We see what you’re doing. Now fuck off.

Goood morning.. So, I’m on a roll..blog posts just bursting out of me. This is good.

Something else I have been wanting to write about but haven’t. So this thing drives me fucking nuts. I’m talking about the way queers/transgender advocates etc. are misusing language. We know this, they now want to reframe “female” so that it includes males. They are saying that biological sex doesn’t exist and that only gender identity exists and that, therefore, “female” means whatever men want it to mean, as in: “My gender identity is female, therefore I am female.”

These fucking idiots. We all know this but I’m going to re-iterate nonetheless: “Female” and “male” refer to the reproductive organs you have, your chromosomes etc. “Gender identity” which doesn’t exist cannot be “male” or “female,” for fuck’s sake.

But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about is their use of the verb “to identify.”

Queerists/transgenderists will often say things like: “I identify as female/male/trans/a unicorn.” Let me explain something to you. This is grammatically wrong.

The verb “to identify” can be correctly used in several ways; in a transitive way, i.e. with a direct object or with a direct and an indirect object with a preposition:
Ex.: “She identified the man.” “She identified the man as the perpetrator.”

In this case, synonyms are “to recognize,” “to label.”

The second way this verb can be correctly used is with the preposition “with” and an object:
Ex.: “She identified with the main character of the movie.”

Here, it means something like “to sympathize,” “to put oneself in the place of another.”

There is a third grammatically correct use of that verb, reflexively, i.e. with a reflexive pronoun:
Ex.: “He identified himself to the police.”

Here, it means something like “to reveal.”

These are the three grammatically correct ways of using the verb “to identify.”

In other words, the way queerists use the verb is grammatically wrong and plainly nonsensical.

What they are saying with stupid shit like “I identify as a woman” is “I put myself in the place of a woman by labeling myself a woman.”

And now the plot becomes much clearer, doesn’t it? What they are trying to do is create reality out of thin air! Another translation of this could be “I say I am a woman, therefore I am one.” No d00d, you’re not. Nobody can change sex, especially not through a simple speech act. This is not how language works, this is not how reality works.

Those fucking pomos with their ideas that nothing is real, everything is performance, and since speech acts are also performances, therefore you can create reality by performing speech acts, have lost their fucking minds. Seriously. But it is interesting to take a close look at the tactics they’re using to dupe us and make us lose the plot, isn’t it?

“I put myself in the place of a woman by labeling myself a woman.”

Indeed, this is exactly what they’re doing, these impostors. By calling themselves women they are indeed replacing actual women left right and center. Laverne Cocks and Brucelin Jenner as Glamour’s Woman of the Year, male transgenders in women’s athletics taking first place, getting scholarships “as women,” etc.etc.

We see you, creeps. We know what you’re doing, trying to erase and replace us. But you know what? Reality actually doesn’t care about your attempts at manipulation.

You will never be female. You will never have our powers of creation. You will never not be the mutant parasites you are. Sorry about your dicks, d00ds. Not.

Now fuck off.

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