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“When women unwind our veils, our winding sheets, our attention is at first fixed upon the unwinding. The task which next becomes visible, before us and around us, is the taks of seeing/sensing/Self-moving in the directions which our discovering senses open out to us. This Self-conscious, Self-directed movement is springing free. As we do this we enspirit our Selves, freeing the life force that has been frozen, reified, fetishized.”

— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

when i first began actively searching for feminist consciousness on the internet roughly 2 years ago, i was confronted with a seeming multitude of “feminisms.” liberal feminism, postmodern feminism, sex-positive feminism, trans feminism, socialist/marxist feminism, radical feminism etc.. it sounded like a variation of one general idea (that oppression is bad) with a different flavour for every taste, with radical feminism maybe being the “most edgy” one, but generally on a plane with the other “feminisms”. Each of these “feminisms” seemed to focus on different issues. This theme surfaced in various guises, like “there are diverse currents in feminism,” “not all feminists believe the same things”. this was all very confusing and didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

nevertheless, i started reading liberal feminist blogs, i joined a feminist organization dedicated to lobbying for legal change, excited by the discovery that there are feminist blogs at all, feminist organizations at all. relieved that feminism really was a thing at all, that i wasn’t the only one thinking that women get a shitty deal in this world, and that this needs to change.

feminism, according to the women i met/read in these places, is about activism, about petitioning various institutions, about getting women elected into various offices where they then supposedly can make legal changes that will result in “equal rights and participation” for women. the goal seemed to be to reform the society we live in so that women will have equal status among men. this was to be achieved by identifying and concentrating on various “issues,” like equal pay, equal representation, fighting prostitution, fighting sexism in advertizing, getting men to stop harassing women in the workplace and on the streets. so i tried activism, i wrote and signed petitions, i went to “feminist events” to get women to sign said petitions, i went to demonstrations “against capitalism and patriarchy,” in which women shouted anarchist slogans slightly altered to make them somehow about feminism, which felt hollow and wrong, i sat in boring meetings to get funding for the feminist organization i was a member of, i talked to representatives of the male media, i did all kinds of tedious shit. something about it didn’t feel right. And then i discovered Mary Daly’s and Sonia Johnson’s writings and it started to dawn on me why.

the problem was this: the picture these women who were working for reform painted of the state of the world was incomplete – it was wrong. dare i say, women who think feminism is primarily about activism, lobbying and changing laws and numbers of females in various patriarchal institutions do not understand the seriousness of the problem we are facing.

feminism is not about “issues,” it is not even about reforming this system to make it “more just,” feminism is about nothing less than changing the very reality we live in. everything males have created, and i mean everything we consider to be “real” in this world, is tainted by their necrophilia. all their institutions are at the core destructive of life, all of them, including politics, economics, education, health care, media, food production, etc. all of these institutions have been created to ensure that human males have never ending access to women’s gynergy, our life-energy. why? because patriarchy runs on it.

“It is because women are known to be energy sources that patriarchal males seek to possess and consume us. This is done less dramatically in day-by-day draining of energy, in the slow and steady extinguishing of women’s fire. Sparking, like Spooking, is a form of Gyn/Ecology. Sparking is Speaking with tongues of fire. Sparking is igniting the divine Spark in women. Light and warmth, which are necessary for creating and moving, are results of Sparking. Sparking is creating a room of one’s own, a moving time/spaceship of one’s own, in which the Self can expand, in which the Self can join with other Self-centering Selves.”

— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

i have since come to realize that “reality” or what i used to believe was reality is really a giant hoax. a perverted mirror image of what is actually real in this life. Mary Daly calls it the foreground. it is an artificial world that is at its core, dead. the only reason it seems to be alive and, however flawed, “working,” is because men have built into their system and all its subsystems instruments that allow them to divert and siphon off the life-energy that women and all other Elemental creatures generate and emit. patriarchy is like an artifically inflated giant ghost phallus with vampire teeth which is latched onto women, animals, plants with the sole purpose of sucking us dry in order to uphold its bad imitation of life. basically its very easy: men cannot generate original life-energy, but they need/want it/cannot live without it, so they steal it from us. this is true on an individual (micro) level as well as on a macro level (global society and its institutions). think about it: how does capitalism work? mostly white men with a lot of social and economic influence own corporations and banks which they use to convert living matter (animals, plants, humans) into dead matter (money). who is the most exploited human group in this game? women. women who do most of the work, paid and unpaid, women who are used to produce supplies of workers to be used as fodder for “the economy,” women who give their lives to care for the men who run these things by cooking for them, “making a home” for them, cleaning up their shit for them etc. so that these males can use their time to play their sick IRL monopoly game. women who only own a fraction of the land and monetary wealth on this planet. that’s the macro level.

on an individual level, that is in one-on-one relationships with men, women also do all the work, we cook, we clean, we have the babies, we nurture and raise the children, we emotionally take care of men, we function as social lubricant between men (by keeping conversations going at social events, by being traded as sex objects between men, by giving credibility to men (“oh he has such a nice wife, he must be trust-worthy”)), we dedicate our whole fucking lives to men. if women wouldn’t give (weren’t forced to/tricked into giving) men all this precious energy, none of their institutions would function. None. think about it, just remember how many times in your life you have exerted energy to prop up a man, make a man feel comfortable around you, make a man like you/let you stay with him, make a man feel sexually capable at your own expense. and it’s always at our own expense. now try and imagine this mechanism on a global scale. yeah, it’s creepy right? do you think this is all a misunderstanding, a mistake ? do you really think men, as a group, do not know what they are doing? do you really think this has just developed historically without men wanting it to develop like this?

now, do you still believe asking men to change their institutions, their laws, their “traditions,” their “culture,” negotiating with men in any way will make them change their ways? will even make them want to change their ways? didn’t think so.
we are dealing with the most evil collective consciousness that you can even imagine right now. patriarchy is evil. evil.

and that brings me back to why the notion that radical feminism (i don’t anymore think there are any other feminisms, they are all fauxminisms) has anything to do with “educating the public” (as long as the public includes men), activating for legal change, getting men to stop harassing us, getting women elected into any of patriarchy’s institutions is, at best, naive, and at worst, willful deception. because the only thing that will free women and this planet is for patriarchy to stop. the only way for it stop is if it doesn’t have access, if males don’t have access to our gynergy anymore. now don’t misunderstand me, i’m not saying its women’s fault for giving men our energy or that we should “simply” stop doing it. i understand very well that women are enslaved and made in various ways to give our energy away. i’m not blaming women. when i say that patriarchy will cease to exist without our energy this is merely a factual statement, not an exhortation for women to do anything right this moment (other than to keep reading).

it is, however, crucial for us to understand this, in order to see what is wrong with activism like lobbying for legal change, demonstrations etc. because what all of these things boil down to is talking to men, negotiating with men, believing in men’s authoritah to decide over us, believing in their reality, the foreground. it’s fundamentally reactive. it is giving men and their system our energy by resisting it. what we resist persists because it means using our life force to prop it up.

in one of her speeches Sonia Johnson describes patriarchy as a castle and women as outside the walls trying to get in. we use all our strength to ram their door in. they strengthen the walls. by reacting to it, we give it credibility. what we should do instead is turn on our heels and walk into the forest. let the men rot in their stinking castle. this is their biggest fear. that we will stop obeying or rebelling against their rules. as long as we are fixated upon their stupid castle we aren’t looking around at the beautiful trees, we aren’t aware of the sweet air on our skin. we aren’t listening to the Inner Voice. which is of course the purpose of letting us “participate” in “politics” at all. if it didn’t serve men’s purpose to let us vote, demonstrate, petition, educate men and boys, in other words, play their game from whatever disadvantaged position, they wouldn’t do it. It’s their game. they invented it, they invented the rules, the board and the figurines too. as long as we are busy trying to ascend in their hierarchy, or getting them to change the rules of the game, as long as we think we have a stake in playing their game, as long as we are invested in it we will not walk away. which is of course exactly what we need to do. and this is what radical Elemental feminism is really about.

radical Elemental feminism is about re-gaining consciousness, it is about finding our Selves again. it is about realizing that we are magical Elemental creatures who can generate so much gynergy together that we don’t need the menz at all. what we do need is to be away from them, because they are parasites,  un-dead energy vampires (ever wonder about their obvious obsession with vampires, zombies and robots? it’s them. also, the y-chromosome).

ok, you will say, but won’t they come after us? yes they will. they are coming after each one of us who dares venture from the prescribed path (think little red riding hood and the wolf). often they don’t even have to come themselves. instead, they send their handmaidens and fembots after us. who will disguise themselves as token feminists and tell us that “feminism is about activism,” “you are letting your sisters down if you don’t lobby for legal change,” “there are different kinds of feminism,” “the gender binary oppresses women and men alike,” “feminism is about choices,” “this is what a feminist looks like,” etc. etc. ad nauseam. it’s all sand in our eyes to keep us from seeing the actual plot. it’s nothing but lies and smoke screens. understand that this is the men coming after us. sure, if women were to walk out in significant numbers, they might come after us more violently. but aren’t they already doing that too? throwing acid, corrective rape, porn, female genital mutilation. what, you mean because you personally are not affected by that this means it’s not happening? think again. understand that you are not separate from other women. what they do to any woman on this planet, past and present, they would do to you should they catch you. in fact, they are doing it to you because we have a collective consciousness too and violence done to any of us affects us more directly than you might think. what are you afraid of? nothing can be worse than this lobotomized half-life they want us to “live” in their State of Paralysis, the original patrix.

“Since the feigned future which is used to make women faint-hearted, faint-minded, fixed in a permanent faint is a shadow-world, a world of deceptive lights and shadows, it is useless to strike at it directly. Instead of shadow-boxing, the gynaesthetic traveler learns to detect the deceptive light-projector, the shadow-caster. She detects the the pattern that is behind his deceptive patterns; she dis-covers the necrophiliac nature of the fear in which he is fixated, which is also the fear he projects upon/injects into his snow white victims. This is not the fear of dying but the fear of living. As Valerie Solanas lucidly points out: “The male likes death – it excites him sexually and, already dead inside, he wants to die.” This statement would seem to to be adequately substantiated/documented by the state of this male-controlled planet. If patriarchal males loved life, the planet would be different.
Most precisely, the wicked drag queens’ fear is fear of Female Living, of female-identified biophilic energy. For the release of this energy will mean the end of their blissful State of Sleeping Death. They therefore are compelled to use every means at hand to perpetuate the State of Paralysis.”
— Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

it is exactly this fear of the future that keeps us transfixed in their delusional present. but sisters, the time for fear is over. “civilization” is on the verge of collapse, the global climate is about to change in ways that will likely make the planet uninhabitable for humans very soon, we are already staring into the abyss. we truly have nothing to lose now. we only have everything to win.

“so what are we supposed to do now?” i hear you wail. nothing. be still, learn to feel your bodies again. understand that men’s domination of women is not just physical, it’s mental, spiritual too, in other words totalist. feel where you are being physically, mentally, spiritually depleted by males and their extensions/institutions. feel which of their latches you can remove. do it, remove them. expel the males from your heads, your bodies, your houses, your lives, as much as you can. give all of that freed-up energy to your Selves and other women. trust the Goddess. there is more than just the material plane to this world. get into (Dianic) witchcraft. read Mary Daly. above all, learn to identify your Inner Voice, trust your consciousness to know what to do next. look for the Background, where woman-identified women and all Other Elemental creatures live. then go there as much and as often as you can. you will be surprised at what you can do. no, not alone. because you are not ever alone. we are all here with you.

“True to our Memory of Archespheres, Be-Witching women continue to originate, mutate, metamutate. Armed with impassioned Virtues acquired in the Realm of Fire, Wild Weird women Spiral further through the Metamorphospheres. This is our Knowing Time, Growing Time. It is No-ing Time to compromise.

Erratically, Wanderwomen move through this Realm, keeping in Touch with the Natural Graces. Yearning to live the richness of be-ing in rainbow-radiant diversity, we Race with the Grace of Be-Longing. Decoding the myths and unsnapping the traps that have kept us from bonding, we weave with the Grace of Be-Friending.

Aroused by the Touch of our Wonder-filled Woman-Lust, Wonderers fly with the Grace of Be-Witching, unfolding our spiritual powers. Like flowers, like serpents, like dragons, like angels, we Spiral in rhythms of Weirdward creation. Leaping with Wanderlust, Weaving new Wonders, We intend to be Fore-Crones of Gnostic Nag-Nations. As Dreamers we glimpse our sidereal cities that gleam in the heavens like Stars of the Sea. They call us always, now, to Be.”

— Mary Daly, Pure Lust

goddesses travelling the sea

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On Metapatterning or My pocket vagina


“There are Elemental powers in every woman’s psyche that are covered by the embedded codes of her captors. In her process of breaking the embedded code, she uncovers her own powers. One way of describing this process is to call it metapatterning.“

When metamorphosing Muses use the term metapatterning, we mean to Name the process of breaking through paternal patterns. Nag-identified metapatterning involves real transcending of patriarchal patterns of thinking, speaking, acting. It is weaving our way through and out of these patterns. Erratic women weave our lives, our works, not as imitations of models, nor as models for others, but as unique diversified creations.”

–Mary Daly, Pure Lust

i had almost been destroyed by the patriarchy when a radical feminist saved my life. i don’t know her “real” name, but on the internet she is known as FCM and this is her blog.
at that point i had been “sexually active” for more than 14 years and, after having been raped, sexually exploited, humiliated and objectified for so long, i had decided that “i might as well get paid for it” and entered prostitution. i think i have always understood the essentially transactional relationship between women and men, but lacking any alternative vision of being a woman, as well as any sense of inherent worth, the fundamentally perverted character of this relationship did not occur to me. in other words, if i ever thought about this consciously at all, i thought that being looked down upon, used and abused by men was inevitable, just part of women’s lot in this world.. add to this my self-image as a “strong woman” (a woman who can withstand societal abuse) and you get to where i was: determined to use my body as erotic capital barter object in order to at least get something out of the shitty deal that you get being female in a woman-hating world, being born as this female body that men, in their schizophrenic state, despise and lust after at the same time.

so i would like to invite you, my readers, to come with me, travel through time and space and visit with me the woman i once was. with your Third Eye watch me go through the motions of “life”, food shopping, clothes shopping, “beauty practices“ self-mutilation (because men do not desire human females in our natural state, we have to make ourselves look like weird aliens more closely related to wasps than mammals), eating without really tasting anything and, several times per week, sucking some disgusting old or not so old “business“ man’s rapist’s cock, pretending not to be offended by the way he looks at me, touches me, talks to me, or horror of horrors, sticks his tongue into my mouth. can you see me trying not to cringe too obviously when he clumsily tries to make compliments (“you have such a tempting figure”) which are never compliments really, but humiliations, remarks about me performing my sex role adequately, becoming his own personal fuckhole. picture me going through the motions, making “good money”, but feeling dead inside, more dead every day, trying not to break down under the banal atrocity that is my life, with no meaning, no purpose, no self-love, no creativity.

My pocket vagina

the only way to survive as a prostituted woman is to dissociate from what is being done to you, and you can only do that by shutting off all sensation in the parts of the body that would otherwise cry out in pain and horror each time one of the punters so much as touches you, not to mention thrusts his gross cock into your internal organs. in my case this process of shutting off the body piece by piece had been going on for a long time, which is why i didn’t even notice how far it had proceeded. in retrospect i can contrast this state of zombie-hood with how i feel now, but i know that even now, more than one year after exiting and quitting piv, i am far from fully experiencing my own body. there is still so much trauma stored in my muscles and nerves that i’m not sure i will be able to ever heal completely.
it had gotten to a point where i did not even experience my vulva/vagina as being me. it felt as if i had this thing, this pocket vagina, which was incidentally attached to my body, but not really part of my body. i rented this pocket vulva/vagina out to men who wanted to lick it rub it stick their fingers in it thrust their dicks into it. And since i couldn’t actually hand it over to them, leave the apartment and come back when they were finished with it, i “consented” to leaving that part of my body for as long as they needed to masturbate into it. Yes i even took pride in being able to keep a friendly, jolly demeanor before, during and after the act, no offence taken d00d, its a-okey that you want to use part of me as masturbation toy, that’s what all men want from women isn’t it at least we are being honest about it aren’t we?

My talking ovaries

the problem is the more often you do this, withdraw from a part of your body, the harder it gets to get back in until someday you realize that you have effectively shut yourself out of a part of your self and you are left with no feeling, no real sensation in that part of yourself at all. sure, i still felt some kind of pressure “down there” when they pushed their dicks into me, but it was all numbed down, as if the skin they touched wasn’t even really alive with nerves anymore. sure, that made it easier to do the “job” get through the rapes, but it makes if infinitely harder to experience any kind of joy, sadness, real emotion, in other words, to Be Alive. thats what i mean when i say that i was half-dead. i was dragging my body from one place to another, but i wasn’t really there. Mary Daly fittingly calls it the absence of Presence. no idea where i was, but i wasn’t in my body. Which as i said, didn’t even occur to me until –

my ovaries started talking to me. (yes you read that right.)
i can’t have been entirely dead inside because there was something in me that always knew prostitution was not where i wanted to be, not for long anyway. Granted, in my brainwashed state i thought i could do it for a while without being damaged by it, but i knew that i was getting more depressed by the day and if i was honest, i knew the “job” had something to do with it. keep in mind that at that point i still hadn’t consciously understood why or even that prostitution is harmful. i thought i was empowered, choosing to exercise my agency by freely using my sexuality as erotic capital to advance myself financially, which i didn’t see as inherently problematic, because “don’t we all have to sell something in this capitalist system?” and “at least my hourly pay is more than what many people earn in a week.” so i didn’t think my deal was too shitty, considering the circumstances. but something in me was searching, looking for answers to questions i didn’t even dare consciously ask myself. i felt drawn to feminism, found sex-pozzie pomo fauxminism which only affirmed me in the prostitution of my body. i was a sex worker, responsibly and soberly assessing my possible sources of income under capitalist rule and so on. or was i? i was still searching, clicking through feminist and not so feminist blogs and then suddenly i found radical feminism, in the shape of FCM’s blog and her series on intercourse. i started reading but my mind jammed. it didn’t make sense. piv harmful? what was she talking about?? if piv is harmful then that means that all of the piv i had had in the past (with more than 50 men even before entering prostitution) had harmed me? unthinkable! and thats when it happened. thats when my ovaries started telling me to read on.

when i say they were “telling” me to read on of course that doesn’t adequately describe what happened, but that’s because language is deficient in conveying the whole/holistic truth, so let me try to describe what it felt like. so while i was battling with myself to go on reading or dismiss her writings as sex-negative prudishness i could suddenly feel a surge of energy emanate from my left ovary. no idea how i knew that it was my ovary this energy was coming from, i just knew. And i also knew that this sudden outburst of sensation meant that i had found something profoundly true and that i must go on. i tested my newly-found ability to communicate with my reproductive organs by (mentally) asking my Self (i might have even said this out loud): “is this weird energy outburst in my ovary connected to what i am reading?“ instantly more energy emanated from said ovary. alright then. i asked: “is what i am reading the truth even though i am scared to go on reading?” immediately the energy surged up and up and i realized that i was feeling something that i hadn’t felt in a very long time: joy. i think i laughed out loud at that point (partly because i suddenly realized how this would have looked to an unsuspecting observer: like i was having a psychotic break). i went on asking: “is this what i have been looking for?”pulse, pulse, pulse pulse, pulse…

and this is how i discovered, re-membered how it feels to feel anything below the neck. this is how it started, how i found the trap door into the Background. i went through the rabbit hole, safely lead by my own bodily sensations. two weeks after that i “serviced” my last “client”. 3 weeks after that i had piv for the last time. i haven’t looked back. the thought of what would have happened to me had i not found my radical sister that day is scary. she saved my life. through a blog post.

which brings me back to what triggered this very blog post that i am writing right here/now. i routinely see women in the movement claim that radical feminism is about public activism. i call them the reformist “rad” fems. they call themselves radical feminists but i don’t think they are. anyway those women think that activating for change (laws etc.) is the only or at last the superior way of “doing” radical feminism. that not doing public activism is the same as withdrawing from women’s struggle for liberation. that women like FCM are “sitting at home doing nothing feeling sorry for themselves.” and to those women i would like to say: you are so wrong.

women like FCM save lives. and the fact that you are saying these things shows at least two things (which are really one thing):
1. you don’t understand radical feminism or, as Mary Daly calls it, Radical Elemental Feminism.

2. you are in a state of foreground-fixation, believing only in foreground/surface reality, the reality that men sanction as “real”. But the problem is, if you only believe in foreground reality, if you only look at the foreground manifestations of the problem, then you will only see foreground solutions, like trying to get men’s reality to change. then it will appear to you as if all the radfems who are not trying to change men’s reality are “doing nothing.” in fact, they are doing a great deal, but you cannot perceive it, it’s off your grid.

Metapatterning and telic centering/focusing

and i think this obsession with “doing something” in the “real world” and the dismissal of anyone who is not visibly activating in men’s world is yet another indicator of patriarchal mind-binding. doesn’t the hierarchization of doing (active) vs. Be-ing (non-doing, therefore passive) suspiciously smell like patriarchal dualistic consciousness? i think it does.
doing is a surface phenomenon, but what is essential lies much deeper. what is essential is consciousness, out of which all doing emanates. i can see in retrospect how i could only exit prostitution once i re-discovered my Self, and i could only do that because a woman said the truth about piv on the internet. i, who objectified myself to the point of thinking of a part of myself as “my pocket vagina” witnessed a woman being angry, a woman not afraid to break through men’s codes – and my Wild Self inside perked up. one woman who stood up for women’s rights to be human beings not fuckholes is all I needed. granted, my material reality allowed for me to exit, but had i stayed in a little longer that window would have closed.

so in our struggle for liberation we do all kinds of things (like i am writing this blog post for example) but the act of doing is not the primary focus. Awakening women’s Souls, her telic focusing principle, her inner compass is the real goal. if this can be done through public activism, thats great, but public activism in itself is not the goal, nor is changing men’s reality (laws, institutions). getting women to realize their own psychic powers, to start breaking through men’s codes is what is it all about. because once the gynergy flows again, the useful surface manifestations this energy wants to take will come from within. this is what metapatterning means. making new patterns. making a new reality for ourselves. of course we can’t do this alone. or at least one woman metapattering on her own won’t get very far, especially because a focused/centered woman is the snooldom’s enemy no. 1.
and this is where the feminist community comes in:

“Yet the forces of fragmentation lie in ambush. As Dragons, as Gorgons, women must guard and foster the Flame of telic focus. For poor women, for women of color, and for others whose individual circumstances are particularly oppressive, the struggle against the fragmentation of energy that brings physical disease and psychic paralysis are often unspeakably hard. For all women, particularly in times and places of extreme repression, the creative telos within the Self in is conflict with the agendas of the sadostate. Some counterforce is provided by the communcal telos of the feminist movement, and the constant weaving of this net of knowledge and commitment is both the primary act and the necessary condition for the macromutation that is the Elemental Metamorphic Movement of women.”

Mary Daly, Pure Lust (bold is mine)

Be-Friending – weaving the web of Sisterhood

by following our own inner compass, by letting ourselves be moved by our souls which leads to creative Be-ing we weave this web/net by which and through which we are able to manifest a different reality from men’s reality. Mary Daly calls this process of creating a web Be-Friending. what is means is that by living in this centered/focused way we are moved to create: books, rape crisis centers, anti-pornstitution protests, facebook pages, blogs, paintings, emergency funds, women’s conferences, friendships.

we create the resources that we ourselves and other women can use as springboards or inspirations, for healing, for laughter, for body work, for soul searching, for resistance. we support each other, financially, emotionally and intellectually. we invent a reality in which women can spin, love, create, by following our own telos, our own purpose, which is also our collective purpose, which is freedom, which is Pure Lust.

public activism can be part of this process of Be-Friending. but so can sitting at home writing blog posts, and so can sharing spells on facebook or doing yoga or going for a walk in the woods. it all depends on the consciousness. because the point is that this centering principle which brings forth the web of Sisterhood which in turn makes women’s evolution (on an individual and collective level) possible is not to be found in the form of surface manifestations. public activism is not liberating for women per se but it can be for individual women, if it provides the context or trigger which awakens a woman’s soul, her own telic centering principle, her inner compass, or, as i call it, the Goddess. once she is able to communicate with her Self/the Goddess in herself and other women she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do. then there doesn’t need to be one strategy for all. then there is no need for „The Movement“ to determine whether or not “we” should try to get laws changed or what not. then each woman has the integrity to feel for herself where her gynergy wants to go/what the Goddess needs her to do.
I’ll let the High Priestess of the Order of Radical Elemental Sisterwitches Mary Daly herself speak the finishing remarks (bold is mine):

“Women who are Realizing any of our powers, that is, illuminating such powers with the coherent light of our own reason, find that this process implies Realizing the telic principle (soul) in its entirety/integrity. Metamorphosing women are Unfolding as whole intellectual/passionate/sentient Selves as we move out of the Numbed State. No other than holistic change is desirable. (…) Metamorphosing women are determined to leave the diseased organism of fatherland. The way out is precisely telic centering/focusing, which implies quantum leaps of conscious communication within our Selves, among each other, and with the universe.

(and this, by the way, is witchcraft.)

dark star sky


black moon lilith in blue

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Die Herren – ein schlechter Witz

Mit Begeisterung verfolge ich seit Freitag die endlich endlich aufgeflammte Debatte über den Sexismus auch hier in Deutschland. Es wird aber verdammt noch mal auch Zeit! Ich hatte mich schon gewundert, wann die deutschen Frauen endlich mal kollektiv den Mund aufmachen. Jetzt isses also soweit. Und sogleich eilen die Verteidiger der armen unverstandenen Ochsen, äh Männer herbei, um die Frauen schnellstmöglichst wieder zum Schweigen zu bringen den Herrenwitz vor den bösen Feminazis zu schützen.

In der Debatte kann man dann unter Anderem hören, dass die armen Männer ja nun gar nicht mehr wüssten, wie sie sich Frauen gegenüber noch verhalten dürfen; außerdem von Journalistinnen, die angeblich regelrecht Jagd auf Politiker machen und die armen wehrlosen Männer mit ihren Brüsten ablenken, um ihnen heikle Geschichten zu entlocken, alles für die Auflage. Und natürlich, dass die ganze Diskussion völlig überzogen sei, denn schließlich sind das ja alles nur Einzelfälle (über 60 000?!). Schließlich sei das alles ohnehin nur ein Versuch, den FDP-Mann jetzt kurz nach seiner Ernennung zum Spitzenkandidaten zu diskreditieren. Und sowieso weiß ja jeder, dass der Stern was gegen die FDP hat.

In dieser Debatte wird soviel verzerrt und gelogen, also eigentlich jedesmal wenn einer von (alten) weißen Männern mit Krawatte den Mund aufmacht, dass es fast den Eindruck macht als blickt niemand mehr so richtig durch, worum es hier eigentlich geht (bis auf erfahrene Femi-Ninjas mit frischgeschärftem Bullshit-detektor). Was natürlich Sinn der Sache ist, derailing ist eine patriarchale Strategie. Deshalb habe ich mir überlegt, mal drei wahre Geschichten zu erzählen, um an Hand derer zu beleuchten, womit wir es hier eigentlich zu tun haben.

1. In Steubenville, USA, vergewaltigen mehrere Mitglieder der städtischen Footballmannschaft eine 16-jährige, die sie vorher (wahrscheinlich mit Rohypnol o.ä.) bewusstlos gemacht hatten. Sie schleppen die Bewusstlose von Party zu Party, auf jeder wird sie von mehreren Männern vergewaltigt. Als sie mit ihr fertig sind schleifen sie sie auf den Rasen vor dem Haus, urinieren auf sie und lassen sie dann dort liegen. Das Mädchen hatte sich kurz zuvor von einem der Footballspieler getrennt. Nach der Tat verbreiten die Männer ein Video, auf dem sie abfällige Witze über den Zustand des Mädchens während des Anschlags machen. Obwohl die Täter sich nicht bemühten, ihre Tat geheim zu halten, versucht die ganze Stadt den Skandal zu vertuschen. Nicht wenige machen das Mädchen selbst für ihre eigene sexuelle Misshandlung verantwortlich.

2. Nach dem Joggen stehe ich auf einem Fußgängerweg neben einem Baum und dehne meinen Hüftbeuger. Von hinten biegen zwei Männer auf den Weg ein; als sie auf Höhe meines Hintern sind sagt der Eine: “Jaaaa, so ists schööön, so gefällt mir” (Er ist Italiener). Ich blicke auf und schaue in zwei Augen, deren Blick unmissverständlich der eines Vergewaltigers ist. Ich sage: “Kuck woanders hin und kümmere dich gefälligst um deine eigenen Angelegenheiten!” Nach einer kurzen Schocksekunde (“Was fällt der Fickpuppe ein zu widersprechen?!?!”), die beiden sind inzwischen an mir vorbei, so dass der Typ sich umdrehen muss um, fängt er an mich zu beschimpfen. Sein Kumpel springt mit der hilfreichen Bemerkung ein, dass ich mich ja schließlich in der Öffentlichkeit befände, daher also mit Bemerkungen über mein Äußeres zu rechnen habe. Ich lasse mich nicht einschüchtern und brülle aus voller chor-trainierter Altstimme zurück. Ich behalte das letzte Wort, aber die beiden setzen sich nur etwa 20 Meter weiter auf eine Bank die am Weg steht und kucken in meine Richtung. Ich muss also entweder an den beiden vorbei, ein Spießrutenlauf, ODER ich gehe einen anderen Weg nach Hause, ändere also mein Verhalten, um einer weiteren Begegnung mit den beiden zu entgehen. Ich ändere meinen Weg NICHT. Ich erde mich, Schultern zurück, und schreite mit erhobenem Haupt und steinerner Miene auf die beiden zu und an ihnen vorbei. Ich kann ihre Aggression im Vorbeigehen regelrecht spüren. Ich lasse mir nichts anmerken. Als ich vorbei bin, höre ich noch wie sie einen unbeteiligten Dritten auf der Bank gegenüber darüber informieren, dass ich die beiden kurz zuvor völlig ohne Grund und maximal hysterisch angeschrien hätte.

3. In Deutschland starrt ein FDP-Politiker einer Journalistin im Rahmen eines Socializing Events auf die Brüste, erklärt, ein Dirndl würde ihr bestimmt auch gut stehen. Auf ihre Antwort, das Gespräch doch bitte beim Professionellen zu belassen, macht er eine Bemerkung darüber dass es doch allgemein bekannt sei, dass Politiker immer Journalistinnen verfielen. Dieser Austausch findet unter der Nase von noch einigen anderen Männern statt. Keiner weist den Mann in seine Schranken. Die Journalistin macht diese Begegnung etwa ein Jahr später in einem Portrait über den Politiker öffentlich, daraufhin beeilen sich Politikerfreunde des Mannes zu versichern, das sei alles eine Intrige gegen den Mann, der kurz vor Erscheinen des Artikels zum Spitzenkandidaten der FDP ernannt worden war, oder wahlweise auch gleich gegen die ganze FDP. Und außerdem, was habe die junge Frau eigentlich “so spät” noch an der Bar verloren?!

Was haben all diese Ereignisse gemeinsam?

Wie unschwer zu erkennen ist, handelt es sich dabei um sexistische Übergriffe. Sie unterscheiden sich (neben der genauen Ausführung) zwar in der Intensität der in ihnen zum Ausdruck gebrachten Geringschätzung (variiert zwischen leichter Geringschätzung und loderndem Hass), und auch in der Schwere des Traumas, das sie auf der Seite des jeweiligen Opfers anrichten. Im Kern geht es aber in allen drei Fällen um das gleiche ZIEL (ob nun mehr oder weniger bewusst), das die Täter damit verfolgen, und es wird in allen drei Fällen die gleiche HALTUNG gegenüber Frauen zum Ausdruck gebracht.

Was Männer, die Frauen sexistisch behandeln, damit MEINEN ist: “Weib, zurück auf deinen Platz!” Und der Platz, nur damit wir uns hier richtig verstehen, ist nicht etwa auf einem Podest, wie so manche Männer uns oft glauben lassen wollen. Dem liegt eine Haltung zu Grunde, die Frauen auf Grund unserer Fortpflanzungsorgane als weniger wertvoll, ja sogar weniger menschlich ansieht. DAS ist Sexismus. Und Sexismus ist verdammt alt, so alt wie das Patriarchat, also etwa 6000 Jahre.

Seximus bedeutet, dass Männer denken, Frauen sind für ihre Bedürfnisse auf der Welt. Dass sie denken, Frauen haben bestimmte nützliche Eigenschaften, zum Beispiel verschiedene Löcher in ihren Körper, die sich als Masturbationshilfe eignen, sowie einen eingebauten Babymacher, sie können gut bügeln, putzen und kochen. You get the picture. Sexismus ist, wenn Männer denken, Frauen sind überhaupt NUR auf der Welt, WEIL sie nützlich sind für Männer und UM Männern zu nützen. Wenn Männer also glauben, Männer sind die Norm. Und Frauen sind nur so ein Anhängsel, die eigentlich keine vollwertigen Menschen sind, sondern Objekte, eben gut zum Ficken, Kochen und als Gebärmaschinen. Klingt hart? Sorry. Männer denken so. Nein, nicht alle. Nur etwa 98% aller Männer auf der ganzen Welt. Ich meine, HALLO?! Mal die Genesis gelesen? Auf der in diesem Buch beschriebenen Ideologie beruht noch heute unsere Kultur. Und Entsprechungen dieser maximalen Frauenfeindlichkeit gibt es in allen “großen” patriarchalen Religionen.

Und deswegen sind das auch keine Einzelfälle. Weil es eben nicht nur um einige wenige Männer geht, sondern um unsere ganze Kultur. Und damit meine ich die WELTWEITE Kultur, denn das Patriarchat ist global. Männer denken so über Frauen nicht nur in Deutschland oder den USA, sondern in Indien, in Afrika, in Frankreich, in Spanien, in Griechenland, in der Türkei, einfach ÜBERALL! Und diese patriarchale Kultur ist aufgebaut auf der Unterjochung und Ausbeutung von Frauen, nicht-menschlichen Tieren, und der gesamten Erde.

Aber das ist so einigen Menschen nicht klar, nicht mal uns Frauen. Ist ja auch kein Wunder, denn es ist Teil der patriarchalen Strategie, Frauen von einander fern zu halten, voneinander zu isolieren, nicht dass wir am Ende noch miteinander reden, und feststellen, dass wir alle die gleichen beschissenen Erfahrungen mit Männern und ihren Institutionen haben. Am Ende schließen wir uns noch zusammen und rebellieren gegen die Männer! Das können sie nicht riskieren. Daher ja auch die Erfindung der Kleinfamilie (und anderer patriarchaler Familienformen). In der Kleinfamilie wird je eine Frau mit einem Mann in ein Haus gesperrt, der sie hält wie eine Geisel, von weiblichen Familienmitgliedern fernhält, Freundinnen verteibt. Er muss es auch nicht mal alleine machen, denn die GESAMTE KULTUR hilft ihm dabei. Sämtliche Medien, alle patriarchalen Institutionen vermitteln Frauen und Männern permanent die Botschaft: Frauen sind wenig mehr als Tiere, gut zum Gebären und zum Ficken, und sonst nichts.

Vielleicht sollte ich an dieser Stelle mal Aristoteles zitieren, der ist ja schließlich einer der patriarchalen Lieblingsphilosophen:

“The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; and the one rules, and the other is ruled.” (mehr hier).

Oder Thomas Aquinas, auch so ein bewunderter Frauenhasser:

“As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power.” —  Summa Theologiae

Oder auch Alfred Kinsey, ihr wisst schon, der den Sex– Hater-Report veröffentlicht hat:

There are numerous divorces which turn on the wife’s refusal to accept some item in coital technique which may in actuality be commonplace in human [male] behavior.”

Aber, rufen da sofort Männer, handmaidens und Frauen, die noch an das Gute im Mann glauben, so schlimm wie früher ist es doch schon lange nicht mehr! Hier in Deutschland/dem Westen, da haben wir doch inzwischen die Gleichberechtigung erreicht! Sogar unsere Frauenministerin (ich nenne sie gern liebevoll die “Ministerin für Männer in verschiedenen Lebenslagen …. und Frauen”) findet, wir seien jetzt alle genug emanzipiert und brauchen keine Quote. Ich mein, das ist doch schon wieder so ein Moment, wo die Absurdität des Patriarchats einen gleichzeitig zum Lachen und zum Weinen bringt: Die Frau, die sich in der Regierung für die Belange der Frauen einsetzen soll IST FRAUENFEINDLICH! *lolsob*

Aber gut, auch wenn hier nicht alles perfekt ist, so schlimm wie in Indien/Afghanistan/Saudi-Arabien ist es ja lange nicht, sollen sich die ganzen Feministinnen mal nicht so anstellen! Schließlich steinigen die Männer dort “ihre” Frauen zur Strafe, NACHDEM sie sie vergewaltigt haben und benutzen ihre kleinen Töchter, um Schulden zu bezahlen.. Dagegen ist doch Deutschland das Paradies der haarigen Männerhasserinnen, dagegen sind die Männer hier doch zahme Lämmer. Oder? ODER??

Und da fällt mir noch was anderes ein, das ich neulich bei einem meiner seltenen Versuche, fern zu sehen, anschauen musste (da das deutsche Fernsehprogramm so voll von sexistischer Kackscheiße ist, sehe ich nur sehr selten fern):

Minister für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit Niebel sitzt bei Anne Will, es geht um Mali, Entwicklungshilfe und Demokratie oder so. Jedenfalls erzählt er da allen Ernstes, man solle doch die malische Bevölkerung selber entscheiden lassen, wie sie mit ihren Bodenschätzen verfahren möchte. Wenn die Malier diese an internationale Konzerne verkaufen möchten, dann könne man ihnen das doch nicht verbieten, das sei doch paternalistisch, das sei doch Kolonialismus!

WIE BITTE?!?!?!?!?!

Seit wann repräsentiert denn die Regierung eines Landes in irgendeiner Weise die Bevölkerung dieses Landes? Das ist ja schon in Deutschland nicht so, aber in Mali, oder irgendeinem anderen Staat in Afrika!? Für wie weltfremd hält der uns eigentlich? Oder ist der selber so blöd?? Das ist ja schon mal die erste freche Lüge in dieser Aussage.

Aber es ist noch viel perfider. Wann hab ich denn diese Art der Argumentation zum letzten Mal gehört? Ach ja richtig, als der letzte Penisträger mir erklären wollte, Frauen in der Prostitution machen das ja alles freiwillig, und wie wir Feministinnen es wagen können, den Frauen verbieten zu wollen, ihre Körper als lebendige Masturbationshilfe gegen Geld auszuleihen ihr erotisches Kapital gewinnbringend in Geld umzutauschen? Wir würden den Frauen dadurch ja ihre agency absprechen, wie paternalistisch von uns!!!!

Jetzt mal aufgepasst. Es geht hier nämlich um Machtverhältnisse, genauer, um kapitalistische Machtverhältnisse. In dem Augenblick, wo ein Mensch oder ein Land gezwungen ist, irgendwas zu verkaufen um ÜBERLEBEN zu können (und im Kapitalismus müssen fast alle etwas verkaufen um zu überleben), kann man absolut nicht von Freiwilligkeit sprechen! Der Existenzdruck in Verbindung mit der Weigerung des globalen kapitalistischen Patriarchats, sein wirtschaftliches Handeln an den Bedürfnissen ALLER Menschen, sowie an Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit auszurichten, übt strukturelle Gewalt aus und ZWINGT die Frau bzw. das Land dazu, sich zu prostituieren. Auch wenn in dem Augenblick niemandem eine Pistole an den Kopf gehalten wird. In dem Fall Mali (oder irgendeines anderen wirtschaftlich schwächeren Landes) ist genau dieses Profitschlagen aus der Armut eines Staates durch internationale (ja, auch deutsche!) Konzerne Kolonialismus! Und der Freier, der die “freiwillig” sich zum Verkauf anbietende Prostituierte für seine sexuelle Befriedigung benutzt (= vergewaltigt), der macht sich damit zum Sklavenhalter.

Warum ich das alles erzähle? Weil ich da einen Zusammenhang vermute.

Ja, es stimmt, den meisten Frauen in Deutschland geht es weniger schlecht als den meisten Frauen in Indien oder dem Kongo. Aber, wenn der Verweis auf die Frauenfeindlichkeit und allgegenwärtige brutale männliche Gewalt in anderen Ländern als Reaktion auf Kritik des hiesigen Sexismus vorgebracht wird, fängt mein Bullshit-detektor an zu jaulen. Denn nicht nur sollen damit Kritikerinnen zum Schweigen gebracht werden, sondern es ist sogar so, dass der Wohlstand, den wir hier haben die VORAUSSETZUNG dafür ist, dass Frauen sich die Beachtung und gesetzliche Festschreibung DER IHNEN ZUSTEHENDEN und von den Männern und den von Männern geschaffenen Institutionen ABSICHTLICH vorenthaltenden Rechte in der Vergangenheit erkämpfen konnten. Aber die Ausbeutung wurde nicht etwa beendet, nein, die wurde nur verlagert. In die sogenannten Entwicklungsländer nämlich. Während Frauen hier also studieren und sogar Bundeskanzlerin werden können (zumindest theoretisch), kaufen deutsche Konzerne zum Spottpreis in den so genannten Entwicklungsländern Rohstoffe auf, was dort die Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft und im Endeffekt die Armut noch größer werden lässt, so dass Frauen dort von Schule und selbst partieller Unabhängigkeit weiterhin nur träumen können.

Und ich glaube, das ist auch Absicht. Solange es nämlich noch irgendwo Frauen gibt, deren Menschenrechte noch mehr mit Füßen getreten werden als unsere, werden wir hier abgespeist werden mit Pseudo-Gleichberechtigung und dem Verweis auf  “die, die noch im Mittelalter leben”. Hey Mann, das sind meine Schwestern von denen du da redest!


Aber es kommt ja noch schlimmer. Die Ausbeutung von Frauen überall auf der Welt ist nämlich die Voraussetzung und der KERN der gesamten patriarchalen Wirtschaftsform. Und wie wir alle wissen, zerstört diese Wirtschaftsform (= der Kapitalismus) gerade in Rekordzeit unser aller Lebensraum!

Aber wie war das, Sexismus ist eine Lappalie? Es gibt wichtigeres auf der Welt?

Nein, liebe Freundinnen, es geht hier nicht um Lappalien. Es geht hier ums große Ganze. Die Unterdrückung und Ausbeutung von Frauen durch Männer und die von ihnen geschaffenen Systeme ist DAS zentrale Problem, das die Menscheit lösen muss, oder wir gehen alle unter. Und mit “lösen” meine ich: ABSCHAFFEN. Das Patriarchat muss weg.

Vielleicht schaffen es dann sogar Männer (die paar die übrig bleiben), Frauen wie Menschen zu behandeln, wenn sie nicht mehr in einer künstlichen (wenn auch selbst geschaffenen) Realität leben müssen, in der sie sich vom Rest der Schöpfung abgeschnitten und isoliert fühlen; und wo der einzige Weg, diesen selbstgeschaffenen Horror auszuhalten, ist, die andere Hälfte der Menschheit zu Objekten für den eigenen sexualisierten Sadismus zu machen. Vielleicht. Aber eins ist sicher. Sexismus wirds im Matriarchat nicht geben. Und sexistische Männer auch nicht. Das ist alles.

failed misogynists

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I recently stopped shaving. And wearing bras. And wearing make up. Its awesome now, but it was hard at first. I really used to hate my body. My natural body. I blame the fucking patriarchy.


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I need radical feminism because if women had ruled the planet for as long as men have, we’d have figured out how to talk to animals by now.

“I wish that more people could fly into space. It would make for a lot better world.”  Donald K. Slayton, Astronaut

“We are developing something like a new organ of the mind. This development both causes and affects qualitative leaping through galaxies of mindspace.” Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology, 1978

I think it clicked for me when I heard Lierre Keith talk about life on earth. I can’t remember exactly what her words were, but the gist of it was this: Imagine for a second that the planet is a biosystem. Because it is. In a biosystem all parts of the whole are connected to each other in some way, because together, they form the whole. This means that they are relevant for each other, since they perform an important function for the whole. In nature, for example, plants work together to provide an environment in which they can thrive. No plant could do this alone, they need each other to create a system of relations that, as a whole, will provide them with the resources that every single plant needs in order to grow. So basically, they work together to make more life. Which will, in turn, make more life, which will make more life which will make…

This is when it hit me, the realization that this is actually the point of life. Of each and every living thing on earth. To make more life/energy possible. But not in the very narrow sense of the reproduction of each individual plant, or animal, or even species. No, the point is to contribute to the creation of an environment that nurtures a diversity of different life forms. Because even when those different life forms, say plants and animals, or animals and other animals don’t directly need each other to survive, all parts of the biosystem are still related, because together they form the biosystem. Without them, the biosystem would change as a whole. We don’t eat trees, but if we kill off all the trees, there will be no air to breathe. Just as the soil needs the trees to hold it securely to the ground. The earth needs all her life forms and her elements because all serve a necessary purpose for the functioning of the whole. This is why all life on earth has inherent value.

Men as a class, for some reason, seem to have a very hard time grasping the whole meaning of this. They have ruled the planet for several THOUSAND years, and all they have achieved, or ever strived for, was to separate themselves as much as possible from their environment. Rather than working with the other life forms on earth to make more life/transform life, they have made it their mission to selfishly exploit every single living being that was ever created on earth, in order to further their own imaginary goals and fetishistic obsessions. Like flying to the fucking moon. While there are pressing matters of life and death going on on earth, while men every day everywhere on the surface of the planet choose to rip our mother’s body apart, drill iron rods into her, and rip out her intestines, because they think it is their right, as men, as kings of the world, to just take whatever they need or want, from her. With absolutely not a shred of concern about her wellbeing, her life even. And with no regard for the fact that since men are, too, part of this biosystem, they are ultimately destroying their own environment and with it, their own living space. I know another life form on earth that behaves like that. Parasites. Oh, and cancer.

Men as a class seem not to be interested in working with their natural environment, and if they are, its on their terms and for their benefit. So instead of figuring out ever more elegant ways of communicating with our sister species and life forms, humans have shut ourselves out from the conversation and have resorted to commands. Humans men talk to the earth in demands: give me your oil! give me your meat! give me your vagina! give me your uterus! give me your children! give me your wood! give me your energy! give me your water! give me your power! And for what? So they can make nuclear bombs, pesticides, the fucking iPhone 5, gasoline, cosmetic products, wars, weapons, write and publish a book like “The haunted vagina” and on top of it all, fly to the fucking moon! I could go on indefinitely. But I’m sure you get the point.

Sure, some of those things are necessary for our civilization to work. But that’s exactly the problem. Because our civilization is designed in a way that makes all the other destructive shit necessary. We could have made an effort to evolve in a way that didn’t destroy our living space AND OTHER SPECIES’ living spaces. Not because we need those other species to eat them, but because the earth needs them or she wouldn’t have made them, damn it! Everything on this planet is not about us! We humans, could have found a different way to evolve, but then we all know it wasn’t us women who formed our society. Because men did.

Which makes me wonder. What would life on earth look like if women had been in charge of decision making on behalf of the human species for the past 6000 years? Which efforts would we have made to influence our environment in a way that helps us evolve? I don’t think we would have been interested in developing any technologies that are dependent on the reckless exploitation of our earth, of which we are a part. Because for some reason, women as a group know that we are not independent from our surroundings. Do we ever know it! But even without having to survive under patriarchy, we’d know. If we’re open enough, we can feel the voice of the whole inside of us, leading us, telling us what to do to grow and make more life, more energy. If we have not forgotten, we know that the forces outside of us and the forces inside of us are connected. The moon swells and ebbs, and so do our wombs, our breasts. So does all of nature.

So what then is the opposite of how patriarchy behaves? Ultimately it means to open ourselves up to the fact that all around us in this  biosystem that is earth an intricate form of communication is taking place all the time. And we need to integrate ourselves into it. Sure, we need to take from the whole to survive, yes. I mean, the earth wants and needs us to live and to evolve or we wouldn’t be here. But we need to find a way of existence that also caters to the needs of the other inhabitants of this planet. We can’t just take and take and give nothing back. We need to find out what earth, as a whole, needs from us, and give it to her, so that she can provide us with the environment we need in order to grow, as species, as individuals, and I don’t mean grow in numbers. I mean evolve. As far as we know we are the only species with a consciousness that is capable of self-reflection. There is a reason for this. It means we are the self-reflective organ of the earth. If we are made in a way that makes it possible for us to consciously and stragically influence our own environment, then we are supposed to use this ability. But to the benefit of the whole and not, as humans under the leadership of men have done,  to our (alleged) benefit, which is to the earth’s detriment and so in fact to our detriment as well.

Imagine what we humans with our potential for imagination could have been able to make happen in harmony with nature! I’m pretty damn sure we’d be talking to animals by now, and plants, and the elements, and the spirits of the earth. We’d not have day jobs, we’d have rituals, and practices of living, working, learning, growing, teaching, loving, sharing, dying… that intrinsically nurtured our surroundings and our Selves. No, we probably wouldn’t have travelled to the moon. We’d have found a way to transform life/energy at will. We’d have figured out how to work magic. And the way things are going, nothing short of magic is needed from us now that men have almost succeeded in killing the planet off entirely.

It’s time for radical feminism. Women, it’s time.

Waves break on grey rock
Moon pulled I have tides also
Ebb and flow of life.

(poem by Ali Bee)


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