing to do with how you would use these words..anyway, I think you get the picture.

At this point in the chapter, Mary is visited by the ghost of Matilda Jocelyn Gage who reads a few passages from her book Women, Church and State and also points to a poster on Mary’s wall that reads Nemesis. When she disappears, Mary is certain that her message is this: “It’s Time for women to become en-Gaged!”

Yes, it’s time to get engaged, involved, but in what way?

At the very core of Elemental Feminist Genius is power to transform the imposed state of isolation and fragmentation into Magnetic Expanding Presence. Each dispersed participator in such Genius can Magnetize Others, who, of course, are Magnetizing her.

This is the Power most feared by phallocrats, whose aim it is to destroy Elemental life. For this reason they perpectually lie. They try to erase, convert, maim, dismember, and assimilate all women and especially all who are bearers of Radical Elemental consciousness. When women Realize our own Genius, the necrophiliac sir nothings will shrivel into the nothingness which is their self-made identity.

So, in other words, we need community in order to “Hear each Other Deeply,” so that the patriarchal babble loses it’s grip on us and instead we are able to “exercise our Truly Transformative Powers of Naming Background Reality.” And through these communal acts we energize ourselves and each other with Gynergy which in turn allows us to Leap with Amazon Grace.

This is the epitome of patriarchy, the peak of prickery, beyong and outside of which Lusty Leaping can really happen. Indeed, it appears that the only way Out Now is by taking such Leaps.

I don’t know about you but I want OUT. According to Mary, one way to break through men’s pseudoreality is to Laugh about it. Laughing about it in a way that shows that we see, we understand what’s going on, and we reject it, is an expression of Deep Knowing and the Naming of reality – a manifestation of “the Weird Wisdom of Wild Women.”

The thrusting throng of thugs/patriarchs lunge and push ahead with their project – the penetration, mangling, and murder of the planet and all life; this entails shoving women and all ecosystems off balance. WE MUST ACQUIRE THE COURAGE TO SEE THIS AND TO LIVE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.

That’s right, she wrote this in caps. And yes, shoving women and ecoystems off balance? All you need to do is look at what’s happening at Standing Rock to see this currently played out in real life.

So, she asks, what is holding us back? Denial and reversal are such mechanisms that keep us locked in a state of paralysis. For example preventing us from Hearing and Naming the reality of climate change with it’s accompanying phenomena of draughts, floodings, storms, etc. Most importantly, we are prevented from connecting the dots between such phenomena. This in turn prevents us from understanding our own feelings of depression, despair, horror etc and we subsequently suppress them, instead shopping obsessively or whatever. But how do we keep from losing hope in the face of all this?

Still there is the continued Reality of Realizing Hope. Hopeful Wild Women Relaize Our Real Presence. This is our Presence to Our Selves and to each Other. It is Female Elemental participation in Powers of Be-ing. When we Realize this we are Weaving and Re-Weaving the fabric of unseen connectedness.

Steadily – as well as by Leaps and Bounds – we can continue to build up morphogenetic fields, making possible Quantum Leaps over the walls of the prisons which are patriarchy’s religions, professions, ideologies, sciences, technologies, politics, great art, nightly news, etc.

I don’t exactly know where that would lead us, I mean, where is there to go, right? But just reading these words, something starts resonating deep inside me. I know she is on to something, I just can’t picture yet, where we would Leap to?
In any case though, since the title of the chapter references Nemesis, here is how Nemesis is defined in the Wickedary:

1: Virtue beyond justice, acquired by Inspired Acts of Righteous Fury: Virtue enabling Seers to unblindfold captive Justice 2: participation in the powers of the Goddess Nemesis; Elemental disruption of the patriarchal balance of terror; Passionate Spinning/Spiraling of Archaic theads of Gynergy

So let’s get furious, let’s get furious together, let’s Hear each other and Name reality, let’s disrupt patriarchy’s terrible checks and balances, let’s couragiously see what is wrong and how, in Our World, it should be righted. And if it feels like we lack the courage to do so, let’s invoke Nemesis, the arch-enemy of patriarchy, to guide us.

So mote it be! Blessed be.


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5 Responses to Realizing The Courage to Hear, Name and Create Nemesis – Amazon Grace Chapter 4

  1. Orlando says:

    I’ve been strongly feeling the need to abandon artificial reality/men’s world over the past several months since going to WoLF Fest. I did a two week road trip to get there and back, and driving through seemingly endless, vast stretches of untamed/unenslaved wilderness really made it hit home hard for me just how sad and small and fake men’s world is. They attempt to imitate Mother Earth’s grandeur by erecting their phallic skyscrapers, but no manmade object could ever embody the fierce, pulsing life force of the natural world. The hills and mountains were like the breasts and hips of Earth, the grasses, plants, trees, flowers were her body hair. Raging rivers and the endless ocean tide are her bloodstream and heartbeat. It was all so intensely real to me, and seeing little hideous outcroppings of malemade things was jarring, like some angry child had scribbled with a marker over a beautiful painting. Everything they’ve made is so extremely alien and artificial and biophobic. I’ll never be able to see it the same way again. Manmade cities and buildings look just like festering wounds or scaly parasites to me now. I’m so glad I woke up to this.

    This turned into an essay, but your post really resonated with my recent experiences! I think this is a major part of how womyn need to wake up: we need to be able to see and feel the artificiality and sickening, deadening effect of our manmade prisons (houses, office buildings, cities, streets, cars, factories, museums, etc, etc). They close us into tiny coffin-like boxes to make us forget the smell of clean, fresh air, the taste of plants and animals (rather than manmade artificial “food”), the feeling of gentle, giving earth beneath our feet, and all of the other wonders of our Mother that call to us. Just being outside, in nature, for an extended period is so healing and awakening. That’s one reason why homelessness is taboo: living outside creates dangerous ideas (“why do we need all this shit?”). I felt so free and energised after living out of my car for two weeks, and I think much of that was just that I was breathing fresh air almost constantly, instead of stale building air full of toxic chemicals (not to mention the lack of useless possessions to weigh me down). I think we need to become mobile and nomadic again, to help us gain back this energy we lose inside our manmade prisons.

  2. Hi Orlando! That sounds amazing! I so wish I could have gone to WoLF fest…am really tempted to go next year even though it’s a huge financial investment for me to get there.. would love to meet you too! 🙂
    and yes to everything you wrote..mens world sucks. And it’s falling – I think we won’t have much of a choice but to become more nomadic again soon… and go search for our Home. Lost and Found Continent, Mary Daly calls it.. I can feel the earth starting to shake under our feet.. so many thoughts….

  3. Orlando says:

    Alexis, I would love to meet you, as well. 🙂 Your posts are always thought-provoking. Perhaps you could get in touch with the attendees of WoLF Fest on Facebook; I bet a bunch of womyn would be willing to chip in a few dollars to help you get a ticket (I certainly would!). I can link you to the group, if you like.

    I agree, everything seems to be crumbling in slow-motion. I got into a conversation with an older womon at the fest and she said she and her friends believe that the balance of power is going to flip sometime fairly soon, and womyn will rule. I wanted to pick her brain more about it, as I’ve been hearing a number of people musing about this same idea (even men!). Men just seem to be degrading pretty intensely. What an exciting/terrifying time to live in…!

  4. thank you Orlando!
    It’s not so much the ticket as the whole cost for such a trip as I’m in a different country… I am tempted, but probably won’t make it until the year after next. :/
    I sure hoe that something will happen that, together with women’s awakening consciousness will put an end to this horrific destruction.
    I am quite pessimisitc about it and think most humans will not survive what is oming our way. I might not survive. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try!!
    Something major will definitely happen in the next few years..I can feel it coming.

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