Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace

Amazon Grace

I haven’t written in ages. so much stuff going on. i went to Michfest this summer and still haven’t processed the whole experience enough to write about it. I am thinking about writing some short stories about it. The magic of it, on so many levels…

Also, i finished my formal education and have since started “working for real.” Which sucks so much I can’t even tell you. i don’t even work full-time and the stress of it had me close to a burn-out at the beginning of the summer. And then i went to the US and to Michfest and found my tribe and fell in love with a woman finally and had the most amazing 3 weeks and then after that the most horrible heartache for 2 weeks and now I’m sort of ok, trying to integrate my new Self into my life and transform it thereby. It’s hard work, and now the mercury retrograde in the midst of the two eclipses… just too much old clutter and at the same time new stuff rushing in and so today i needed to take a break.
So I talked to a friend today who actually bought Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace for me last year around this time. and that’s actually a whole story in itself. The book took ages to arrive and i ended up having to get it from customs where it was held for reasons i don’t know. And I managed to finally get it out of there the last day before it would have been sent back or something like that. Had to pay extra money too.. It was as if the patriarchy was trying to keep me from ever getting that book.

Anyway, so back then I promised my friend to write a post about the book so she could read it but never got around to actually doing it. I did, however, write a summary of the individual chapters for further reference. Talking to my friend today, I suddenly felt that I wanted to publish my notes as they are and get the information out there even though I hadn’t written a brilliant analysis of them yet. Let’s analyze them together in the comments section, sisters!

It’s also fitting that the book itself is called Amazon Grace. It’s relevant to me because I found my Amazon Self this summer on the Land and I found my tribe, the Amazon women and i think most if not all of us women returned from the Land with the vision of Amazon Cuntree. Our Home. Which might or might not be the same as Lost and Found Continent, as Mary Daly calls the place Weird Women will “accidentally” find and eventually migrate to in 2018.

So, here goes. The first chapter of Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace. Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big (2006):

(and sorry for the fucked up formatting)

Chapter 1: The Desperate Leaping Hope of Radical Elemental Feminism

This chapter is an analysis of the present situation of Radical Elemental Feminism. After the surge of Gynergy in the 1960s – 90s the Movement’s energy seems to have since dissipated. However, MD says that this can be understood as a change of form, an adaptation to the present environment. As a species, women acquired new strengths and skills during those years which will allow Wild Women to now rise again (as I’m writing this I remember dancing to “Amazon Women gonna rise again” at the opening ceremony at Fest and the removable tattoo a lot of the women there had which said “rise”). But how to move towards critical mass in the foreground of the early 21st century? The playing field has changed because men are now escalating. What form(s) does Radical Elemental Feminism need to take to effect large systems change (= assist the downbreak of patriarchy?)

The new forms that will be assumed by re-emerging Radical Feminism must take into account both the extremity of the atrocious conditions under which many women now struggle to live and the global stealth campaign that often keeps the majority of women- even the majority of feminists – in a smog of unawareness and denial. This involved Daring to Know and Name the ways in which our victories are now being used against us (p. 6).

I find this to be true. Atrocities! Just today on facebook i found an article about a man who disemboweled his girlfriend slave during sex rape because she called out her ex-husbands name not his. Also imagine the horros women are enduring in all the “crisis regions” of the world right now and all the women refugees who are currently trying to flee Syria and other regions. Or just think of the trans derail. Women who know female biology are now hateful transphobic (LOL!) bigots and Brucelyn Jenner is all the rage. Ellen calls this elderly surgically altered man with too much make-up “she” and tells him how amazing “she” looks. At the same time boys and men left right and center are using title IX legislation to gain access to women’s private spaces by putting on a wig and claiming to be women. And at the same time the planet all around is deterioration, millions of people are migrating because of large-scale male violence and climate change (and that’s just the beginning!). And we’re supposed to watch Brucelyn Jenner and celebrate “her” bravery or whatever and basically support men in their newest fad whatever that is at any given moment and forget what is really going on. It’s all designed to keep us from being centered in our own perceptions and knowing. So what do we do?

Mary Daly says that even change in small places is important because it allows us to work with the flow of that system and since everything is connected (“an unseen connectedness”) as an unbroken whole this will have an impact elsewhere. So even though the patriarchs are taking away our women’s spaces (like Michfest!), women can adapt because we feel impelled to find new ways of connecting.

In Other words, we are challenged to Realize our participation in Be-ing in the Widest, Wildest Sense. This happens when we confront and transform the specific circumstances in which we find ourSelves (p. 7).

And i can already see this happening actually. Now that Michfest is over a lot of women are planning together. And not just another Fest. No, we are manifesting/many Fest-ing. Like seeds from a fruit there is a multitude of projects, gatherings, fests springing into being right now. There will be an incubation phase of some sort, so maybe it’ll take a few years to come back in full force. But we are coming back. Starting with a whole caravan of Lesbians rolling through the United States next summer. I’ll be there!

Goddess is always Here in the Background and secretly and mysteriously creates opportunities for Leaping off the boundaries of the foreground pseudo-reality and thereby connecting with the Universe in a deeper way (getting into touch with the actual Elemental multi-dimensional Reality). This is because Reality is larger and deeper than patriarchal foreground “reality” and can transform even oppressive situations and use them to Re-awaken our X-factor :

the Spring of be-ing; the unpredictable, unpossessable Nature of the Wild, which forever escapes the technocrats, medical and scientific re-searchers, `developers,´ and other demonic destroyers of living creatures.

And this X-factor/faculty inspires us to keep creating our Archaic Future (Post-patriarchy) which is rooted in our Archaic Past (matriarchy) and overcome this stagnant state of stagnation. How do we do that? By a succession of Original Acts/Actions. By not doing things as patriarchy says they must be done but by following our inner voices which are really the voice of the Goddess. Who do you think told me to leave work early today and instead of wasting my energy on a patriarchal institution write this blog post? 😉

MD then goes on to say that the cause of women and the cause of ecology are obviously connected, because like the Earth women are Life-Givers. She comes right out and says that we are close to global ecological collapse. Men are escalating their hideous war on all Life through their necrophiliac technologies (“sciene and technology” in malespeak).

3 examples of men’s escalating war against Life herself (the unholy trinity of nectech) are:

  1. Genetics

She quotes one nectech scientist who argues that in the future, society will be divided into genetic classes – the GenRich 10% or the population – and the other 90%, the “naturals.” Seriously, have you read Huxley’s Brave New World? He was a mediocre writer but the world he envisioned is still scary, soulless utterly disconnected people who are artifically hatched and during “gestation phase” tempered with intentionally to stunt their development according to caste. The result is a world of completely programmed, possessed “human beings” who have lost all soul, zombies. I think Huxley got it wrong though, the necrophiliac engineers aren’t going to temper with fetuses to impair them – they don’t need to. The y-chromo is deteriorating so males’ genetic material is becoming worse and worse plus the toxification of the whole planet is taking care of that alright. Instead, the rich are going to try to artificially improve their own genetic material and because this modified genetic material becomes part of the gene-pool, class divisions are permanently inscribed.

2. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology attempts to go even further than genetics to the atomic structures of all things. They want to “improve” nature (the hubris, really!) by isolating and recombining atoms and molecules into new “products” (I swear, the “markets” are the new patriarchal gods). The idiotic ologists “foresee a time when self-replicating nanomachines will take over the world.”

3. Robotic science

The idiotic robotic scientists are “moving toward a ‘post-biological’ future” in which humans will be able to download the contents of our brains into mobile, autonomous, self-replicating robots. All so that “humans” (men) will be able to evolve independently of human (read: female) biology and its limitations (like the fact that wombs tend to be attached to female persons), “passing instead directly from generation to generation of ever more intelligent machinery.” Which will no doubt be fashioned after men. So men want to download their “consciousness” into a robot and then go around fucking “female” sex robots. I wonder if in their perverted fantasy they imagine these female sex robots to be inhabited by the consciousness of actual women. Knowing what I know about men I bet that’s actually a big part of the turn-on for them. They’ll be able to mentally and spiritually torment females even better without the restrictions of actual human flesh. Anyway, these gruesome masturbation fantasies have actually been made into movies. I dimly recall having to watch one such movie with an ex. Oh and he of course proceeded to fuck me while we were watching the movie. I think it’s called Gamer.

All of these horrors are almost too much to even imagine. What men are trying to do is to irreversibly alter all life on earth. But most people are not aware of that because of denial. When we try to speak about these things we run into the walls of denial all around.
So, is the situation hopeless? MD says that if we think and speak in foreground ways, the situation may appear so. But is it really? What do you think, my sisters?


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9 Responses to Reading Mary Daly’s Amazon Grace

  1. I think the situation is hopeless in the foreground sense, at this point there is nothing we can do, nothing we even should do, to stop the males rampage and ultimate destruction of everything living and life-giving. The moment one of us goes public with anything where males can see it, we are harassed and put-down and attacked,

    However, that still leaves us the Background that has always existed, and I believe that that is our path out. To leave everything we know behind and leap into something/somewhere that males cannot reach, let alone understand. Fighting is useless now, maybe it always was useless.

    My words may be vague and somewhat unclear due to the fact that what I’m trying to convey has no terms in this patriarchal language, I hope I am at least getting across something.

    Let me try examples: It is common knowledge in radfem circles that the farther away a woman is from any personal contact with males, the safer and happier she is. It is not ‘finding good men’ that helps or ‘making him understand’ that helps, it is existing on a different plane, away from them that helps.

    A sick woman is supposed to go to a doctor when she is sick, even though there is a very good chance that he will not have any idea what is going on and any medication he prescribes will likely make her more ill but in different ways. However, if she truly wants to be healthy she must step outside all the options presented/prescribed by patriarchal convention, even other ‘hollistic’ doctors. To be healthy is to educate oneself about food, to radically change ones life so one is not stressed and miserable, to not diet, to take in nutrients, to get enough sleep. There are no side effects to any of those things.

    These are incomplete and vague examples also but basically, what will happen next I don’t think anywoman can predict, and it will not come through any of the channels we are used to but it will be here soon and if we can find it we can survive in some way.

  2. Mary Sunshine says:

    Stormynightbooks, I agree with you entirely. That’s where my own thoughts have led me.

    The severity of damage to the biosphere is such that neither She nor any of us will survive but for a very few more years. The interactive and self-increasing feedback loops are already in place to ensure that. These cannot be reversed. Stuff is starting to go exponential.

    You say,

    it is existing on a different plane, away from them that helps

    Combine that with the stoppage of all physical support systems for our continued existence, all that I have been able to conclude (for myself) is that our continued “existence” or survival is intergalactic, through other planes. Perhaps energy-fields that we generate for ourselves.

  3. Hi Stormynightbooks,
    i agree, being away from men is pivotal; i agree that expending energy to curb men’s destruction in any of the male led causes is a further waste of women’s energy. I think women have a much better chance at surviving and maybe even thriving in the coming years if we start building women’s communes away (as much as possible) from men. We need to learn the skills to build and maintain a village. Seeing what women can do at Michfest gave me hope. And seeing how many women have since started to talk about and plan women’s lands excites me!
    Yes, we need to go further into the wilderness, we need to stop believing men’s pseudoreality and instead focus entirely (as much as possible, and increasingly) on the Background, the Elemental reality. I think the end of the patriarchal superstructure is nigh. I think the next 3 years are going to be transitional years and I believe after that change will come very fast, exponentially. And we need to prepare as much as we can now. But I don’t think there is no hope. I’d rather live the remaining years of my life with other Amazons under dire conditions than to go on living this zombiesque half-life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have to wonder how they intend to power these robotic monstrosities. If the male designers are as short-sighted as they seem to be, they will rely on petro-fuels and batteries derived from mined/plundered minerals, which will rapidly run out later this century (if we survive that long). I have a hard time imagining these anti-creations running on renewable energy, as the sort of people who would want to build them would probably also be opposed to renewables.

    Working strictly in the foreground, we can support movements like this one:

    In personal terms, I’m starting to see a backlash to this gadget obsession we’ve been developing. A lot of people are starting to talk about how depressed and unhappy they become with too much screen time, and this suggests that there is a recognition that technology is not our saviour. That we have to re-connect with nature and our own kind in order to be fulfilled and healthy. I can’t see the robot/human hybrid really taking off anytime in the near future, as I think people understand that it’s an unhealthy idea. Remember the story about a man who had an artificial heart implanted, but he became so depressed that he asked to be allowed to die?

    Men don’t understand the importance of a holistic view of the world or the human body. They think of everything as compartmentalised bits that can be cut out and rearranged and replaced at will, with no consequences to the whole. We don’t fully know the functions of our organs as a system, and I don’t think any primitive robot body men could invent could be sufficient to allow a person to live and retain their sanity while trapped inside it. The first people to try this will most likely go insane or commit suicide. It’s obviously wrong in so many ways.

    Just some thoughts stirred up by your post.

  5. So true. Men are idiots. They are short-sighted and do not foresee any of these things you mentioned. However, i think whether or not “the people” agree with this or not is not the issue. Powerful men are making these decisions, and I think these things will be unleashed by them unless Mama Gaia kills them first. My bet is that in the years to come, as the exponential degradation of the patriarchal social system proceeds, the worlds in which the superrich and powerful and “the people”live, respectively, will diverge futher and further.

  6. Anonymous says:

    (This is comment #2 from me on this thread. Just FYI.)

    Alexis, Mary, and StormyNightBooks, I also feel what you three are expressing. We can’t stop the speeding train of patriarchy as it heads towards the brick wall (though I think it’s worth trying to slow it for the sake of the children who will suffer through the end times), but perhaps we can jump off of the train, off of the tracks into something entirely new.

    I’ve been formulating so many ideas recently about this, it’s like everything the Divine has been placing in front of me is related to this concept of finding the Alternative Way. I have a theory I want to present to other radfems, but it will require a lot of writing to make sure I am not misunderstood, as the idea involves subjects which are extremely taboo even to many open-minded people, specifically shamanism involving psychedelic plants. This might seem completely unrelated to radical feminism, but I promise it’s not. It might even be the missing key to the door that will let us out into Femlandia (:-P). I think Mary Daly has an intuitive understanding of this idea, even without relating it directly to psychedelics, because her way of speaking about “the background” sounds exactly like the sort of plan that is beginning to bubble up in my mind.

    I guess I’ll link up my own journal once I have some coherent thoughts typed up, if anyone is interested.

    Thank you for making this post – it’s motivating me to get off my tired butt and do some heavy thinking!

  7. Ha! You mentioned the Alternative Way the Third Way!) just as I am typing up my notes and thoughts on the Second Chapter of Amazon Grace. In this chapter there is a lot of talk about Trivia (lit. 3 ways). Stay tuned, I’ll publish it today! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alexis, looking forward to it! 🙂

  9. Hey, I just published the second part! I hope you’ll enjoy reading 🙂

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