Handmaiden gone wombyn.


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  1. Utopia Bold says:

    In “How blatant does it have to be?” there is a quote about Ghengis Khan passing on his y chromosome.

    ““However, if you trace the Y chromosome’s fingerprints back through human history, you see that it reports some very unpleasant behavior. Take Genghis Khan’s Y chromosome, which is now found in 16 million men in Central Asia. It started as a single copy from the man himself in the 12th century. What drove this? Well, when he conquered a territory, he killed the men and systematically inseminated the most attractive women. A thousand years later, his Y chromosome has survived and proliferated, which is sexual selection on a very grand scale.”

    Wouldnt Khan’s y’s be limited to the women he raped and only in his children? When the daughters are impregnated by other men, wouldnt Khan’s grand children have half the other men’s Ys and half the mothers’s XX?

    Since Khans warriors were ALL demented violent rapists, wouldnt this be how the violent y was spread by many violent men and not just from Khan?

    Men dont pass on the y in a single male line since their daughters are impregnated by other men. And the grandsons would carry the y only of the men who impregnated their mothers?

  2. But his sons, they spread it. And their sons. ANd their sons. All the same y-chromo. The point is, there is far less genetical variation in the gene pool of y-chromos than we would think. Which explains why so many men, especially men froma certain geographical area, look the same, or very similar in their degenerated apey-ness (sorry to apes).

  3. The Y is passed only from father to son, since girls inherit the mother’s X, and a combo of the father’s X and his mother’s X. Daughters of Khan’s victms were likely impregnated/raped by men who were also the offspring of Khan’s victims (because of how much raping he got around to), hence his Y would pass down from one generation of males to the next.

  4. Coatlicue says:

    “Which explains why so many men, especially men from a certain geographical area, look the same, or very similar in their degenerated apey-ness (sorry to apes).”

    But this is of course not at all true. According to research, the myth that members of some ethnic group look more alike than the members of some other group, is exactly that — a myth. This is because we are better able to tell apart the differences between the facial features of our own ethnicity than we are of another. The brain’s facial marker/pattern recognition system is highly-tuned for the particular attributes (e.g. geometrical) that typify the person’s native ethnicity. Therefore, a European ‘white’ person, for instance, may claim that all South-Koreans, or e.g. Central-Asian nomads, look exactly the same. But a South-Korean or Japanese will often make the same argument regarding the European; ditto for Eskimos, some African ethnicities, Australian Aboriginals, etc.

    Research has demonstrated that the effect of this biased facial recognition apparatus is so severe as to negatively impact even crime witnesses’ ability to reliably identify suspects of another ethnicity. The problem prevails even when one grows up in society where multi-racial interaction is common and where one is accustomed to seeing very different kinds of face.

    Research has additionally shown that a person is often better able to tell apart minute facial differences amongst the gender they are sexually more attracted to. Hence, a woman who prefers male partners has a quicker and more accurate male facial recognition facility than a woman who is not so sexually inclined, and vice versa.

    In conclusion, one is inherently unable to determine another ethnicity’s level of ‘apeness.’ One had, instead, better consult the members of that ethnicity; if they, too, should agree that their men look like apes, then perhaps these men do in fact so look. But prior to that, we just cannot know, limited as we are by our own highly-developed brains on this score.

  5. Looking the same and looking similar is not the same thing. Of COURSE men from a certain area look similar, because they mostly share the same y-chromo, I suspect. Have youn looked at the quadratic scull of eastern european men? Or the neanderthalness of men from turkey, greece, and the middle east??

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