Wickedary 2.0 – conjured by a flock of radical wimmins

authoritah: males exercising power and control over issues of sex, reproduction and childrearing, even though they have no legitimate claim to authority in these matters, since those are “issues over which only women and nature have either the power or a legitimate claim to control and which men obviously do not — includes issues directly and indirectly related to that such as population (overpopulation); environmental concerns and activism; rape and sexualized violence; and that kind of thing.  all male customs/controls surrounding these issues shall therefore be known as “authoritah.”

because Japan: One of many specious excuses for patriarchal injustice. Others include science, reasons, evolution, culture, tradition, religion, and genetics. Inspired by the ONE study in Japan that showed that porn does not increase violence against wome, cited by all the pro-porn pushers as “proof” that porn does not harm women.

bwub syndrome:  (Beautiful women; ugly boy) 98% of all hetero-couples. Because all women all think they are flawed therefore dating down and settling for ugly men who honestly think that they are actually attractive or even handsome. *puke.* If you haven’t already, take the time to notice; it’ll puke you out to, and hopefully cause you to reconsider your standards. ie., expect your own man to pull his pants up and shave the pubic hair off his face…

call Tyrone: When a male is behaving badly and we wimmin folk have no interest in cleaning up the damn mess, it’s time to call Tyrone. Let the menz deal with their creation. In the rare instance that there’s a pro-feminist male around, he’s Tyrone. Call him.

classjacking – the act of a class co-opting an existing oppressed class’ cause, culture and terminology to advance its own agenda

cookies: What men expect to get when they act like human beings, rather than womanizing misogynists. Hint: don’t give cookies.

dman: put the man back in damn and pretend it’s a typo

d00dbro/dudebro/douchebro: Whatever typical douchey male who acts like a brain dead average porn-using Joe

dude voice: The unmistakeably perumptory, presumptuous, condescending tone that betrays the sex of the writer. Usually used in mansplanantions.

dickfoot: as in, “Quit dickfooting around the issue”

eleventy: the string of punctuation following a WATM alarm. emphasizing the immediate risk that the concerns of men are in danger of being lost, as if they’re not in the f*ing water. Looks like: !!?!11!?!1!1!eleventy!1!?!!1!

femininity: the performance of being woman as defined by the patriarchy; IOW: ritualized behaviours of submission

gaslighting: when a man attempts to discredit a woman or trivialise her opinions by claiming she is ‘hysterical’ (a favoured term of misogynists). Originates from the film ‘Gaslight’ where a man attempts convince his wife she is going insane by making gas lights in the house flicker and moving objects when she isn’t looking.  

godbag: “A godbag is a bag full of hate and self-loathing wearing stage makeup that makes it look like a televangelist. Godbags use religion to justify the oppression of marginalized classes.” Definition straight from the horse’s mouth: http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/patriarchy-blaming-the-twisty-way/godbag/

gynergy: female energy, necessary for dealing with patriarchal bullshit like mansplainin’ and MRAs. It’s also the life giving force that holds together the universe. Men are gynergy-sucking vampires who cannot live without it, which is why they try to latch onto at least one female at all times (mother, wife, gf etc.). When wimmin combine their gynergy, magic happens.

handmaiden: a female who has been brainwashed by the patriarchy to prioritize male wants above female needs, consistently, and often, cruelly. Use with care. See http://revolutionarycombustion.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/feminists-using-misogynist-insults-toward-other-women/

handmaidensplain‘ or handmaidensplainin‘ : the active defending of patriarchal attitudes, institutions, male violence, etc. by a female. The erasure and denial of women’s oppression by females.

if the peen is keen: The first half of Twisty’s dictum, “If the liberal peen is keen, the result can only demean.” http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/2012/08/23/spinster-aunt-is-informed-that-pussy-riots-carpet-doesnt-match-drapes/

learned woman (TM): a woman whose thinking capacities have been patriarchally tested and approved by the academentia

liberal dude: Your average left wing, liberal thinking man who believes the sex industry liberates women and is willing to overlook the oppression of women for the ‘greater good’ of liberating any other group of people.

lolsob: Response to a situation which illustrates both the absurd and horrifying aspects of patriarchy.

malespeak: the language that upholds the male-supremacist, misogynistic mindset. Example: A man rapes a woman in a restroom. A newspaper uses malespeak to describe what happened: “Woman sues man over restroom sex.”

malestream: The male-dominated culture at large

manbaby: Any man, usually a d00d, who displays a sense of entitlement to receive nurturing from wims. Highly prone to pitch mantrums and cry chalices* full of mantears.

manarchist: Related to the liberal dude. Tends to dominate the scene in radical groups. Thinks feminism and patriarchy are a distraction from the real issues. In other words, a misogynist anarchist.

manosphere: A particularly horrifying place in which all male realities are supported. Male television channels, for example, are manospheres. Everything is about sports, wanking off, boobs, and beer. Beware of the manosphere. It’s the twilight zone from hell.

mansplain: (French: mecspliquateur) When a man explains anything to you. It’s especially mansplainy when he is splainin’ how you’re all wrong about everything and he will now bestow his manly wisdom upon you. Mansplanations are usually rife with either overt or passive aggressive condescension, belittling, verbal abuse, or silencing tactics. He knows because he is a man, and he is gonna help your lady brain comprehend all this hard stuff.

mantears: When a man realizes he is wrong and starts back-peddaling while claiming reverse sexism, collect the mantears for a special anti-P potion.

mantrum: Male loss of all emotional control following an assertion of independent thought, identity or need by a woman. Asserting a boundary frequently provokes a mantrum.

MRA: Men’s Rights Activists. Basically anyone who spends their time wailing ‘But what about da menz!?!??!?!’

NA[M]ALT: Not All Men Are Like That. A derail favorite of rape apologists. [M] can be exchanged for any class in need of a shortcut to the exceptionalization fast-track.

Nice Guy (TM): an angst ridden dude who befriends women, in the hopes of being repayed with sexual gratification. He considers himself better than your average “asshole”, for his gentle disposition and willingness to listen to the plights of his female friends. This man feels entitled to sex with the female, in spite of never actually asking for it, and will often respond with aggression when the woman does not offer it in return for his ‘kindness’. Can often be recognised by his fedora.

“nice guyz:”  invisible, non existent, (perhaps occasionally anecdotal), men that are not misogynists but do nothing to stop it or protect women from it. –> see unicorn

nigel: The guy you are either dating or married to or is just the “good guy” in your life. Originally it was coined to mean the Nicest Guy who Ever Lived.

ninja: A feminist who participates in active missions to smash the P

notes from my boner: The unrelenting ubiquitous statements of mens’ opinion of a womans fuckability quotient.

Obstreperal Lobe: The portion of the brain that resists and denounces control and oppression

P-Compliancy: Behaving, dressing, or playing a role fit to the norms set out for women by men/patriarchy. Performing femininity i.e. wearing make-up, high heels, etc are examples of P-Compliancy. This can be done at times to make integration in male dominated spaces easier to nativigate, and just because a woman wears heels doesn’t mean she is anti-feminist. P-Compliancy is sometimes necessary to get jobs or walk down the street without being assaulted for your armpit hair.

pfwb:  pasty-faced-white-guy.  (no further definition necessary)

PHMT: Patriarchy hurts men too. A common derail

PIV: Penis in vagina intercourse.

PLANTT: Penis loving acolytes normalizing trans theory

radical feminism: The take-no-prisoners, raw man-liver-eating feminism which goal is the liberation of women from men. Distinctly unfun in character, at least to men.

Speshul Snowflake (TM): person who grew up in a cave and was therefore not influenced by the misogynistic culture at large. They are unique individuals, completely different from everyone else. Class analysis makes them blow a fuse.

testerical: The state of a man having a mantrum.

The P/Pee: Patriarchy

transitive properties of bullshit: Refers to the fact that if a man came up with an idea or theory, the chances of it being bullshit are exponentially higher, if not 100%.

TW: Trigger warning.

Unicorn: A man that, for reasons no one can quite figure out, is genuinely, truly, actually pro-feminist and is 99% unlikely to make a sudden sneaky switch and backstab feminists. They are pro-active in the fight to smash patriarchy, take the initiave to stand up to sexism and misogyny, and don’t even ask for cookies. Fabled as they are, few feminists have actually seen one.

vagenius: a woman, feminist genius [Rosanne Barr]

Wahmbulance: Mantrum-crisis transportation for manbabies, often having NA[M]ALT fits.

WATM: What about the Men? Well, what about them?

womanity: Humanity less the messy parts.

womben: a feminist witch

womyn, wimmin, womon: women without the men.


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