Invoking Nemesis

Writing about Nemesis yesterday brought thoughts back to the forefront of my mind that I have had for a while regarding what New-Agers call the “divine feminine” and the “divine masculine.” A lot of spirituality that het women are involved in these days proclaims that what is needed to “heal the planet” is to balance the “divine feminine and masculine.”

Needless to say, as a Dianic i.e. radical feminist witch, I vehemently disagree with this notion. In fact, I think that what they are proclaiming has nothing to do with Goddess, and everything to do with patriarchy. As far as I understand, according to this line of thought, humanity and by extension the whole planet is in the horrific condition we are in due to a disbalance between “masculine” and “feminine” energies. More precisely, there is too much “masculine” energy, it’s too dominant, and so we need more “feminine” energy to counter balance, and then, ying/yang style, the whole will be in equilibrium again.

Another version of the same line of thought is that humanity is suffering from “toxic masculinity,” and what is needed is to re-awaken the “divine masculine”, so that the “divine feminine” and “divine masculine” can unite in their “sacred marriage” and bring everything back into balance.

I have several issues with these views, so many in fact that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I hate the terms “femininity” and “masculinity.” While female and male refer to the biological reality of having either female or male reproductive organs, femininity and masculinity denote the sex roles, sex role expectations, i.e. the behaviours, attitudes, traits and abilities that patriarchy associates with being female or male, with “masculine” characteristics being superior to “feminine” characteristics (strong vs. weak, rational vs. emotional, active vs. passive etc.). Now, patriarchy wants us to believe that women are naturally feminine, that femininity follows naturally from femaleness. In other words, that gender and sex are the same. On this point, conservative patriarchs and queer men actually agree (though they don’t recognize this). But while appollonian patriarchy (conservative men) want to pretend gender doesn’t exist (“women are naturally weaker than men, submissive, childish, vain, i.e. feminine”), dionysian men (“progressives”/queers) want to pretend that biological sex, i.e. femaleness doesn’t exist while femininity is real and inherent (so-called “gender identity”). In any case, both groups of men try to convince us that women are naturally feminine. Of course, this is bullshit. Femaleness has nothing to do with femininity. Women and girls are not naturally heterosexual, weak, submissive, irrational, or have the urge to spend vast amounts of time and money in order to appear as if we had no body hair, plastering our faces with make-up or having long luscious hair. We do not naturally prefer to wear painful high heeled shoes or clothes we cannot comfortably move in and /or which exposes our bodies. Rather:

Women are required to practice femininity in order to create sexual difference / deference. But the difference is one of power, and femininity is the behaviour required of the subordinate class of women, in order to show their deference to the ruling class of men (Sheila Jeffreys, Beauty and Misogyny).

Femininity are the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of subordination. Masculinity are the behaviours, attitudes and characteristics of domination.

Now, there is some disagreement between radical feminists as to whether or not masculinity is as unnatural to men as femininity is unnatural to women. Some argue that both femininity and masculinity are completely socially “constructed,” i.e. invented and then enforced. Artificial. A different viewpoint is that only women have a “gender.” In other words, only femininity is artificially/socially constructed/invented and then enforced on women, while men’s behaviour is just men’s natural behaviour. Personally, I find the latter view point much more convincing because only women are the subordinate sex caste. It makes sense to me that men as a group force us to behave in a certain way to appease them (and we learn this very early on); but as a group nobody forces men to behave in any way they don’t want to because they rule everything. Nobody forces them to behave in this awful, dominating, violent, necrophilic way other than they themselves. Of course, men police each other and socialize each other into the behaviours of domination by bullying “Beta-males” and calling them female (“pussy,” “fag,” “girl”); in fact, boys typically learn how to be “real men” from their fathers or some other older male; and of course through porn. But: Men invented porn, men invented patriarchy, men invented domination and rape and have handed it down through generations in order to keep men as a group in control for the last 6000+ years.

My point is that this behaviour came out of men themselves, while women’s behaviours of subordination did not originate in us but rather are reactions/survival strategies that we are forced to engage in because we live under male supremacy.

Obviously then, “divine femininity” makes no sense whatsoever.


She has nothing to do with behaviours of submission and deference. Femininity is the outcome of the suppression of our inherent divinity, i.e. it is the opposite of divine. It is entirely man-made (men invented femininity, which is why men are so much better at it than women; a fact that transgender males keep boasting about as if it proved that they are really women or “more of a woman” than us, the actual women). Femininity is entirely patriarchal!

The Goddess has many aspects, she is fierce, gentle, responsive, creative, stern, nurturing, protective, aggressive, detached, playful, joyful, ecstatic, humourous, overwhelming and many other things, none of which are “feminine,” all of which are female.

Women who use the term “divine feminine” either mean “divine female” and are simply not entirely firm on the difference between feminine and female (it can be confusing at first) or they have not woken up from patriarchal mind-bindings and thus have internalized men’s lies about Goddess. Men obviously do not want us to access aspects of Goddess in ourselves that don’t benefit them, so men’s image of Goddess is always one of a young, slim yet voluptious, conventionally attractive, smiling, heterosexual woman who seems thrilled to open her legs to the “enlightened” man (think Venus, Aphrodite). The only Goddess image men want us to have is a heterosexual, feminine goddess of “love.” Divinely feminine, entirely for them. *puke* I mean, seriously, just google “Goddess” and see what comes up.

Now, about the so-called “sacred union” between the “divine feminine” and the “divine masculine,” again, I don’t even know where to start, there is so much wrong with this.

There is nothing divine about masculinity, as, like femininity, it is a tool of patriarchy. There is nothing divine about behaviours of domination, violation, necrophilia and rape. Therefore, the “divine masculine” is an oxymoron. In the same way that “toxic masculinity” is a tautology or however you call it when two things are really the same fucking thing. Masculinity is inherently toxic, there is no non-toxic masculinity because hierarchy, domination etc. are inherently toxic and patriarchal. There is no way to re-claim masculinity or femininity for our project to free Goddess and bring her back to life, because masculinity and femininity are utterly patriarchal and as such as anti-Goddess as you can get! I know I’m repeating myself but I feel it cannot be said often enough.

As to the idea that we need more femininity to balance out the excess of masculinity…it should have become clear by now that femininity and masculinity are really two sides of the same patriarchal coin and do not offer a way out of the demonic patriarchal possession our planet finds herself in. More of the same will not save us, sisters! I mean just imagine this: so we need more submission to balance out men’s domination? Sounds like appeasement to me and we know that that has never worked. Trying to keep men happy will not suddenly make them less oppressive. On the contrary. Being more submissive and giving them even more of our precious Gynergy only means giving our power away to them even more. And we have been doing this for far too long already!!!

What we all need to understand fast is that men’s apparent power is largely the result of them stealing our power. Men cannot generate Gynergy themselves. Gynergy/ female life-force is the essence of everything that sustains life on this planet. Remember how in the Matrix movie (such a reversal, should have been called patrix) humans are stored in containers and their life force is siphoned out of them by the machines while their consciousness is living in a fake reality? This is actually a very apt metaphor for how men suck the life force/Gynergy/shakti out of women, individually and collectively, while keeping us in a state of delusion and denial. Men, individually and collectively, in fact, all of patriarchy, is propped up and kept running by female energy. Think about this for a moment. So, being more feminine, more submissive, more open, more unconditionally loving, more forgiving towards them does not balance out anything! Instead, it amounts to consenting to them taking even more of our precious divinity and using it for their necrophiliac, narcissistic, nihilistic purposes. Don’t fucking do it!!

Which brings me the concept of the “sacred union” between “divine feminine” and “divine masculine.” This, to me, is nothing other than rape. Remember that when men started taking over women-centered and women-led societies the very first thing they did was rape us. Marriage itself is based on men abducting women and raping them, keeping them captives and forcibly impregnating them again and again and again, thereby ensuring their own genetic material gets cloned. In some cultures, for example in Turkey, this act is still performed at least symbolically (and maybe literally), when the husband-to-be shows up with a large group of men at the bride-to-be’s house, demands entry and takes her away, hidden under a veil (so she can’t see where she is being taken) while his buddies make a lot of noise and basically celebrate their friend’s successful aquisition of a fuckslave and breeder. Women who don’t bleed on their wedding night the first time their new owner rapes them and thus can’t prove they haven’t been used and soiled before (men know what intercourse does to women) can be sent back to their families the next morning, and are considered to be shameful and defiled and are then often killed by their families in order to restore their families father’s “honor.”

So, again, “sacred marriage” or “sacred union” is an oxymoron. The fundamental purpose of marriage is to endow a male with his own personal life-force generator to use as he sees fit. The fact that married men report being the happiest, followed by unmarried women while unmarried men report being the least happy, followed by married women, is evidence of this. Or the fact that old men often die very quickly after their wives have died, while old women often blossom after their husbands die is more evidence. Marriage was invented for the benefit of men, at the cost of women. This is intentional. Men need women’s energy and creative force, not only for making sure their y-chromo gets cloned, but also just to stay alive! This is not true in the reverse. Women do not need men. Like, at all. Unless we want to reproduce, and then we only need them for 3 seconds.

As for the idea of the “sacred union” between men and women.. we have already established that there is nothing sacred about the union between femininity and masculinity, since the combination of masculinity and femininity results in patriarchy.

As to men and women; personally, I see basically all intercourse as rape. I know many women, even feminists, even radical feminists, react with resistance to this statement. Maybe it helps to clarify that I have a different definition of rape than how men define rape, i.e. only as forcible or non-consensual sex. Rather, what I mean by rape is the direct stealing of Gynergy/shakti/life-force through sexual intercourse. Another radical feminist definition of rape (first read on FCM’s blog femonade) is “the (violent) enforcement of women’s role as fuckhole and breeder.” I agree with that definition also. But the point I want to make is that the intent and effect of this enforcement of women’s role as fuckhole and breeder is the robbery of female energy. This happens very directly through intercourse, i.e. the penetration and rhythmic prodding of women’s first two chakras, through which life-force enters the body. Which is why men generally feel great after intercourse, while women often feel depleted, exhausted and empty.


Keep in mind also that the word “rape” has the same root as the German word “Raub” or the English word “robbery.” Rape literally means “to rob.” Women were robbed from their tribe by abduction and rape. And women are also robbed of our life-force through rape/intercourse. So, when het/male-identified women and especially when men speak of the “sacred union” it again amounts to women opening their legs to men so that these parasites can suck the Shakti out of us! There is nothing divine or sacred about that! Men would like us to believe that by (enthusiastically) “consenting” to them fucking us we can save the planet and bring humanity back into balance, but of course they would. This is what all of Neo-Tantrism is about. Basically it amounts to the same thing as “empowering the divine feminine”, i.e. giving our power away to men = giving even more power to the machines patriarchy. Don’t fall for that shit!

And lastly, the idea that there needs to be an equal balance between “the feminine and masculine” or men and women, ying/yang, Shiva/Shakti assumes that men and women are naturally equal or equally important for the wholeness of human society and the planet. This is bullshit. The male is a modification of the female. Female is the human default. All fetuses develop as females for the first few weeks in the womb. Only if the fetus has a y-chromo it then produces androgens which change its development from the default (female). This is why men have nipples and why their ballsacks have this seam down the middle; it’s where their labia fused.

Males are a genetic variation of females, not on equal foot with females. So this image of ying/yang with ying being female and yang being male is utter fiction. The female brings forth males as well as herself. The female is whole in herself. She is the creatrix; the male is the created. Goddess is whole in herself, She is All. The male is supposed to be an assistant, a helper that she created. To even imagine them on the same level is ludicrous.

So, real balance between men and women would mean a drastic reduction of males on this planet. Rather than 50:50, a balanced ratio would be 80:20 or even 90:10. To balance out the crass disbalance between men’s and women’s power in this world at this point would mean removing men from all positions of control and so-called authority and restoring the natural spiritual authority of women. There needs to be a lot less human maleness and the complete abolition of male supremacy in order to have even a chance of getting this mess men have put us into cleaned up.

What we need is the resurrection of Goddess in her aspect as Nemesis, Kali, Durga. Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, who comes after those who have violated her cosmic laws. She who sees through men’s distorted version of “justice” and burns through everything that does not serve life. She who re-connects the webs of Gynergy which make up the cosmos and which men have disconnected. She who disrupts the patriarchal balance of terror, this system that self-referentially keeps its skewed version of equilibrium where women and all of life always end up on the bottom and men and their supremacist system always come out on top.

Nemesis, whose name not surprisingly has come to be synonymous with “arch-enemy;” indeed, She is the Arch-enemy of the necrophiliac State of demonic Possession men have created and upheld for thousands of years.

Fierce, Furious, Protective One who out of love for all that is female, all that is life-loving in this world burns down the shackles and prison walls that keep us from connecting with the Gynergy within ourSelves, each Other, the Elements and all that is Her. Come to us now. You are only scary to those who have committed sins against you. Nemesis, Righteous One, connect us to our fury, our grief, our love for life, and work through us as we rise up, roaring and trample down all that wants to keep us suppressed. Come to us, we are calling you!

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.





So mote it be. Blessed be.

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9 Responses to Invoking Nemesis

  1. charlottemoon says:

    Thank you for this article! Every last word speaks true to my heart. I believe more and more women will be awaken and become aware of every fact you covered. So mote it be!

  2. Thank you for taking down this ludicrous but enduring “rebalancing the energies” myth. It’s just more pleading with men to be nice, it’s just more begging. In this version, it’s begging dressed up as spirituality.

    This woo-woo shit is such a pervasive female phenomenon. (Woo woo = “Please?”) I went to a Lesbian Circle last night on the national trauma that is Donald Trump, and a disturbing number of Lesbians present wondered how to have “compassion” for the new King of the Alpha-Patriarchy). So it’s not just het women who suffer the woo-woos, who want to be seen as “good” females (“good” females might not get hurt), or who want to“rebalance the energies.”

    “Rebalancing the energies” is in fact, LOL, feminine: unable to face what men are, unable to say what men are, but to hint that women might deal. For het women, the underlying offer is this: if you guys could stop being so, um, intense, we would be happy to let you fuck us more. Women, faced with male violence, have been trying to “handle” men by letting them fuck them forever. It is deeply sad that so many females fall for this ying/yang agitprop. Ying/yang and the liberal feminist ideas of “equality” are pick-up artist lines females start the auction of their own asses with. The truth, as you say so beautifully, is that females are whole themselves.

    You said: “Femininity is the outcome of the suppression of our inherent divinity, i.e. it is the opposite of divine. It is entirely man-made…” I love this, Radical Kitten. Yes. The suppression of our inherent divinity. Maleness itself is the suppression of our inherent divinity.

    I think the Divine Female is actually much more profound than anyone realizes. If we define “female” as having the ability to self-replicate, then we must recognize that females originated life on Earth. (I will develop this in the next piece on parthenogenesis and anisogamy (ie, the mysterious evolution of males). We invented Life. We, the Divine Female, are, in fact,“God.” The first 1/3 of Life on Earth was entirely female. The first 1/3 of Life on Earth!! These parasites draining female gynergy are only recent.

    It’s interesting how you re-define “rape” as “energy theft.” And “energy theft” as “rape.” It is a compelling re-defining. (Biologists are under no delusions about who supplies the energy for the species).

    I disagree with only one point in this excellent thoughtful piece. You say: “…men invented domination and rape and have handed it down through generations in order to keep men as a group in control for the last 6000+ years.” This is midpoint between the “rebalancers” and evolutionary reality. Like the rebalancers, it maintains that men were one time “good,” or at least “better.” This is prince-dreaming, and there is no biological evidence for it. On the contrary. In the past, biologists have thought some species were parthenogenic, only to discover the male lived on the female as a micro-pustule. In other species, males live inside the gut of the female. Among mammals, for males to have become bigger than us, three main forces were at work: 1). genomic imprinting for maximum extraction of resources by babyboy from mother; or else natural selection of the biggest most aggressive males. Either through 2). concession by other males, who capitulate as betas, and subsequent concession by females, or 3). rape (standard definition). There was no golden age. Males are bigger than us mostly because of a history of rape predating our species and the species which predated that species, and the species which predated that species, etc.

    So glad to read that you are doing so well. You will probably just keep getting more and more well.

  3. Hi Trust!! Good to see you here!
    You know, maybe thinking about males of our species and the species before… and so on raping the females for ever…it’s very depressing. I would like to imagine that before males took over systematically, women had them under control plus males were different – less of them, less monstrous, and they knew that following women was in their best interest. I like to imagine that many tried to establish their own connection to source on their own without relying on the shortcut of raping’s much harder for men than for women of course and they can never “plug in” to source the way we can…
    but yes you’re right, they didn’t invent domination and rape, that was always there…they began using it systematically and collectively as a way to suppress women instead of just leech off us but leaving us more us less alone most of the time.

  4. And yes the ying/yang thing. Clever really. Of course Woman is both ying and yang (receptive and active). Or in terms of Tantra – Shiva and Shakti, where Shiva is supposed to be the male and represent consciousness, while Shakti is female and represents the power of manifestation. Of course, Goddess is both consciousness AND power of manifestation. Shiva is really a girl, and Goddess is a lesbian. 🙂 By loving herself, Goddess brings forth all of life. Unfortunately, this includes parasites like the male.

  5. Oh! I didn’t disagree that males invented domination and rape! No no no. Gosh no… I just disagreed on the 6,000 year idea. Because we started out our species with males bigger than us. Sexual dimorphism (the size difference between female and male of a species) is usually a good indicator of which sex has won the war for control of the genome. (They are the war on us; we have every right to manage the genomes we created). Yes, female is consciousness and manifestation — the two aspects of Life, no?

    Re-defining rape as the constant male siphoning of female energy becomes problematic when we are talking about the horrible violent act of rape itself. In your thinking, what is your solution to distinguishing these two things? I have a 77-year old separatist friend IRL who feels that just by listening to the news, they are siphoning us. She refuses to feel shitiness or fear from men at all; she has succeeded in stopping these feelings in herself, no matter how valid they are, because “I will not give them that.” “That’s how much of a separatist I am,” she told me. She says my fury at patriarchy is giving them my energy. I wish we could talk sometime… Love ya.

  6. Well, then that is assault and violent rape. I don’t know.
    A man threatened to hit me today on a bus because my legs were in his way. I hate them so much. Their existence alone is a grave injustice.

  7. Do you think stopping our reaction to them is possible? Do you think reacting to them is also how they rape our energy? I know, despite being a separatist, that I am constantly reacting to them, And it always feels bad. Very bad. Like you on the bus today.

  8. Hmm, good questions..I do think that reacting to them is a sapping of our energy. However, this seems to be to be the predicament that we are in. They have set up their systems so that we literally cannot escape being sapped in some way or another, constantly.
    What we can do is to become aware of all the ways that we are being sapped..and then see which of their tentacles we can remove. Not surrounding myself with men as much as I can is one way that I try to do that. However, when in public this is not possible all the time, is it?
    I do agree and disagree with your friend on this. I think getting angry when we’re being violated is a healthy response and one we should not try to suppress because this sacred rage can propel us further into consciousness and into appropriate action. Only when we cannot express the rage and/or do not understand where it comes from and then direct it against ourselves or other women does it become destructive.
    I think it’s important to transform this negative energy they’re directing at us. For example, I have been thinking about my reaction or possbiel reactions to the scenario on the bus. Talking with a friend also helped. Reacting to the guy directly, even though I very much waned to chew him out or throat punch him would have escalated his violence for sure and would have resulted in me risking getting hurt. Because this is what he wanted, he was looking for an opportunity to hurt.
    But what if I had addressed the other passengers on that bus? Like, speaking up loudly and creating a public space by saying “this man is threatening me, can someone please step in?” Possibly speaking to the men on the bus: “I, as a woman am being terrorised by this man, it is your responsibility as men to step in and reing in your brother here”, or even, upon leaving the bus “I would have wished that when a woman is threatened on a bus that the remaining passengers didn’t pretend not to witness but stepped in instead.”
    In that way, I wouldn’t have playrf his game, but used his destructive energy against him. Next time I’m going to try something like this. It would have been interesting to see how the asshole would have reacted to that. I’m sure it would have taken away some of his power. WHat do you think?

  9. I think appealing to other passengers (not male passengers) would have been a good idea. Or as you said, saying, when leaving the bus: “I would have wished that when a woman is threatened on a bus that the remaining passengers didn’t pretend not to witness what just happened here.” But your upsetting episode on the bus only proves my point: there was no Golden Age, RK. They rule us and always have – to make women keep making them – through violence and rape, and their constant threat of both. Their rape helped make them bigger than us, their larger size being the daily problem we face. (I am reading a book now tracing the human diaspora based on combining genetic mapping with archeological findings: Pre-ancestoral skeletons and also early Homo sapien skeletons from around the world commonly have serious multiple broken bones, brutal injuries, flint arrows embedded in them – in other words – it has been non-stop male violence. For millions of years, Radical Kitten. Non-stop. There never has been a Golden Age for women. The Golden Age is now. The Golden Age is you and me and Radical Feminist Thought.

    Just like you, I agree and disagree with my separatist friend, M. I say this even though I know M. is deeply content, and I am not. She is in fact always remarking on how upset I am about the latest shit men are doing, to the point where I am careful now about venting around her. M. says: “I do not let them inside me – not in any way. Certainly not in any bad ways; but I do not even let them inside me in any good ways. That’s important too. Do not let them inside you! To even let them upset you is to be agree to be colonized.”

    M. turns off all media (she lives deep in the woods off the grid, so this is easy for her) and prefers to spend her time loving the trees around her, because, as she says: “I do not want Donald Trump in my brain.” So I asked her: “So… Do you want to know if we’re having facsim then?… Or not?” She said other women will tell her if we’re having fascism whether she wants to know or not. Even though she is a poor woman, she does own remote land. It is easy for me to think she is “privleged” – that fuck, if she was a Mexican woman, she would have no choice, she would have to let Donald Trump into her brain. But at the same time, I do not think her brand of separatism should be dismissed. Not in the least.

    I was sick all day yesterday from having to deal with a male. He is a sociopath, and unfortunately, there is no way for me to avoid him (he is the only male in my otherwise beautiful separatist life, and I wasted an entire day’s worth of energy dwelling on whether he’s another Ted Bundy, because it in fact does look that way.

    Like you said: “They have set up their systems so that we literally cannot escape being sapped in some way or another, constantly.” YES! Absolutely.

    Our enraged reaction can both strengthen and weaken us. And this is interesting too. Because which do you think it does more? Isn’t every day a constant assault on our psyches? How many times a fucking day to I turn off the radio because it is laughing at us? Just even “translating” the male-speak everywhere is an energy drain in and of itself, not to mention the energy that gets used in understanding what you just translated. Is there a way to always transform all this negative energy?

    My separatist friend M. has found a way out. I still don’t understand how she does it. Because for me, it is a normal reaction of rage. And from what were no doubt your feelings after the bus incident, it is for you also a normal reaction of rage. The problem is that so often this rage is powerless. Powerless rage, – as an energy, – moves us forward, but then suddenly, with terrible force, slams back into us. And then there is the rage at the powerlessness itself. Yet more energy drained. I’m not sure how to stop being reactive. I’m not sure how to redirect this energy. Do you have any ideas on this? This is a very important topic. What are your thoughts, Radical Kitten?

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